Sunday, September 12, 2010

100 Pictures Contest

100 Pictures Contest

The FanFicAholics Anon 100 Pictures Contest is well under way, with seven completed entries already posted on the C2 over at

The 100 Pictures used a random picture prompt, allowing the author to write any pairing, from any fandom, using the picture for the basis of their story.

All entries so far, have been fantastic, and I have no doubt the other entries will be too, once posted.

To see all 100 pictures used in the 100 Picture Contest, visit this link:

The picture number used is given at the beginning of each fic.

As with most fanfiction, the work is completed for fun and for our mutual love of fanfiction, but it's still nice to show our gratitude. Readers and reviewers are required, so why not go and read and well, review, some excellent fanfiction today:

If any banner makers feel inspired by an entry, feel free to create. You can post your banner on the FFA group, for all to see. Just don't forget the name the entry and author on the banner, The author's name will be given on each entry, once the competition closes.

Happy reading


The 'A' Team

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