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The first monthly Spotlight ~ By TGB.

Hello all! Firstly I would like to introduce myself; I'm This Guilty Blood or TGB and have been assigned as your new Blog officer. I'm really excited to be here and contributing to the FFA community, and look forward to getting to know you all more.

Its no secret that here at FFA we are blessed with many talented authors, the recent entries in the 100 Pictures contest are a shining example of the creativity our members posess.

Our C2 on (Kindly watched over and updated by Cullen Lovingmom) now has in excess of seven hundred entries!

With all of this overall awesome-ness, we have decided to do a monthly “Spotlight” feature on one of our incredible authors.

We will be taking recommendations for future spotlights, so if there is a story you love and want featured, please message either Claire or myself.

That said; I would now like to introduce you all to our very first Spotlightee.... *Drum roll please……..*

Banner created by; General-of Fanficanon

“Home” is an AU fic set five years after New Moon. Bella has had no contact with the Cullen's since their departure, yet she is introduced to us as a vampire.

In keeping with her promise to Edward, Alice has not looked for Bella at all, but a chance vision leads her to Forks and a surprise she had not suspected.

As well as the characters that we already know and love, “Home” features some interesting original characters. A stand out is Ashley Henry - A precocious teenager with an all too familiar interest in the supernatural, who appears to know Bella’s secret. But what will she do with this knowledge?

At thirteen chapters in, “Home” is just getting to the juiciest parts. With a crippling bite and an explosive reunion that sees Bella knock the snott out of Edward, I honestly can not wait to read more!

Please go check it out, and leave her some of that fantastic FFA support!
Soon on the FFA Blog; An interview with the winner of out 100 pictures contest - Rose Masen Cullen!
Also for those of you who have not signed up for FAGE #2, please consider doing so! Last years FAGE was a huge success and a lot of fun for all involved. The details for FAGE can be found on the group FaceBook page under the "Events" tab.

Until next time, lovelies.
TGB (Officer Bloggin’ Belikov)

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Winter Warmers by CelesticBliss

Credit to original creators of the pictures used above.

Fanfiction to keep you warm at night!
By CelesticBliss aka Kyndall

November has come and gone. The air is crisp, the leaves have fallen and the Halloween candy is gone.

You know what else this means? Time to deck the halls! That’s right, throw the Christmas lights on the roof, decorate the tree, try and salvage that stupid santa blowup your kids or parents insist on presenting to the neighborhood traffic. Wrap your presents and spike drink some eggnog. When you’re ready to sit and relax by the fire and start up your PC, we’ve got the perfect stories to get you in the mood.

"Take a vacation Bella. Go have some hot no strings attached sex with some hot guy and then come home, feeling cool, calm and collected."

Cabin Fever

By: ColdPlayWhore

This fic starts out with Bella driving off to Jackson Hole to use the Cullen Family cabin. Burnt by ex- Jacob, she is determined to take two weeks to herself before driving to Forks for Christmas with her dad. An empty cabin, manuscripts to read over tea, snow falling outside, Edward Cullen…. Wait, who?

Edward Cullen, desperate to escape his mundane LA life and stalker “girlfriend” Lauren also decided he needed a break. Only telling his brother and business partner Emmett where he was going before meeting up with his family for Christmas, he too makes the drive to Jackson Hole for a little alone time.

Having never each other even while their families were close, awkward times lie ahead. Edward and Bella find each other in the cabin and attempt to still find a purpose in their trips. Even if this meant the solitary vacation now included another.

The fic starts out in the cabin but expands over time afterwards. How their lives intertwine, and somehow mesh together.

The side storyline with Rosalie and Emmett made my heart swell. Esme the slut, I mean... lush is adorable.

This comes from one of my favorite fic-authors. I read it awhile back and feeling in the holiday mood, I just re-read it and loved it even more!

"Yeah…Well, you see…I've never been trapped in a cabin with a gorgeous guy before…So, I'm not really sure what the third day of being snowed in entails.”

Snowed In

By: eclipsedawn

Still have a little cabin fever? Alright, how about this? Instead of a small vacation in Jackson Hole, what about being Snowed In in Alaska?

This time we head to Denali where Edward and Bella find themselves in a similar situation. Workaholic Bella escapes to the Cullen Family Cabin but isn’t able to let Alice know she is headed there. Edward, meanwhile is already there and doesn’t expect what walks through the door.

But before either can think about leaving… thick blankets of snow trap them there.

The majority of this fic happens in the cabin. With nothing to do… Edward and Bella create their own entertainment. (Can I just say that this includes a twister mat? Yeah.)

Bundle up and settle in. This one will have you to the very end. I laughed, I cried(Okay, maybe I didn’t cry.), I fanned myself at the hotter than hell in July lemons. Add in a slightly overbearing local Jacob and some Cullen Family hilarity at the end, we have the makings of a perfect winter time fic!

While it sounds similar to the first, it’s a whole different wintery experience.

Christmas with the Cullenswere the best and worst moments of my life.

I take a deep breath. "Here I come, number nineteen.”

Christmas with the Cullens

By: BlueIsSoul

Recced to me by KdMasen
I love this story. Really. It was recced to me just last night and I didn’t put my iPod down until the end of the very saucy last chapter outtake.

Crude and inappropriate Bella is on her way to Christmas with the Cullen’s. She’d spent every Christmas there and each year had its age appropriate theme. Purple Dinosaurs, awkward first kisses. Virginity lost in the midst of mistletoe and cookies. Jealousy, lust, teenage love.Family, siblings, parental resentment.

All of these things surround one individual in Bella’s eyes.


This Christmas she wants to evaluate exactly how she feels about Edward while getting closer to him. Easier said than done when she shows up and Edward has a strawberry blonde hussy attached to him. (Gotta love Tanya.)

This fic has the most delicious sexual tension I’ve ever read. It’s a completely cringe worthy in a good way; fan yourself in a lemony way, perfect dysfunctional family Christmas fic.

Absolutely a new favorite of mine!

Here are some honorable one-shot mentions:

From the writer of Last Tango in Forks

Have Yourself a Sneaky Little Christmas by AwesomeSauce

A Present Returned by AmeryMarie

Mistletoe and Wine by Evieeden

I hope I’ve satiated your smut loving Christmas spirit. Check back soon for Supernatural Month and FAGE!

Seasons Greetings

CelesticBliss aka Kynall x

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dead Confederates

Interview with Goldenmeadow aka Miss Rie
Officer DarkIndie aka TLC

Where do I even begin? Most would say from the beginning, but I truly can’t remember when I haven’t been owned by this. Fanfiction has in some, sadly, but in most uninhibited, demanded residency my life for the past year and a half. That is a LOT of stories, from numerous sites; I pretty much belong to them all, along with faithfully following numerous blogs. I have found my people in this fandom, which is so vast, when you’re entering, it feels like you’re being swallowed whole, and you never know if it’s going to spit you back out.

I feel odd to admit, but there have been stories I‘ve read that pretty much changed my outlook and have impacted my life, that is how good they are. Too many authors out there go grossly unrecognized, swallowed by a few overfed, over-bloated, blown-up, out of proportion stories out there. Perhaps it’s wrong of me to say that… I have read some of those fics, and I tend to be the only one I know that seems at odds with everyone else on my opinion on them, so I tend to read what I shall call ‘independent fics’… the lesser well knowns, the underground and severely underappreciated stories. That is the first thing about me I feel you should know; the second is I have a very coveted number of stories I read that are WIPs--for those not familiar with the lingo that’s ‘works in progress’. It is a very small number. Since many authors have so many WIPs they are vastly spiraling away from them, I stand firm in keeping this list small. The reason is I do tend to confuse stories lines, characterizations, and tend to lose interest while waiting for an update… you can call it fic ADHD. Each story in this list is totally different from the others so I can keep better track of the story, and they all do update on a regular basis.

Lastly, I’ll admit I kind of suck at giving reviews. I know authors tend to live and breathe for them because really they’re not getting paid for their story, and that is one of the ways to show your love. As an author myself I love my reviews; it lets me know ‘hey someone out there is reading that mess and liking it’. It gives you the extra encouragement to keep it going and build your story. I do try to at least review at the end of the story and let the author know how I feel or felt at the time of reading, and nothing gets me more excited than when they actually respond back. I do a little happy dance or squeal like canon Alice (oh the shame ;) ) when I see it sitting in my inbox; especially if it’s an actual response besides the generic type of response, and don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about because you know you have received them, too. I’ve said all this so that you can totally understand why I am going to say what is coming next….

goldenmeadow, aka Miss Rie, has straight up owned me from the first sentence of Dead Confederates, Chapter 1, New South. Eddie DC Cullen has been my ultimate love from the very beginning. I will tell you, don’t you even dare think of calling him Edward, because, well, let’s just say the results aren’t pretty. I don’t quite remember how I stumbled across this story, but I will say it ensnared me from the first day I read it. At the time my coveted list really didn’t have any more openings, but I did have it in my story alerts waiting to be complete before I read it. That was a huge mistake on my part; I totally wish I’d started reading it sooner, and I feel guilty for not having done so. It wasn’t until DC’s anniversary events that I really started getting into it, I was blown completely away and really I haven’t wanted to look back since.

GM has such a way with words it’s almost like reading poetry. I constantly go into an Eddie Cullen Coma when I am reading, and I know I am not the only one that feels this way. Each chapter I am left flustered and awed to the point if you saw me I would probably closely resemble a dazzled Bella by the time I get to the end. This is the one reason why I read a chapter at time, and I now have kind of a ritual with it. Every Friday I make my way to the DW and for those who don’t know, that’s the Double Wide. Though there could be many connotations, I will keep it at the trailer representation, and I spend my mornings with Eddie. Each week I seem to get exactly what I need, and Eddie doesn’t ever fail to give it real good. This is the one story I do review every chapter because Miss Rie and Eddie deserve my ultimate love for everything they give me. Rie and Eddie are in constant contact with their fans in one way or another, whether it’s from their review replies or making time to play on Facebook or hitting twitter every now and then. I will never understand where they find all the time to do the things they do, but I guess it helps that Eddie is a vampire and doesn’t sleep ;).

I could go on forever and a day with the many reasons why I love Rie’s writing and Dead Confederates, but honestly you should find out for yourself. Now, I will give you the real reason why you’re probably reading my review… I got the awesome chance to sit down via Skype and interview Miss Rie and Eddie at the DW for our blog. It was kind of months in the making when I first approached them, and I must say I seriously pulled a Tom Cruise in my living room when they agreed to it (I know I am really too fangirly, but, eh what can I say, I love ‘em). This time around the interview has its own unique twist where we took questions from the fans of Eddie DC Cullen and Rie along with some of my own to give you an insider look at the world of Dead Confederates and goldenmeadow.

So here we go…

TLC: So you guys doing alright today?

Eddie: Yeah, baby... me and Miss Rie are fightin' fit; and it's a fuckin' relief to get Bella back in my bed after the previous chapter, know what I mean? How're you doin' today?

TLC: I am doing alright... enjoying my vacation...I feel bad that I am not there yet in the story to read the update :( but it is awfully tempting...

Eddie: Well, I'd like to say y'ain't missin' nothing, but... ;)

TLC: lol...

TLC: So what did you think of the questions... I must say to be honest I was quite surprised it wasn't more...

Eddie: Ha! Well, them questions were interesting... and me and Miss Rie were pretty damn happy there weren't more; like to make a vampire and his creator think, y'all do.

TLC: Well, I feel that is what most of them were aiming for ;)

TLC: So should I start out easy?

Eddie: Yeah go on, I like it easy.

TLC: Of course...

TLC: This one comes from Miss SweetCream... Eddie is there any type of food you actually kind of miss from when you were human, since you have such a tendency to love possum, squirrel, snakes, gators, etc..

Eddie: Hmmm, not really. It's pretty difficult to remember human-type of food. I mean, once you go red, y'ain't really ever gonna go back. Y'all's food smells a bit putrid to me, to be honest.

TLC: Fair enough...

TLC: Speaking of red this one comes from Miss JJ... Now I know the most obvious answer to boxers or briefs would be commando, but for your Rebella (if bare wasn't an option) what would you prefer the most... frilly, see-through, lacy, crotch-less, white, red....

Eddie: Well, this reminds me I outta invest in some crotchless panties for her ;). But yeah, it really don't matter... although red annoys me, since I can't see it. I definitely fuckin’ favor her in yellow. Other than that, she looks fuckin' delectable both in and out of everything she wears. I like it all, yeah... what's that sayin'? Variety is the spice of life...

TLC: You know it’s not really all that unusual for males to be colorblind... actually I just learned about it in my Clinicals class last month... though for a side question I gotta wonder how that effects your driving...

Eddie: Well, you mean like red lights and shit like that? I know where the red light is in the order, ya know, so I can see it light up? And ha! You implyin' the male is the weaker species?

TLC: No... of course not...

Eddie: Aw, darlin'... was just ribbing you... carry on ;)

TLC: lol

TLC: So this one comes from me with the inspiration of my beta QF (Quant UmFizz) ‘Do different blood types smell and taste differently?’

Eddie: Oh, of course they do. Not only does a 'meat eating' vampire go for certain victims based on their innate scent, you develop a hankerin' for specific blood types. Now, bein' an all around difficult mother fucker, 'course I preferred O-neg.

TLC: Uh oh... I am in trouble...

Eddie: Excellent. And I'm thirsty.

TLC: Well, I do recall asking you a long time ago to bite me.

TLC: You know I have phlebotomy and hematology this upcoming month... perhaps I can send you some that they draw from me for your cooler...

Eddie: Ahhh, best not tempt the beast ;)

TLC: Well, suit yourself... (smirk)

TLC: I guess this could lead into our next question... this one comes from Rena... and I took it up with Miss Rie first... since Rebella is your LTC what happens when, ya know, it’s that time of the month...

Eddie: Well, I think I can handle this one ;). Now, I know M'Esme and the like don't get their 'monthlies', but hell if they don't act all hormonal and shit on a cycle (like a daily fuckin' cycle, if you ask me). I ain't actually been with Bella when she's hit that time of the month... you know, we only been together a few months and it's just happened that way. I'm sure it will happen at some point, and I like to think I got enough control over my feedin' urges towards Bella to be able to handle it. Hell, I'll probably be so distracted by her bad temper I won't smell a fuckin' thing ;)...

TLC: It could perhaps run with the lunar cycles... for M'Esme and them...

Eddie: Yeah, I wouldn't know about that shit; I'll leave that stargazing crap to Jizzper.

TLC: It would seem that I had quite a bit tell me that they were a little bit intimidated by you Eddie, so even though this question comes from Jen Roxanne I wonder too... how do you feel towards your shy fans?

Eddie: Sweet. Intimidated like I might lose my temper? Well, I can be volatile, I'll give you that. And it takes very little in some instances to set me off. However, I don't think the shy ones got anythin' to worry about. If anything, I like them for their quietness--makes it more of a challenge to get 'em to scream/moan/whimper/beg.


TLC: So this is kind of on the opposite side of the spectrum from Miss Black Hale... How do you feel about all your women vying for your attention? Does it give you a big *ahem* head? Because we all know your one sexy vampire*she said ‘fucker’, but I don't think that can be put on the blog* but how do you not let it get to you?

Eddie: Well, no joke, it can be *hard* to handle at times ;). But it's all good, and it's definitely a give and take between me and the ladies. And I'm damn good at, uh... multitasking, let's say.

TLC: that I must certainly agree with...

TLC: you taking care of business that is...

TLC: This one also comes from QF and I... what do you feel is your best feature?

Eddie: Is that a joke? I thought it was my cock, right? Now, comin' from Q-F, I imagine she's wantin' me to delve into my psyche and shit. So, alright... I'd say my loyalty and my protective nature. Now sometimes that can veer towards the most vicious jealous tendencies where Bella's concerned, but I'm not discounting that as a bad thing either.

TLC: I think that is pretty much what she was aiming for... lol...

TLC: This one also comes from along from me and Q-F too... Was it a conscious decision to start emulating the local dialect or did it become natural over time... do you find it natural now, because sometimes how you speak, and what you think are expressed totally different.

Eddie: Well, I'm just a paradox, aren't I ;). Oh, it was definitely a conscious decision... we had to blend in with the scenery, I mean as much as a bunch of good looking, un-aging motherfuckers could. And yeah, it all became natural over time; I fuckin' love living here for all my cussing and ranting and ravin'. As for what I think and what I say, just suppose there will always be the two sides of me battling: broody, over-thinking vampire and the hard-drinking, fast-living, no regrets deadneck.

TLC: This one comes from winterstale... Do you do a lot of online shopping, and if so who is your favorite merchant, and do you consider yourself more of a software and peripherals or a hardware man?

Eddie: I swear to fuck, I don't know where she comes up with this shit... it's a good thing her and Miss Rie are on such good terms. So, uh, I don't shop online. I prefer to *handle* the merchandise, know what I mean? And I like me somethin' soft to put my hard wares inta ;).

TLC: From one of your absolute favorite ladies... DDGreen... If you could have dinner with one person and just for the hell of it dead or alive who would it be and why?

Eddie: Fuck. That's a big one, and one I don't really want to answer. But I will, for Derry. I guess. Okay, that'd be Elizabeth, my mother. I hated her for such a long (and I mean, LONG) fuckin' time for what she did to me. Now, hearin' about Bella and Renee and all that shit... I think I just wanna know what was going through her head when she begged Carl to change me. I wanna know why she wanted me saved, and if she had any goddamn clue what my life would be like as a vampire. And, well, I guess I need to thank her now, because of-fuckin'-course, I'da never met Bella if I'd died way back then. Is that good enough for y'all? Damn.

TLC: Sorry to be hitting ya with a heavy one... perhaps you could tell us your all time top 5 bands or groups...

TLC: because I specifically pick out songs to post for you with certain intentions...

TLC: and I usually spend a long time thinking about the right one to pick

Eddie: Huh, well I like a variety of music... all depends on my mood; like if I wanna fuck hard and fast, or long and slow... G n R of course. I like me some Manchester Orchestra. I'm not really into country or any pussy folk music type shit... but other than that, I'll take just about anythin'. From Breaking Benjamin to Deftones to An Horse and Heartless Bastards...

TLC: I do know we share a common love for The Deftones ;)

Eddie: That we do, darlin'

TLC: I am going to hit ya with another hard one here... or maybe not...

Eddie: Great, I'm salivatin' for it...

TLC: This one comes from JJ with inquires from several people... Could you perhaps tell us a little bit more about Chelsea and what happened that day?

Eddie: Not really. I could, but then Miss Rie would try to kill me ;). This is gonna be addressed in the story, but yeah... that is a damn good question.

TLC: Is that why I haven't gotten a response to my last review yet Eddie?

TLC: Considering there was talk of the Volturi in that last chapter...

TLC: ;)

Eddie: Nah, you ain't gotten a response because, well ATT is a bitch as is FF and you know, I been fucking a lot... Bella keeps me on my, well... it ain't my toes, that's for damn sure.

TLC: lol, understandable...

TLC: This one last one comes from me... I am a huge fan of history and to see the things that you have seen I would have loved it... so what event that you have been able to partake in has had the most impact on you Eddie?

Eddie: Well, I wouldn't say I actually been involved in a lot of historical events personally, but yeah, I've been witness to a century's worth of stuff. I'd have to say the wars have been most goddamn disturbing. Humans killing humans--y'all are supposed to be civilized; we're supposed to be the savages. But, yeah, sometimes you're just as primal and blinded by greed and need as us. - Dead Confederates Outtakes

TLC: Miss Rie, you ready?

Rie: Yup, thank God Eddie finally shut up...

TLC: Aww, well the ladies certainly had it out for him...

TLC: I am going to hit you with... what brought you into the Twi-verse and what made you wanna write within this fandom?

Rie: Well, Twilight brought me here ;). I literally had never heard of fanfiction before I finished reading the books. I didn't even know about it until after I'd written my first oneshot (I didn't know shit from shinnola about what an o/s was, what AU meant, didn't even know what a lemon was...). So, I just started writing about Edward and Bella and was very excited to find out about all this! The rest is two years of history.

TLC: because you are quite the accomplished fic writer...

Rie: And thanks, that's sweet (and let me tell you...some buggers out there would disagree heartily, at least this week, and last week so I appreciate every kind word).

TLC: me personally I feel your one of my all time favorite fic writers :)

Rie: Now I think you're suckin' up to Eddie. Bwah ha ha, just kidding! I am blushing, thank you...

TLC: I’m serious as a heart attack...

TLC: Anyway...

TLC: This comes from JJ... You have a way with words that I have a million times said resembles a gift from God mixed with a deal with the Devil. But in all seriousness was it college-PhD-writing program - or just downright talent that lets you write like that? Also though you have written Slash would you consider writing femme slash?

Rie: Uhm, no..never took any creative writing courses. I have a BFA in visual arts ;). Now, I can't believe I haven't written femme slash! I would definitely never say no to it; I just haven't felt the inspiration to write it. And in thinking about it, right now I can't come up with a pairing I'd like to write about erotically...

TLC: the only femme slash I have read was JJ's and Ro's piece...

Rie: Oh I've read some femme slash that I love! St. Andrew's Place is delicious :).

TLC: I gotta a lot of questions revolving around your inspiration... from several of your fans... so where do you get yours from... personally mine comes from those that surround me...

Rie: Completely! In fact, my bestie likes to say of DC's: The only thing fictional about it is the vampires. And really not the characters of Bubba or Eddie or Maw etc., just simply the fact they are vampires ;). The rest is pretty much true to life. The same with my other writing... a lot of emotional motivation and inspiration goes into my writing too.

TLC: DC's characters remind me much of the people I encounter everyday as well... probably because we both do live in the South ;)

TLC: This one comes from Olivia Masen along with Miss Lara... When the idea of Eddie came to you was it a visual, a feeling or a voice first? In your mind who does Eddie resemble (like a certain famous British Actor) and where do you pull Eddie's attitude from?

Rie: Oh... his voice... as in his ideas and inner thoughts and his rants and raves and dialogue came first! The visual was easy, yeah, Eddie is definitely *that guy*; but usually how he's portrayed in the fanart made for DC's. On the scruffy side, looking a bit dirty and completely wicked, a little bit busted up...

Rie: As for Eddie's attitude, well, he's just Eddie. I have really no control over his actions, thoughts, words, diatribes...

Rie: But there's definitely me, goldenmeadow, and then there is definitely Eddie.

TLC: I have heard from a little birdy about something of how that all works for you ;)

TLC: from my oh so eloquent much smarter soul twin, Udo: Miss Rie, throughout Dead Confederates, we catch glimpses of the literary references which fill out the contours (emotional and otherwise) of your Twilight fanfic. For example, in DC we encounter references to Dickens, Fanny Hill, Southern Gothic and the European Gothic fiction, etc. These references make DC a much more enriching read for the reader as they provide the backclop for the staging of DC. 

Apart from writing DC, I realize that as a writer, you must have on your bookshelves several authors whose work you hold in high regard, whose work continue to inspire and captivate you. We all have those writers who become constant and trusted companions on the journey of being and becoming a writer. Who, for you, are your top five 'companions'?

Rie: Margaret Atwood, Barbara Kingsolver, Kate Atkinson, Haruki Murakami... ugh only one more? Oh, hell. I'm going to have to go with... Tolkien.

TLC: If you can remember what was the first fanfic you read and if you read other fandoms, what are they and what would you rec from them as a must read?

TLC: Oh that’s from me ;)

Rie: I don't read any other fandoms.

Rie: I think the first I read was The Brotherhood by Roo and blondie AKA robin.

Rie: Then I discovered Scotch, Gin and the New Girl, and Past and Present, and I was a goner :).

TLC: then who would be your go to pairing outside of ExB?

Rie: Hmmm, pairing outside of ExB?

TLC: SG&NG one of my all time favorites...

Rie: Well, I'm actually not interested in writing about Alice/Jasper or Emmett/Rosalie. I do enjoy writing Carlisle and Esme though... and of course Jasper and Edward.

TLC: Jen Roxanne wants to know what is your favorite cuss word and your biggest pet peeve?

Rie: Ha ha ha. Well, 'fuck' and 'cunt' rate pretty highly with me. Pet peeve... personally? People who don't signal when they're turning... it is not that fucking hard to do, folks. Fanfiction-wise? Lesser known fics getting passed by because EVERYONE is reading the same ones.

TLC: Damn... those honestly are at THE VERY TOP of mine as well... gah, turn signals...t hey were put there for a reason... and I swear the people here have no clue they exist...

Rie: Ditto, ha ha.

TLC: Can we talk about your real piece of fiction that you are working on?

Rie: LOL, not really ;). The very few who are helping me with it have signed NDA's. So I won't be talking about content... anything else regarding it?

TLC: What gave you the courage to want to essentially put something out there in the real world, and are you going to publish under your own name or use an alias?

TLC: And any idea when we might be able to get to read it...

Rie: Well, I'm not so courageous yet, hee hee. I haven't thought about using an alias or not. When will you get to read? Anybody out there know any publishers ;). It won't be finished in rough draft form until spring, I think.

TLC: Sequel to DC... any thoughts?

Rie: Yes... thoughts :).

TLC: That was from several fans as well

Rie: Bwah ha ha...

TLC: So when we get to the end... we might not have to mourn the loss...

Rie: No, really, as I'm sure a lot of the fans feel out there; I can't bear the possibility of saying goodbye to Eddie! That hurts my heart. So, I am working on ideas right now and have been for a while.

Rie: BUT, I will not do a sequel unless I think it will be even better than the original, because nothing's worse than a sequel that sucks.

Rie: It sucks the life right out of the original...

TLC: True that...

Rie: Anyway, in between, DC and the possible DC II, I'm playing with a fun AH (*gasp*) idea. Just for a little break and to try something different...

TLC: Breaking your usual mold ;)

TLC: Though C/U was AH...

Rie: Yeah... I think that was the one and only...

TLC: I know I have mentioned to you before about being a slow reader so what's your fic of the moment...

TLC: And do you read a lot of WIPs or try to stick with just completes?

Rie: Oh, I am the slowest reader ever! My fave completed--that I've finished reading is The Blessing and the Curse. I was just blown away by it! I mean, that woman has me sick with envy over her talent. Love Paper CutOuts and have just started Rose Like Thunder.

Rie: I prefer to read WIPs and catch it as it updates. It's much more difficult for me to get through completed works (I think I'm the opposite of a lot of people on that?).

TLC: How did you come across the Twilight Saga and which one is your favorite book and movie so far?

Rie: Set up a forum for moms with my beta (then she and I both had no idea about Twi) Vanessarae, and one of the women kept going on about Twilight. So, after much thumbing my nose and general disdain, I read them... in a week. And made V do it too ;).

Rie: Eclipse was both my favorite book and movie.

TLC: awesome!

TLC: What has been your favorite part of writing DC and your favorite chapter so far... from Rosa Bella

Rie: Oh, favorite part is meeting all the fucking awesome ladies on Twilighted forums and FB! Favorite chapter? Hmmmm, I like each one the most after I write it (yeah, I'm pretty bad like that), so I'm going to have to say 'Star Crossed Tosser'...AND...'Touch Me' remains one that sticks with me.

TLC: You usually post a song before a chapter starts on the blog... was that song a little of your inspiration for that chapter and do you draw a lot from music when you’re writing?

TLC: Jen Roxanne would also like to know if off the top of your head, can you name off a song that best describes you

Rie: Absolutely! Yeah, I listened to that song, 'Romeo and Juliet' Dire Strait's version, over and over again while writing. And I definitely use music for inspiration -- the lyrics or sometimes just the feel of it. If I'm writing violence, well, I need some pretty hefty scary tunes...

Rie: To Jen, cute question! Err, 'Crazy Bitch'... ha ha ha, kidding :).

TLC: like Blood Sport?...

Rie: Yes... like Blood Sport...

Rie: No, I can't really think of a song that describes'd have to ask someone else...

TLC: Next random question... from me... What 5 things would you take with you if you were going to be trapped on a desert island?

Rie: Five things (I'm totally going to cheat, by the way)...

Rie: 1. My children (see, they count as a unit)

Rie: 2. My laptop (yes, of course there will be power and wireless there)

Rie: 3. Endless supply of red wine and cigs

Rie: 4. I can't decide between a random toy boy/sexy sugar daddy, a Toy ;), or my hubs... hmmmmmm

TLC: bwah haha


Rie: 5. Closest friends (again, they're a unit)

Rie: Yeah, I'm leaning towards a sugar daddy with mad Boy Scout skillz as well as endless sexual drive and know-how ;)


TLC: What would be your advice to those out there for a new coming author and any last parting words...

Rie: My advice really is get a beta (one whose opinion you trust on content as well who's grammar is above par), and find yourself a group of people in the Twiverse who will support you and vice versa.

Rie: No parting words aside from thank you very much from Eddie and me! Fantastic questions from you and the ladies :). And cheers to everyone for their love, it's awesome!

TLC: Thank You Miss Rie....

I hope this has been as enjoyable for you as it was for me. I thank Miss Rie and Eddie for the opportunity, and I had a ton of awesome fun at the DW when we did this. I look forward to anything Miss Rie puts out in the future because like I said DC and GM pretty much owns my ass…

This is your faithful Officer Dark Indie aka TLC signing out…

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