Sunday, September 12, 2010

100 Pictures Contest

100 Pictures Contest

The FanFicAholics Anon 100 Pictures Contest is well under way, with seven completed entries already posted on the C2 over at

The 100 Pictures used a random picture prompt, allowing the author to write any pairing, from any fandom, using the picture for the basis of their story.

All entries so far, have been fantastic, and I have no doubt the other entries will be too, once posted.

To see all 100 pictures used in the 100 Picture Contest, visit this link:

The picture number used is given at the beginning of each fic.

As with most fanfiction, the work is completed for fun and for our mutual love of fanfiction, but it's still nice to show our gratitude. Readers and reviewers are required, so why not go and read and well, review, some excellent fanfiction today:

If any banner makers feel inspired by an entry, feel free to create. You can post your banner on the FFA group, for all to see. Just don't forget the name the entry and author on the banner, The author's name will be given on each entry, once the competition closes.

Happy reading


The 'A' Team

Friday, September 10, 2010

FFA Weekend Read Along

FFA Weekend Read Along
Hosted by Indie tlc Cullen

So, you already know FanFicAholics Anon is the best group to be a part of for all things FanFic related, because not only do we give recommendations for both music and all genre's of fanfiction, we also have banner makers, pornpushers (in the most tasteful sense of course), beta's, competition information and full on support to all authors, as well as the best members.

But now we have group read along's to help whet your fanfic appetite. Yeah, I know, like we need another reason to hungar fanfiction. There's a reason we have 'Obsession' in our group title!

Now, you may think this doesn't sound like your cup of tea, (I'm British, just nod and go along with me), but read alongs are an excellent way to bring recognition to fics or authors whom you may feel deserve more attention and reviews. I have been lucky enough to have one of my fics nominated for the read along, and received 25 new alerts for people adding me to their favourites and author alerts, as well as 33 new reviews, so I know what I'm talking about!

Hosted by Officer Dark Indie aka Indie tlc Cullen, the weekend read along starts Friday 1200 CST to Monday 0001 CST and is for genres.

A weekly theme is established by Officer Dark Indie, and then voting is open every Wednesday, giving you all the chance to suggest the best fic for that week. All Indie asks is that all suggested fics match the theme of that week, and are complete works, with 100,000 words or less.

The chosen fic will be announced every Friday by Indie, on the FFA wall.

Join us this weekend, Friday 10th September, for the MentalWard O/S contest as this weeks theme. Links will be posted on the wall.

And it doesn't stop there, we also have a thread open on the discussion board, so you can come along and chat to other read along participants about each chapter, review events going on in the fic, and swap ideas about plot, characters, or even new themes for the next read along. We've even been lucky enought to have some of the author's join us on the thread too.

As usual, payment for participating, is required. It will cost you all at least one review! If you feel generous enought to leave a review very chapter then you're definately our kind of reader!

Next weeks theme is 'Big Girls Day Out - a chubby girls fanfic'. Suggestions can be made on the group or by PM'ing Indie directly.

Future ideas for read alongs also include a look at a chosen Author and their catalogue of work, rather than just one of their stories.

So remember folks, taking part in the 'FFA Weekend Read Along' gives your favourite fic and author the best reward - Recognition for their hard work, as well as opening up a whole new world of fanfiction to us; the readers.

We look forward to seeing you tonight and at any future read alongs.

Many thanks to AcrossTheSkyInStars aka Tanya for the beautiful FFA Weekend Read Along banner.