Monday, November 29, 2010

The first monthly Spotlight ~ By TGB.

Hello all! Firstly I would like to introduce myself; I'm This Guilty Blood or TGB and have been assigned as your new Blog officer. I'm really excited to be here and contributing to the FFA community, and look forward to getting to know you all more.

Its no secret that here at FFA we are blessed with many talented authors, the recent entries in the 100 Pictures contest are a shining example of the creativity our members posess.

Our C2 on (Kindly watched over and updated by Cullen Lovingmom) now has in excess of seven hundred entries!

With all of this overall awesome-ness, we have decided to do a monthly “Spotlight” feature on one of our incredible authors.

We will be taking recommendations for future spotlights, so if there is a story you love and want featured, please message either Claire or myself.

That said; I would now like to introduce you all to our very first Spotlightee.... *Drum roll please……..*

Banner created by; General-of Fanficanon

“Home” is an AU fic set five years after New Moon. Bella has had no contact with the Cullen's since their departure, yet she is introduced to us as a vampire.

In keeping with her promise to Edward, Alice has not looked for Bella at all, but a chance vision leads her to Forks and a surprise she had not suspected.

As well as the characters that we already know and love, “Home” features some interesting original characters. A stand out is Ashley Henry - A precocious teenager with an all too familiar interest in the supernatural, who appears to know Bella’s secret. But what will she do with this knowledge?

At thirteen chapters in, “Home” is just getting to the juiciest parts. With a crippling bite and an explosive reunion that sees Bella knock the snott out of Edward, I honestly can not wait to read more!

Please go check it out, and leave her some of that fantastic FFA support!
Soon on the FFA Blog; An interview with the winner of out 100 pictures contest - Rose Masen Cullen!
Also for those of you who have not signed up for FAGE #2, please consider doing so! Last years FAGE was a huge success and a lot of fun for all involved. The details for FAGE can be found on the group FaceBook page under the "Events" tab.

Until next time, lovelies.
TGB (Officer Bloggin’ Belikov)


  1. LOVE this fic! Thanks for the rec! I LOVE this spotlight idea! Amazing!!

  2. Awesome! I LOVE this fic myself, along with it's author! She is such an amazing person, an amazing author, and a super awesome Beta. :D (And no, you aren't allowed to steal her!) This is a truly great rec, and TGB, your description is spot on. :) Go people! Read, now, and review!

  3. I never read this fic before, but sounds interesting. Need to give a try. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  4. I love the update TGB, job well done babe. I also adore this fic and that doesn't really have anything to do with the fact that I beta it. I just love it because it has great dimensions, and original characters and some cool twists!

    If anyone is not reading, then you are surely missing out!

  5. I love this story, and its author, too!! She's pretty awesome stuff ;) Yay for her getting the spotlight! Love the idea by the way and great post :) Can't wait to see what's coming up next!

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  7. Nice work Hope...did you fix the comments?

  8. One of my bestie RL friend!! This story is awesome!! One of the best I have read! You rock girl!!!

  9. Test comment cos Marcelo aka HopeReborn rocks and has fixed the comment issue!!