Friday, March 19, 2010

One shots

One shots are a fantastic way for an author to clear the mind of small ideas. These short stories tantalise the tastebuds and sometimes they even pave the way for a continuation.

The response to a one shot is just as important to the author as the response to a multi chapter fic, but alas some one shots are either ignored or worse, read but not reviewed.

I would like to take the oppurtunity to rec a few one shots that deserve your attention and your review and I promise, there's something for everyone in here.

Enjoy and don't forget to review and of course, to rec to others.

Lost in the Wildflowers by AcrossTheSkyInStars
Entry for "A Very Sexy Un-Birthday" contest: Lost meets Castaway meets Twilight. Forty-four days, eighteen strangers, sun, surf, sand, and Bella's twenty-third birthday. This is what you get. Rated M for mature themes and lemons.

AcrossTheSkyInStars wrote an absolutely beautiful one shot here. In 10,324 words she manages to set the scene, introduce the characters - star players as well as background - and delve into their brief history and reason for being in their current situation. She gives us an occasion, angst, fluff and a drizzle of lemon. I was hooked from the start with the plot reminding me of 'Lost' but with our favourite Twilight characters.

Tourbillon by inside_the_disarray
For the Love of Jasper Contest O/S entry. After a whirlwind romance, Edward is left picking up the pieces when Jasper leaves. But when Jasper has a change of heart, he decides to give Edward a call—a call that will change both of their lives forever.

I cried with this one shot and anyone on the FFA group will know I hardly ever cry at fanfiction. The relationship in this fic is surprising and moving and heartbreaking. I can't say too much because that may spoil the beauty of this oneshot.

Footfalls Echo in the Memory by inside_the_disarray
For the Love of Jasper Contest O/S entry. Alice finds a man on a deserted Moroccan street; he doesn’t know his own name, but for some reason he hears muffled footsteps in his mind. Back in Boston Bella waits for the man she loves, but will he return?

I didn't know how I wanted this one to end. You think you do, but it changes your mind. You will too because in this fic only one person wins.

Last Request by Claire Bloom
James & Jasper are best friends, but James is ill and has a last request. Will Jasper be able to help his friend both before and after his death? AU-Human, Rated M for bad language. One shot entry for "The love of Jasper contest"

Yes thats right - I rec'd my own one shot! And I haven't stopped there, I have 2 more to add! Don't judge me, my review count is low, my hits are poor yet I think you may enjoy. Last Request was rec'd by AG on her TLYDF blog and she even made a banner under her 'Wonderfully Weird' category (to view the banner go visit my Spellbound thread on Twilighted) yet it has 11 reviews only. How can AG be wrong? The answer is, she isn't. It's awesome. Go read and review!

Free from Desire by Claire Bloom
Bella is hurt by her long term love, so throwing caution to the wind she decides no more Good Bella, only Bad Bella can capture the eye of the sexy scuba instructer. Rated M for explicit language and sexual scenarios. B/E AH AU OOC

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of writing this one shot. It has humour and lemons and slash and Edward in a speedo! What more could you ask for?

Bitter Sweet by Claire Bloom
There's no wrath like a woman scorned. Rosalie Hale had sought out the men who had destroyed her. Her revenge would be bitter sweet as she finally closes the door to her human life. A 1 shot chpt for "Make it count" comp. Fic in 1000 words or less

This was my first one shot and contest entry and I'm incredibly proud of it. I even considered developing it into a multi chapter fic but the tiny response dented my pride. There, I admitted it - I'm a review whore!!

Tempt not a Desperate Man by Glitterglue
What if you were too late too save the one you loved? When events in Volterra go awry, Bella's world is changed forever. One-shot, AU. Entry for the 'To Kill A Cullen' one shot contest.

To kill a Cullen - It sounds like blasphemy, especially with the particular Cullen who's murdered in this one shot! It stunned me and New Moon will never be the same again. I thought this one shot could develop into a few more chapters because it left me reeling yet craving more.

Russian Roulette by readingmama/vampiremama
FIRST PLACE WINNER 'Kill a Cullen Contest'. Six Friends sit in a room and pass around a gun, who will make it out alive?

Again, to kill a Cullen - I need to wash my mouth out, it hurts to even say it! So, first place winner, it should have hundreds of reviews, right? Wrong! This little gem has only 28. How can this be legal? I was on tenter hooks reading this one, wondering with each turn who would be the Cullen to die. I needed a stiff one afterwards and I'm refering to a drink (for a change). Amazing!

Tryst a collaboration by Sassenachwench & GreenPuma
My name is Carlisle Cullen. I am a doctor, a husband, and a father. My family—my wife and children—are my world. They inspire me to be the best man I can be. Like all men, I have failings—weaknesses that torment me. For me, it's sex.

Ok 'Wow' is the only word I can use to describe this. Its rated 'M' for a reason and man oh man, that rating is milked for all its worth! Absolutely un-freakin-believable. Yet it has just 16 reviews? The under appreciation of this one shot leaves me flabberghasted. Anyone who reads past this link and doesn't click to read and review should be ashamed of themselves! Don't ignore it - R&R it!

Incomplete by readingmama/vampiremama
Pastor Swan visits a man on death row only to find more than she bargained for.

In such a short space of time readingmama/vampiremama gives us a moving insight into the desolation of a tried man. He is lonely and awaits his impending execution. She has been informed of his crime and knows she should pity him but the pity sparks empathy and soon Pastor Swan finds herself conflicted. Very moving and beautifully written.

Mrs Prodigal Son by KatKennedy
After the passing of his beloved wife, Carlisle is a broken man in search of revenge. Bella is the only one left to blame. Seeking to take out his bitter anger and frustration on her, he finds his first moment of peace and comfort since Esme's death. CxB.

Carlisle is desperate for revenge and Bella yearns for death. But a need for something they've both been missing overtakes all other desires. I felt Carlisle's eagerness as he rushed to find his prey and make her pay. This one shot is a perfect insight into the fathomless depths of an empty man.

I hope you all take the time to read and review these little gems. The authors wrote from the heart and the only payment they want is to hear of your thoughts, emotions, passions, and comments that their literature invoked in you.

Share those with them and remember to come over to FanFicAholics Anon daily, because Obsession never sleeps!

Claire x