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Men of a Fandom ~ BuzzKill34

Banner by Ferla V

So, it’s Christmas and my gift to you? The men of the TwiFandom!

I thought that would make you happy. There are some great male authors in fanfiction but there’s not a lot in specific fandoms that many would say are directed toward the female genre, such as Twilight.

So today, we un-wrap our first gift and it just so happens to be dearly loved and respected group member, Can Yersel AKA Buzzkill34. Buzz joined FFA at the beginning of the year causing a stir amongst the ladies that could be likened to a Beatles concert. I have never seen the group in such a flutter as the day he introduced himself to the members.

At first, I’ll admit, I thought it was a little weird to see a man reading Twilight fanfiction, but I have a very open mind, and so I set out to get to know this Can person better. I heard he hung out at Twitter a lot, so I made more time to visit the place and actually learn how to use it. Okay so I stalked the poor guy, but my stalking paid off and we got to chatting.

I had only been talking to Buzz for about five minutes before I realised I had met a kindred soul. We agreed on everything, and I stress EVERYTHING! Music, movies, political and religious views, nothing was off limits and it’s not often you can discuss all these things with someone, and agree whole heartedly with all that they say.

Needless to say, Buzz and I have become fantastic friends over the past year, and we’re lucky he has offered himself to us today, pretty bow and all!

For those who don’t know who Buzz is; he writes a dark and, as he describes, gothic romance fic called Dusk and Her Embrace.

In this twisted tale of lust, love and embracing the animal within, Bella leads a lacklustre life until the day she is changed by a vampire, who has risen after many years of torpor (rest underground). Changing someone is against the rules of the Camarilla, the ruling body of the vampire world and Amadán, the offending vampire, has put them both in grave danger.

"You know the rules of Camarilla, and yet you disrespect the traditions ?" his voice was nothing but a growl.

Standing up quickly, he descended from this throne, and stood in front of the offending vampire.

"And, more so, you disrespect me and my domain by speaking without my permission," he spat. "You have broken the ultimate law.

"'Thou shalt not sire progeny without leave from thine Ruler.' The punishment for failure to adhere to this is death for both you and your childe." Edward said, his authority ringing in his voice.

When Bella and her maker are sent to Edward’s Castle, the Lord of all the vampires and the Childe of Caine, her new future is about to come to a deathly end.

Edward looked at Bella and froze, deep in thought. He was entranced, in part by her beauty, but mostly by her innocence.

Without removing his eyes from hers, Edward spoke the words that sealed Amadán's fate, "Destroy him."

Bella watched with wide eyes as the vampires in the room started walking towards her creator.
In an act of desperation, Amadán lunged for Edward. In one easy move, Edward caught the vampire by his neck and lifted him into the air.

"You really shouldn't have done that," Edward chided. His voice was deadly calm.

After Bella watches the violent death of her maker, she waits for her own murder, the second in days.

… Edward took two strides to stand next to Bella, who was still kneeling and trembling so hard that her teeth were clacking.

"Now, what shall we do with you?" he asked rhetorically.

Bella understood that this was the end. She closed her eyes and prayed for mercy as Edward put a hand on either side of her face.

With truer biology and behaviour, this epic tale will have you on the edge of your seat as you witness the life and blood shed of the most elite hunter in all of the animal kingdom; the vampire.

The Interview

Can is a guy in his 20’s who has just finished university and is currently serving his national service in the army. He is fluent in sarcasm, and often makes jokes at his own expense. Despite having a loyal following, Can is a very laid back person and enjoys a good laugh as much as the next person. We hope the following helps in getting to know the man behind Buzzkill34.

Ferla: Welcome, Buzkill34 who is the author of Dusk and her Embrace, a WIP and the OS Bella Gelato. Buzz is currently on 'hiatus' due to his current army commitments. Firstly I wanted to say that you are really missed in the group, by myself and many other members, and I have promised I would tell you this, so there it is.

Buzzkill34: Hi and thanks for the opportunity. I miss the ladies and a few gents too. 34 days left btw!

Ferla: WOOHOO!! Not that you're counting of course.

Buzzkill34: LOL of course not.

Ferla: Okay, so the obvious Q’s first. How did it come to be that you would read Twilight?

Buzzkill34: It's purely luck. I was fishing for DVD's the previous summer and let me say that I’m a huge fan of vampires. I saw the twilight DVD and bought it. But not having read the book, certain parts got me confused, so I was like WTF?
This made me watch it a few times, with no luck. Then I Googled the sucker and found that they were movies of books. So, I just got the first one, read it in one sitting and watched the movie again (which sucks btw, sorry.)

Ferla: LOL keeping it real, it's cool.

Buzzkill34: That's how I roll babe.
But the book was awesome, so I bought the other three and read 'em all without sleeping … I don't know why, but I couldn't stop myself … I still read 'em from time to time. (I’m a sucker for books)
But that left me unsatisfied and by chance I found a site where someone was pimping wide awake... WIDE FREAKING AWAKE! Imagine how that turned out…*sigh* it was love at first sight… Now me and twilight fanfiction are BFF's.

Ferla: Well, that answers my next question LOL so I'll skip to the third.

Buzzkill34: LOL ok sorry, got a bit carried away there.

Ferla: Did you always know that you would eventually write your own story when you came across FF?

Buzzkill34: Oh hell no! I've read more than 500 fics up to date… I was more than happy with just reading, but after a while I started to bitch and whine at the characters or the plot (no offense, I’m no expert)

After a while I started to think (*gasp* shocking I know!) about how I would have written some parts or what would eddieboy do on certain situations, plus I was bored with sparkly ass, over the top, suffocatingly gentleman, and sweet Edward and an epically (is that a word? LOL) insecure Bella. So, I tried my hand at writing.

Ferla: Your story, Dusk and her Embrace, is pretty dark and Edward is a very strong character, not to mention the different vampire biology, is that because of what you read in FF or was there other things that inspired you to write him this way?

Buzzkill34: Dusk And Her Embrace is a combination of many things actually. I wanted to create an Edward who embraces what he is. Also, I wanted to create a darker atmosphere, a bit gothic dare I say? More gray, or imagine, a visual for a film noire.

Ferla: Do you feel that being a male in the fandom gives you a kind of celebrity status? And if so, how do you deal with the fan girling?

Buzzkill34: Music was my main inspiration for DahE. The name and chapters are all song titles that I listen to when I write.
Whoa I wasn't done! Have some respect! HahaI know I’m slow sorry.

Ferla: LOL I freaking love you and I'm sorry bro... Please continue...

Buzzkill34: Ahem… Anyways, the vampire part of my story comes from an RPG game. The terms and clans are a part of this world which I freaking love and it felt more real to me this way. Plus, I think it really helps me set a darker world and mood.
Can I have the next q please?

Ferla: Do you feel that being a male in the fandom gives you a kind of celebrity status? And if so, how do you deal with the fan girling?

Buzzkill34: Not particularly, no. I know that there aren't many male writers or even readers in the fandom.

Though, I don't know if that is a plus or a minus. I love it when people find out that I’m a man, though. Their reaction always brings a smile to my face.

I'm a bit nervous though, being a male in a fandom, which is full of women, brings a bit of pressure you know?

As for the fangirl situation, I don't think I have fangirls (YET!LOL) but seeing someone liking my work is priceless.

Ferla: OK wait; hold up, I call bullshit. I remember when you first joined the group and all the girls were lining up to hump your leg (no disrespect meant here ladies, it's just a way I explain love) you can't honestly say you don't get fan girls!

Buzzkill34: Damn... I was thinking you would buy this…ROFL!

Ferla: You know me better than to not call you out when you talk crap.

Buzzkill34: I mean yeah... It's hard you know? Having good looks and writing Twilight fanfiction?

It's hard work... All the attention I get from the ladies... *sigh* I miss it, it's just dudes here you know, in the army... LOL

Seriously though, it really is great to be a part of this fandom.

Ferla: I totally get where you're coming from, I mean good looks run in our family so naturally ... as for the dudes in the army, switch places?

Buzzkill34:Lol trust me…there's only me with killer looks here... No one else... When I go out, girls run screaming to me and tear up my shirts... *sigh* sick of buying shirts all the time!
Ya know how it is…

Ferla: I have men trying to rip off my shirts all the time, too! Though, it might be for completely different reasons to your fans. It's a hard life looking this good. I sympathise bro.

Buzzkill34: Damn true! Lol

Ferla: Okay next Q.
Would you date a fan? LOL

Buzzkill34: ROFL... Hell yeah, why not?

Ferla: Haha, good to know, there you go ladies ;)
What do you love best about the Twifandom? Or FFA in particular?

Buzzkill34: Hmm.. At the risk of saying something cliché, it's the LADIES!! I get ladies all the time.. YEAH BABY!! LMAO
Seriously, it's the friendship. I've met lots of people that I call friends and more *points at Ferla* so it would definitely be friendship; from different countries to various ages…
And FFA is my baby, the place where it all started, you know? Good old times.

Ferla: I think we should just point out that we are not romantically involved, Buzz and I, though, like any red hot blooded male, he probably wants to, who could blame him. I’m totally joking there, but he is my brother from another mother and I am his sister from another mister LOL

Buzzkill34: ROFL… True… She is my big sister in every way... Minus the bickering and fights

Ferla: IKR!? I don't think I could ever fight with you; we spend far too much time laughing.

Buzzkill34: True! True! We are epic or epicness in human form.
I'm single… Just sayin' no relationship whatsoever… What? Whoa!! Calm down ladies… I can hear the screams from here.

Ferla: *sigh* now you’ve done it... I'mma have to send a whole new pack of shirts *rolls eyes*

Buzzkill34: LOL.. Comes with the territory I guess... This is fun!

Ferla: It's always fun with me baby, you should know that!

Buzzkill34: People will think I’m an asshole... Which is kinda true LOL

Ferla: Just a smidge.
okay next q

Buzzkill34:Hehe. OK, hit me.

Ferla: Do your RL friends and family know that you write Twifics? If so, what do they think about it? If not, how do you keep it secret from them?

Buzzkill34: No one knows about it. All of my friends know I’ve read and watched the Twilight saga. They know I’m a fan. (chicks dig it hehe) But this is mine. It's just for me. It's something I love being a part of and don't want to share with anyone. As for keeping it a secret, I don't do a thing to keep it that way, don’t have a fake acc. or something like that and if someone finds out, I neither deny or accept it... I just bring out the guns (flexes biceps) and BAM! They are distracted.

Ferla: Understandable that they would be distracted. *stares wide eyed at Buzz's new guns*

Buzzkill34: Yeah…Upgrades courtesy of the army.

Ferla: This is a fan q from Rose Masen Cullen.
Do you see Canon as a hindrance to your original creative freedom, or are you grateful that it lets you explore mannerisms that are well known among the fans? Why/Why not?

Buzzkill34: Whoa! Great q... Gimme a sec to think about it....

Ferla waits not so patiently… My guess is that canon is boring... I mean DahE is so far from the
original story in almost every way. You have made Edward kind of embrace the monster he is for starters, right?

Buzzkill34: Oh yeah definitely. He knows what he is and he loves it. I don't think it's a hindrance, I just didn't use it for DaHE ‘coz I don't think canon Edward is a vampire... More like a fairy maybe.

Ferla: LMAO touché.

Buzzkill34: They don't have that strong sexuality and lust you know? They are supposed to be dangerous, deviant, sinister… So canon is a bit candy coated to me, though I respect SM's and canon writers.

Ferla: I totally understand. My knowledge of vamps is this animalistic nature in all that they do, hunting and sex are approached with the same kind of wild hunger and need that a lion would possess.

Buzzkill34: Exactly! Vampirism is the true form of freedom. You let go of everything you knew. Embrace the animal, not keep it hidden. I really believe we all have an animal in ourselves and vamps are a product of it.

Ferla: Although I have a healthy respect for the story, I don't like SM's vampire canon and I know that you feel the same, which is why I wanted to hump your leg when you first sent me DaHE.

Buzzkill34: Hehe I agree. Nice thinking and all, but a 107 year old, sparkly, virgin vampire? Bitch, please, he would f*** half of the world by that time. I know I would

Ferla: Oh, Buzz.... ya preaching to the choir babe.

Buzzkill34: ROFL! It's true though! I know that it's a YA novel but… She emasculated the vamps.

Ferla: Totally!! I'm glad that Bella got her rough sex and all, but she shouldn't have had to beg the guy.

Buzzkill34: Screw the feathers in Isle of Esme. He would have had her up against a wall while sucking her neck. Now that's a vampire.
Exactly. I dunno if this was the answer for the q though LOL.

Ferla: Hopefully people are used to our banter enough now, to understand it none the less.
So, not many people know this and not many people would guess it, but English is not your first language. Do you find this as a hindrance, and have you ever thought of translating your stories into your native tongue?

Buzzkill34: Yeah, It is a pain in the ass sometimes. There are times when I find it hard to describe the scene or make it flow you know? Some shit like... The raindrops travelled along her curves as I yada yada... I can describe it flawlessly in my head and in my native tongue… But when I try that in English, I suck.
Or something that would add a lot to the effect I wanna create…Especially when it comes to describing weather or moods. I think there is one inDaHE, a part where I described the weather? Moon, blood, or... AHA!!! The rain!! Yeah...It was about the rain and the characters mood or actions… That was a bitch to write and it sucks if I want to write most of the story like that.

Ferla: That's where I come in.

Buzzkill34: YES!!! While I have the chance, you and CLM are a Godsend! I know that my story would suck balls if you were not helping me… I love you.

Ferla: And WE love you.

Buzzkill34: I know. Haha.

Ferla: So would you like to tell us a little about your other story? * whistles innocently*

Buzzkill34: Bella Gelato?

Ferla: That's the one

Buzzkill34: Ahhh.. It was my FAGE entry, and my first story. And by some chance it was for you and Feral. The prompt was 2 characters meet in an ice cream shop. At first I was gonna write some banter between Edward and Bella, but because I’m a pervert, I got an idea!!! Edward licking chocolate sauce off our dear Bella.

Ferla: LMAO and thank frick for that!

Buzzkill34: I had never written anything close to a lemon before, so I wanted to try and write one. I still feel the last part is rushed well, because it was. I was gonna continue a bit more but the deadline was close so I had to cut it there. I'm still thinking of editing that one ‘coz it is special to me. It was my introduction to lemons and I dunno how people feel about it, good things I hope.

Ferla: Well, I love it...

Buzzkill34: That’s all that matters.

Ferla: So, as much as I'd love to keep you all to myself, forever and ever (which would never
happen coz your fangirls and my husband would all drag you off to rip your shirt off passionately, leaving me here to twiddle my thumbs) I guess I should let you go. Do you have any last words to your fans? Any news you'd like to share, etc?

Buzzkill34: Aww I know. And I have to send the guards in a minute to their guard posts. Weapons and all.*smirks* Hmmm, well, I really want to thank you ladies for this opportunity! I'll be coming home in 34 days (hopefully) and will keep updating DaHE. I have some new fics in my head too. I love you all and see you soon. Add me on twitter! You know you want to. Haha.

Follow BuzzKill34 on Twitter.

You can view Buzz’s profile by clicking on his name at the top.

I hope you enjoyed this and definitely recommend following us and adding us to your feed as this will be a whole week of men in the fandom. Stay tuned! Don't forget that there's also still a week left of Supernatural Motnh! So pop into the group for your Winchester Brothers and Castiel goodness!

I’m off to shave the hairs that just sprouted on my chest.

Merry Christmas

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FFA Skype Video/Voice chat

Get to know your fellow members with the first ever FanFicAholics Anon Skype day!!

On Friday, 07 January 2011 we are planning to have a group video chat. Because there are so many of us, from all over the world the times will be staggered starting from 00:00 Friday the 7th and going through untill Saturday, 08 January 2011.

To take part in this event you will need to have Version 5 of Skype, and will also need to have a web cam with a mic.
Please RSVP to the event on the FFA group with your Skype Address.
For those needing to Download Skype, click here

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Banner made by AcrossTheSkyInStars aka Tanya Zedor
‘Tis the Season for...

And so the season of goodwill, festive cheer, and more poultry than you can shake a (peppermint) stick at, is upon us once again. Here at FanFicAholics Anon we have decided to dedicate the glorious month of December to two very special men who definitely hold a place in my heart- the Winchester brothers.

On a more personal note, it has been a while since I last checked in with the fabulous FFA community, therefore some new/er members may be wondering exactly who this new voice of fanfiction is. I am sure you must have at least noticed the name ‘Officer Buffy’s Stake’ on your many visits to the FFA page, (What... no? Really?!), but perhaps you have yet to put a face to said name. Well, I am she. I would like to take a moment to thank the General herself, Claire Bloom, and all my fellow officers for being so patient and supportive whilst a took a little time out for the birth of my third child. Now that baby Bowen is eleven weeks old and I am back in the land of the living (aka the land of the caffeine addicted) it is time for me to once again resume my officer-ly duties, and deliver to you good people some finger-lickin’ fic goodness.

For those of you who are virgins to the world of Supernatural, I am including a brief synopsis of the show before I recommend two fics that have captured my attention like a fart in a library. Please excuse any poor stabs at attempted humour, merely nod, smile and consider the toll that night feeds take on the system. So here we go...

Supernatural is a television series that explores the lives of two sexy, demon-hunter brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. The series first hit US television screens in 2005 after an initial 10 year set-up period, and its runaway success has since seen a further five seasons spawned.

Older brother Dean is the rugged, tough-talking, sardonic type who has worshipped their (ex-military) father John from a young age. Meanwhile, little brother Sammy forms the intelligent and quietly confident half of the duo, who together travel America in their beloved black Impala searching out ‘cases’. Using a cache of forged ID’s, credit cards and documents, the Winchesters wage war against those things that go bump in the night, with a killer classic rock soundtrack thrown in for good measure.

We learn quickly that Sam and Dean grew up on the road with their hunter father John at the helm of a relentless quest; to find and kill the yellow-eyed demon that murdered his young wife, Mary Winchester. Whilst Dean has supported his father’s mission from the tender age of five years old and even pitched in to raise his then infant brother, Sammy struggles to find meaning in it with no memories of the woman for whom they fight to spur him onward. Each season contains its own mini-storyline, all of which become cleverly interwoven during the fifth (and what was said to be final) series of the show.

Supernatural is more about family relationships in many respects and rarely takes itself too seriously. With a talented (and also devastatingly delicious) leading cast, and a team of clever and witty writers to guide it, Supernatural has become one of the most watched and talked about items in US television history.

And so, on with our recs...

The Memory of Pie
Author: Micaiah
Genre: Family
Status: Complete
Characters: Sam W. And Dean W.

‘Sam made a list. Every year at Thanksgiving, even before he was old enough to write, he made a list of things he was thankful for. Dean helped him with it when he was younger and made fun of him for it when he was older...’

The first offering I have selected from Fanfiction is a worthy one indeed. This adorable oneshot is the perfect introduction to Supernatural for those of you who are new to the show, or for those who simply admire the brother dynamic that exists within.

The Memory of Pie contains some minor storyline details from the season 5 episode, ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ in which we learn that one of Sam’s best memories in life was a visit to a junior high-school girlfriend’s house at Thanksgiving. Although I am British and Thanksgiving is evidently not observed here, I can and do appreciate the sentimentality of the holidays which are undoubtedly a time for family.

Due to the clever way in which Micaiah has crafted this oneshot, it is not necessary to have previously viewed the show or that particular episode as there is ample information available in the piece itself, (and not a single demon in sight)!

This piece is a tribute to the strong fraternal relationship that the Winchester brothers share, and that Micaiah has only succeeded in building upon. Thanksgiving sees the Winchester brothers alone in a motel room as their father battles a shape-shifter somewhere in town. Having received his first invitation to a girl’s house, Sam enjoys a holiday meal with a normal family and on the ride back to the motel reflects upon all that he is thankful for, which includes his big brother.
Here, Micaiah reveals that this particular memory is one of Sam’s best only through the unrelenting efforts of his older brother to give him at least a handful of ‘normal’ experiences. Not only does this sweeten the oneshot but also the television series, in which Dean had found himself rather hurt by Sammy’s admission. Micaiah smooths this tension over beautifully without interfering with the plot of the show, or the characters. Micaiah’s portrayal of the Winchesters’ relationship shows not only depth but also a brilliant understanding of the sibling bond, and also the sacrifice required of those in a parental role. Indeed, Dean spends his Thanksgiving in the solitude of a motel in order to allow Sammy one perfect moment; a selfless action so true to the character that I applaud the author.

Not only is the piece well-written and emotive, but the author has managed to successfully adopt the tone of an eleven year old child and stay true to it, which is something to be commended. Micaiah’s use of language (particularly grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc) is both masterful and beautiful. Overall, this oneshot left me feeling warm and wonderfully fuzzy, as well as craving a piece of apple butter and pumpkin pie!

I would most certainly recommend this oneshot to all, whether a dedicated Supernatural fan or simply a curious potential viewer/reader. You are sure to find something within that both pleases and moves you in equal measure. Well done Micaiah!

The second fic that I have selected is also by Micaiah and once again centres around the Winchester brothers. There is no shortage of notable Supernatural authors on FFN, however for me Micaiah marked the discovery of a unique talent and so I make only the smallest apology for focussing on another of her pieces.

Toy Soldiers
Author : Micaiah
Genre : Angst
Status : Complete
Characters : Dean W. And Sam W.

‘How could one lifetime be summed up in so little? There was so much more to his brother than what was in those few items stacked up on the bed.’

Micaiah begins this oneshot with a direct quote from one of Eminem’s more recognised songs of the same title, before progressing to draw upon the childhood memories that she is so adept at creating for the Winchesters. The beauty of writing for a show such as Supernatural is that little of the protagonists’ pasts are set in stone, and Micaiah uses her obvious talent for sentiment when filling in some of those blanks. In this oneshot, it is a packet of plastic green toy soldiers that tug at the heart strings, whilst also helping to illustrate the bond that the brothers have always shared.

Similarly to the last fic I reviewed, the events here are also set during season 5 of the show and, regrettably, being a regular Supernatural viewer is a necessity to understand this one. Although the fic does not really comprise of any action, it includes and explains a major plot element of season 5, so look away now if you have yet to make it that far into the show! In this oneshot Micaiah deals with Dean’s feelings towards Sammy’s impending banishment to hell as a result of Lucifer hitch hiking in his skin.

What Micaiah has created is a very real look at the loss or even potential loss of a sibling, and how the one ‘left behind’ may both feel and come to terms with that. There is a plethora of emotions in this fic ranging from joy to sheer despair, and the reader is taken on a journey that is much similar to the natural grieving process. Micaiah once more proves her capability with these characters by keeping the dialogue punchy and believable, but also managing to tap into the minds of the characters. There is no direct window into the characters’ thought processes in this piece, but Micaiah clearly explains what either Winchester may be thinking at any time through use of omniscient narrative. Overall, Micaiah has taken a very psychological approach to this fic that is impressive but never in danger of leaving a clueless reader behind.

Without disclosing too much, the ending is hopeful at best for the Winchesters and leaves the reader somewhat recovering from the earlier depressions the piece contained.

All in all, Micaiah manages to portray herself in as little as two short oneshots as an author to be reckoned with. With no fewer than 91 Supernatural fics under her belt (all of unfailing quality) I was left wondering exactly where this author continues to find inspiration from. However, one thing is for sure; as long as the extremely high quality of her writing remains constant, I am glad that she does!

Micaiah’s profile is available to view on where links to all 91 of her Supernatural fics can also be found. Please take the time to read the words of a truly dedicated and passionate author, and remember to leave that all important review. If you are short on time, there are two simple words that never fail to suffice; ‘you rock’.

Over the coming month, the FFA officer team will be scouring the net for more Supernatural fics, so come on over for a great read and feel free to rec away yourself. After all, there’s no such things as too much Winchester!

Aka Officer Buffy’s Stake

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Fantastic Festive Fun with Competitions to whet your Fanfic appetite!

Creative Competitions

At FanFicAholics Anon there is always an abundance of daily updates, recommendations from other avid readers, various fandoms to explore and discussions which welcome your passion without judgement. And if all of this isn't enough, we have the BEST company you're likely to find on Facebook! We chat, we joke, we tweet, we tag and we love. I can honestly say I have found my extended family within this group, and the fact that every single one of the members are just as talented, creative, imaginative and gorgeous as me just reassures I am in the right place, at the right time.

But it can be said, at times, the CBF (Lyndal Feralness can take credit for that acronym 'Can't be fooked') attitude takes precedence over our lives and no matter how much we desire to write or create, the words or pictures simply won't come!

Music is a muse for me, but the biggest prompt I can find is usually with visual aids. Pictures, banners, buttons, quotes, blinkies, photographs, manipulations; they all serve to inspire.

With this in mind, FFA has used visual aids to encourage the act of giving. Take the 100 pictures contest, for example.

A competition where the entrant was given a random number and had to write a picture based on the inspiration the picture behind that number, evoked, from any fandom of the authors choice!
I can honestly say, while I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this particular competition, it was nothing compared to reading the other entries. To find yourself in the world of the Hobbits in one story and then swimming with coherent fishes the next, to crying for the October Swan the next, is a journey all members of FFA should take. And while this competition is now complete, with the well deserved entries of 'The Edge of the Earth' by Rose Masen Cullen and 'October Swans' by Jays World Fanfic picked as the joint Judge's choice winners, we still have other ways to get your creative juices flowing.

So while '100 pictures' used images for your prompt, here's something for those of you who prefer to write by the guiding light of music. This one is may be for you:

A competition using songs as the prompt rather than pictures. Just click on this link: Pick a song and let your inspiration take hold.

And it doesn't end there! FFA brings you FAGE 2 - A competition that uses words or images as your prompt. You want to hear more? VampireMama will explain:

Banner made by OneBraveLamb FanFic

Well FAGE, as we so like to call it because my fingers get tired typing out the whole name, is a great way for established and non established writers to write a short story or one shot for another member of Fanficaholics Anon (FFA).

Should I sign up if I’m not sure?
No. Please only sign up if you are committed to doing this. If you sign up and at any time have a problem and need to pull out, let me know IMMMEDIATLY, so your recipient can still get a gift.

I’ve never written before, should I sign up?
Yes we had a few people on the last round who are now bitten by the writing bug and doing fabulously.

If I write, will I get a fic in exchange too?
Every writer will also get a gift back.

I’m not a writer but I’d love to help, what can I do?
We need volunteers to be beta’s as well. The exchange is kept secret until posting day so if Author’s regular beta’s are also in the exchange, they will need someone to look over their work. We want to make sure everyone has access to a beta in this.

So how does it work?
Each person will submit 3 prompts to Officer Spread ‘Em (Vampmama Fanfiction) . You will also indicate your canon or non canon preferences. I will use my spread sheet mojo and match everyone up with a recipient and at the end we will all have wonderful fics to read! (Cue loud cheering)

Is it only Twilight?
Nope, this time we are going to open it up to all fandoms. Please be aware though I can only match you if there are other writers willing to write in the same fandom. So if you are willing to write in multiple fandoms, please indicate that.

Sign-ups are open until December 31, 2010. I will have your recipient’s information out to you by January 15, 2011. You will have 2 months to write your fic and then we will all post together on March 15, 2011.
Here is what you should include in your prompt.

Don't be too specific, let the writer add the creativity.

IE- Edward and Bella meet on a ski slope, they crash into each other on the way down and fall in love ___WRONG

Our couple meets on a winter vacation ---RIGHT

Please include what pairings you would like to see (Canon, non-canon), but be aware that some people are not comfortable writing slash, or even non cannon for that point.

And finally tell me what pairings you are comfortable writing along with your age. I will not send dirty prompts to under 18's. That's just the way I roll.


Please copy and paste this template and send your info to me at


Email address:

Are you over 18?

A link to where we could find some of your work:

What pairings would you like to read?
What fandom will you write in?
What fandom do you want a gift in?

Three or four fic prompts:

What pairings do you PREFER to write?

What pairings do you absolutely REFUSE to write?

What genre/theme would you absolutely refuse to write or draw?

Do you have a very strong preference for a particular genre/theme?


Do we have banner makers also seeking a competition they can really get their teeth into? Then how about this?

HopeReborn has written a fantastic Fan Fiction and is looking for the perfect cover. Here is all the information you need to enter:
Details of the fiction…
All Twilight characters and an original character. The mains characters are Leah and Gabriel (he’s the OC)

Blurb of the story:
One year has passed since the departure of the Volturi, and everything seemingly returned to a normal rhythm in the town of Forks; Leah moved on, studying and working toward her goals. But her life soon changed greater than she ever expected when a new resident with a sad past and powers beyond imagination arrived in Forks. She instantly felt attracted to him; and she found that their role together in the world could be far greater than they ever imagined. Will they be strong enough as one to defeat an old enemy of the Volturi who is back killing every vampire in his wake?

Setting of the story:
The story happens one year after the last chapter of Breaking Dawn, at Forks. It´s an Adventure/Romance with a little angst. It presents a new character called Gabriel. He’s a brilliant human with mental gifts who lived his entire life hiding his secret with the help of his parents. After the death of his parents, he moved to Forks, living near the Cullen’s’. What he doesn’t know is his life is destined to confront a big evil that is coming back after the Volturi thought they were almost extinguished. Leah is still a lonely wolf, but after she left the Sam´s pack, she moved on and began to work and studying, helping Jacob until he’ll left Forks with the Cullen’s’. She found some peace after she was free from Sam’s thoughts. She starts to have weird dreams as soon as Gabriel arrive in Forks, and feels attracted to him even not knowing him.
What we are looking for in the perfect cover:
* Must feature Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) and one other actor not featured in Twilight (you will need to let us know who the actor is), However Manga style is perfectly acceptable
* Must be in fitting with the description and setting of the story
* Must be produced to look like a book cover
* It can be computer generated or done by hand
* Must have the title “Rising Star” featured
* Must have the writers name “FFHopeReborn” and your name on it

* Only one entry per person!
And that’s it! Please send all entries to Mel no later than 13th December, the winner will be announced on December 18th. Good luck!

Are you in the Christmas Spirit yet? Are you feeling blue from the chilly winter winds and need some laughter to brighten your day? Not in the mood to enter a competition but don't mind helping with choosing a winner?
Then why not go to the Christmas Cracker One Shot Anon contest and read, review and vote for your favourite?

So there we have it. Competitions to enter, or to judge, as well as inspiration drawn from pictures, music or words. There is something for everyone here, not forgetting our very own FFA Blinkie/Button competition.
As voting rules changed from one overall winner to now being one blinkie winner and one button winner, voting has been extended until Sunday 5th December 2010.

Have you voted yet?

If you know of a FanFiction competition, which is hosted by a member of FanFicAholics Anon, then help promote it within the group by using the FFA Blog. Simply contact either myself or ThisGuiltyBlood and we will be happy to update the blog with details.

If you do decide to enter any of the above mentioned competitions, remember to post your entry details on the group wall and forum. We are the Fictserhood and we strongly believe in strength by numbers. Support is a just a self promoting link away!

Good luck

Claire Guyan aka Claire Bloom
The 'A' Team

Monday, November 29, 2010

The first monthly Spotlight ~ By TGB.

Hello all! Firstly I would like to introduce myself; I'm This Guilty Blood or TGB and have been assigned as your new Blog officer. I'm really excited to be here and contributing to the FFA community, and look forward to getting to know you all more.

Its no secret that here at FFA we are blessed with many talented authors, the recent entries in the 100 Pictures contest are a shining example of the creativity our members posess.

Our C2 on (Kindly watched over and updated by Cullen Lovingmom) now has in excess of seven hundred entries!

With all of this overall awesome-ness, we have decided to do a monthly “Spotlight” feature on one of our incredible authors.

We will be taking recommendations for future spotlights, so if there is a story you love and want featured, please message either Claire or myself.

That said; I would now like to introduce you all to our very first Spotlightee.... *Drum roll please……..*

Banner created by; General-of Fanficanon

“Home” is an AU fic set five years after New Moon. Bella has had no contact with the Cullen's since their departure, yet she is introduced to us as a vampire.

In keeping with her promise to Edward, Alice has not looked for Bella at all, but a chance vision leads her to Forks and a surprise she had not suspected.

As well as the characters that we already know and love, “Home” features some interesting original characters. A stand out is Ashley Henry - A precocious teenager with an all too familiar interest in the supernatural, who appears to know Bella’s secret. But what will she do with this knowledge?

At thirteen chapters in, “Home” is just getting to the juiciest parts. With a crippling bite and an explosive reunion that sees Bella knock the snott out of Edward, I honestly can not wait to read more!

Please go check it out, and leave her some of that fantastic FFA support!
Soon on the FFA Blog; An interview with the winner of out 100 pictures contest - Rose Masen Cullen!
Also for those of you who have not signed up for FAGE #2, please consider doing so! Last years FAGE was a huge success and a lot of fun for all involved. The details for FAGE can be found on the group FaceBook page under the "Events" tab.

Until next time, lovelies.
TGB (Officer Bloggin’ Belikov)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winter Warmers by CelesticBliss

Credit to original creators of the pictures used above.

Fanfiction to keep you warm at night!
By CelesticBliss aka Kyndall

November has come and gone. The air is crisp, the leaves have fallen and the Halloween candy is gone.

You know what else this means? Time to deck the halls! That’s right, throw the Christmas lights on the roof, decorate the tree, try and salvage that stupid santa blowup your kids or parents insist on presenting to the neighborhood traffic. Wrap your presents and spike drink some eggnog. When you’re ready to sit and relax by the fire and start up your PC, we’ve got the perfect stories to get you in the mood.

"Take a vacation Bella. Go have some hot no strings attached sex with some hot guy and then come home, feeling cool, calm and collected."

Cabin Fever

By: ColdPlayWhore

This fic starts out with Bella driving off to Jackson Hole to use the Cullen Family cabin. Burnt by ex- Jacob, she is determined to take two weeks to herself before driving to Forks for Christmas with her dad. An empty cabin, manuscripts to read over tea, snow falling outside, Edward Cullen…. Wait, who?

Edward Cullen, desperate to escape his mundane LA life and stalker “girlfriend” Lauren also decided he needed a break. Only telling his brother and business partner Emmett where he was going before meeting up with his family for Christmas, he too makes the drive to Jackson Hole for a little alone time.

Having never each other even while their families were close, awkward times lie ahead. Edward and Bella find each other in the cabin and attempt to still find a purpose in their trips. Even if this meant the solitary vacation now included another.

The fic starts out in the cabin but expands over time afterwards. How their lives intertwine, and somehow mesh together.

The side storyline with Rosalie and Emmett made my heart swell. Esme the slut, I mean... lush is adorable.

This comes from one of my favorite fic-authors. I read it awhile back and feeling in the holiday mood, I just re-read it and loved it even more!

"Yeah…Well, you see…I've never been trapped in a cabin with a gorgeous guy before…So, I'm not really sure what the third day of being snowed in entails.”

Snowed In

By: eclipsedawn

Still have a little cabin fever? Alright, how about this? Instead of a small vacation in Jackson Hole, what about being Snowed In in Alaska?

This time we head to Denali where Edward and Bella find themselves in a similar situation. Workaholic Bella escapes to the Cullen Family Cabin but isn’t able to let Alice know she is headed there. Edward, meanwhile is already there and doesn’t expect what walks through the door.

But before either can think about leaving… thick blankets of snow trap them there.

The majority of this fic happens in the cabin. With nothing to do… Edward and Bella create their own entertainment. (Can I just say that this includes a twister mat? Yeah.)

Bundle up and settle in. This one will have you to the very end. I laughed, I cried(Okay, maybe I didn’t cry.), I fanned myself at the hotter than hell in July lemons. Add in a slightly overbearing local Jacob and some Cullen Family hilarity at the end, we have the makings of a perfect winter time fic!

While it sounds similar to the first, it’s a whole different wintery experience.

Christmas with the Cullenswere the best and worst moments of my life.

I take a deep breath. "Here I come, number nineteen.”

Christmas with the Cullens

By: BlueIsSoul

Recced to me by KdMasen
I love this story. Really. It was recced to me just last night and I didn’t put my iPod down until the end of the very saucy last chapter outtake.

Crude and inappropriate Bella is on her way to Christmas with the Cullen’s. She’d spent every Christmas there and each year had its age appropriate theme. Purple Dinosaurs, awkward first kisses. Virginity lost in the midst of mistletoe and cookies. Jealousy, lust, teenage love.Family, siblings, parental resentment.

All of these things surround one individual in Bella’s eyes.


This Christmas she wants to evaluate exactly how she feels about Edward while getting closer to him. Easier said than done when she shows up and Edward has a strawberry blonde hussy attached to him. (Gotta love Tanya.)

This fic has the most delicious sexual tension I’ve ever read. It’s a completely cringe worthy in a good way; fan yourself in a lemony way, perfect dysfunctional family Christmas fic.

Absolutely a new favorite of mine!

Here are some honorable one-shot mentions:

From the writer of Last Tango in Forks

Have Yourself a Sneaky Little Christmas by AwesomeSauce

A Present Returned by AmeryMarie

Mistletoe and Wine by Evieeden

I hope I’ve satiated your smut loving Christmas spirit. Check back soon for Supernatural Month and FAGE!

Seasons Greetings

CelesticBliss aka Kynall x