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Guest Reviewer ~ Wytchwmn75

Title: Anything To Get Out of Dancing

Written For: Tiffany/Vampiremama

Written By: Sarah/MyEdiction

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt Used: Edward takes Bella up on the offer to bar the doors at prom so the vampires can eat.

You know you’ve thought about it. At one time or another, each one of us has wondered, what if? What if the Cullen’s weren’t strict vegetarians? What if they gave in to their most basic desires? What if they snacked on some of the most annoying characters?

"Now, we've talked about what was going to happen-who's going to get who," Jasper said in all seriousness.

Sarah opens that door for us and lets us indulge in our “what ifs.” She not only details the vampires movements, as if in a macabre dance, but the telling of it through Bella’s eyes shows just how much she wants to be one of them. The visuals she supplies us with draw you into the gym where the Cullen’s begin to massacre the student body.

My heart beat at a quick and furious pace as the remaining Cullens each grabbed a student. Emmett went for the head cheerleader, Rosalie for the captain of the football team. I watched Alice practically float over and grab Tyler.

Taking on a canon scene is enough to drive any Twihard batty but Sarah is able to put her own spin on it while still remaining in character. We all knew that those desires lurked within the Cullen’s, especially Edward, and we are finally able to live them vicariously through her story. When we get to see Edward’s blood lust and just plain lust for Bella merge, I squeed.

The handful of times we had kissed were always slow and under his strict control. This was so different. This was Edward unrestrained.

It is an amazing ride that Sarah takes us on opening us up to ask questions we may have never asked. Twilight and the rest of the series would’ve turned out so much differently if what she imagines could’ve happened did.

I had the chance to talk with Sarah, which is funny because the only time we aren’t talking is when we’re sleeping, and ask her some questions. She is funny, sarcastic, and usually without a filter. And though I know her pretty well, some of her answers even surprised me.

What were the three prompts you had to choose from?

1- Canon- Edward takes Bella up on the offer to bar the doors at prom so the vampires can eat

2- Goth Girl heroine meets a real vampire

3- Wiccan girl finds out her spells really work when her 3 best friends fall in love with her.

Why did you choose the Prom prompt?

SR: Because the first prompt I was writing kept going to much darker place then the prompt allowed and I was running out of time.

This was your first canon story, did you find it difficult to stay in canon?

SR: omg yes! I had to Skype and tweet dirty, dirty things to stop them from humping after Edward killed and drained Jessica.

Stop who from humping?

SR: Edward and Bella getting down and dirty in the gym, while the rest of th Cullens watched on. Because I'd want to jump Edward after watching him drink

Good Point. I think we all secretly (and some not so secretly) have wanted to know what it would've been like if the Cullen's had given in to their darkest temptation. You gave in to one of yours and killed a main character. How'd that feel and did you plan on it from the beginning?

SR: It felt eff'n awesome to kill him. I've been looking for an excuse to kill Jacob since I started writing fic.

Well here's your chance to tell everyone why you've wanted to kill him.

SR: Because he's one step away from taking it way to fucking far in Eclipse. When he kissed her and she pushed away and his dumb dog brain said oh she wants more I had to actually step away from the book. With the way I ended things, he never gets the chance and I won't be screaming in my head during Eclipse "Edward rip his head off!"

What was the general feeling from your readers?

SR: overall most were with me on killing Jake, but lately it seems most don't know quite what to think about the Cullens finally giving into their vampire nature.

What was the biggest challenge writing for a specific person?

SR: The biggest challenge for me was trying to stay true to the prompts they had given me. It would have been so easy to turn it around complete and it would have had very little to do with the actual prompt.

Who is your favorite Twilight character and I'm talking book?

SR: Edward, even though we see him through Bella's rose colored glasses. I actually enjoyed him much more when reading Midnight Sun then in Twilight. He's much more complex then SM ever makes him out to be through all 4 books.

Your least favorite?

SR: really?

Lol, no. I already know the answer

SR: I did kill him, if that helps answer that question

Which character do you most identify with?

SR: Rose, and not because I'm so damn good looking either. She's honest, even if no one else agrees with her she tells you how it is. I can respect the honesty.

Which was your favorite book?

SR: Twilight, you get the least of JB in that book. Although book 1 of BD was pretty good when he was all tortured about her getting married.

Have u gotten any good advice from any writers or readers?

SR ya i can't honestly remember getting any advice. To quote Cartman from Southpak, "I do what I want!"

What are 5 fic’s that you recommend?

SR: Ok clumping these three into one, jsyk. Let Your Light Shine, A Life Extraoridinary, and This Hungry World - all by Lolashoes. If SM had wrote BD this way there would be no fic. imho

Renfield and Chiclets by katinki - Edward is beyond geeky, extremely smart but def hot in his obession with blood and vamps.

Be My Biggest Fan by Crash Hale - It's Jasper and Bella and he's a rockstar in the making when they meet. They spend the next couple of years meeting up with each other when his touring schedule allows. It doesn't even bother me when you find out what Bella is doing to be with him.

100 Hours by wytchwmn75 - I'm not just sucking up to my interviewer either by choosing this one. I'd def read it even if I wasn't pre-reading. He's just hot and I like that Bella is independent and doesn't need him to be whole.

Finally, American Girl and American Boy by coldplaywhore. Let's just say if I ever decide to go to Europe or take a cross country trip I hope I find my own Edward to travel with, like Bella found Edward. I've always loved a devoted Edward and he is, without doubt, beyond devoted to her.


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FFA Officer Task

Buffy's Stake aka Silverspoon/Samantha reviews Buffy FanFiction

Another Day... Another Fandom?!
By Officer Sam/ Silverspoon

It took me a while to notice that recently our once modest group seems to have flourished from tiny acorn to semi-impressive oak sapling. Happily, both the number and activity of members seems to have grown at a rate that I don’t think any of the original ‘crew’ could have anticipated. Before continuing, I feel it necessary to say that I have met some wonderful people and made some potentially lifelong friends from this group. On a weekly basis I have found myself both moved and astounded by the support, kindness and patience present in our midst. However, with that said- (slop administered and suitable homage paid to our two beautiful creators mwah mwah mwah)- alas, I have something to add. Something that I fear may alter your perceptions of me... forever.

At the risk of being mobbed by an angry swarm of Twi-addicts and my dying screams masked by their baying for my blood- we are just not diverse enough! Now, before I dive for cover brandishing my ‘Team Edward’ shirt on a makeshift flagpole, allow me to explain. I like, nay love, Twilight just fine- as much as the next twisted obsessed fangirl even. Yet I cannot help but feel that other worthy genres have become tragically buried beneath the hype. As many of you probably already know, I joined this group from the ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ fandom with one partially complete fic and a few oneshots under my belt. If you are unfamiliar with ‘Buffy’ then allow me to explain as only a true sycophant can!

In 1992 virgin-filmmaker Joss Whedon saw his somewhat bizarrely named first movie ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ hit the cinema box offices. The concept was simple- “Into each generation a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers.”

The movie was an abhorrent flop that had veered so far away from Whedon’s vision that it was almost unrecognisable from his original script. ‘Buffy’ was condemned by critics and audiences alike, and soon became one of the most likely movies of the early 90s to be found at the bottom of the bargain bin. So, what’s so great about that? I hear you ask. Shut up woman and start talking about Edward Cullen! Well, before the Cullen-loving resumes, the plot thickens.
In 1995 Whedon was given the opportunity to rectify his earlier mistakes and once again took the helm of the Buffy-ship with a whole new crew and cast in place. This time, ‘Buffy’ was to hit our TV screens- which it did so in late 1996. The series was a phenomenal success and both Whedon and his cast of hot, young up and comings were catapulted to fame. Huzzah!

And so one of the most popular cult fandoms of the mid-nineties to naughties was born- a series that was to go down in the TV hall of fame with such classics as The X-Files, Twin Peaks, and even Rodenberry’s Star Trek. I myself fell victim to ‘Buffy’ at the tender age of eleven and soon after began indulging my passion for writing by playing with Whedon’s characters on the family dinosaur (I mean, PC). Sadly, it would be another ten years before I was to pop my internet cherry and discover an underground community by the name of Fanfiction that promised to fill the void that had materialised in my life when ‘Buffy’ drew to an end in 2003. So there you have it whether, I might add, you wanted it or not!

My initial allegiances lie in another fandom . Rather than finding yourselves shocked and repulsed by these revelations, I am asking you to indulge me for a few more brief paragraphs. With the almighty Creators’ decision to launch a new officer task for June, I decided that now was the perfect time to renew my admittedly slovenly efforts at integrating the wonderful world of BTVS into our ever-expanding family. And so, I have compiled for your perusing pleasure a small list of what I consider in my humble opinion to be among the best and brightest of authors in the Buffy FFN community. I urge and implore you to show these ladies some love and perhaps in the process strengthen your own appreciation for something that is not totally Twi-related. It couldn’t hurt, right?
What’s that? Yes, there are bloody vampires in it...

BTVS Authors Under The Radar?
The Real Travesty!

‘Ashes at midnight’

Because on this dreadful night we bury the Slayer, and the heaven’s themselves are crying their pain... – extract from Love is Never Wise (Chapter 19)

My rundown is to begin with an author who I feel has recently come on leaps and bounds in the world of Fanfiction. The mysteriously named ‘ashes at midnight’ first came to my attention as a reader for my own BTVS fic- ‘Hell’s Playground’ (shameless self-pluggage alert). ‘Ashes’ began writing in August and despite the claims on her FFN profile of being inexperienced is showing an aptitude for story-crafting that is thrilling to behold.

This young writer who hails from the mighty Oz-land has fast become one of my favourite FFN authors, perhaps largely due to her penchant for exploring the inner psyche of her characters. This is reflected best in her offering entitled ‘Love is Never Wise’, a BTVS fic that spans almost every season of the show ever made. Each individual chapter is actually an extract from a ‘Buffy’ episode that selects and then dissects a particular scene that the author found to be of note. This fic is rated T and is central to the characters of Buffy Summers (our Slayer) and Angel (her dark-brooding-hunk-of-a- vampire lover).

‘Ashes’ has done a great job thus far of selecting well-known and loved episodes for this fic as well as a handful of the more obscure ones. The timeline is not always in place meaning that one chapter may focus on season three whilst the next returns to season one, but I have never once felt ‘lost’ whilst reading. However, what I find to be most impressive is ‘ashes’ inherent ability to expand on those things that were never actually said. Anyone who is familiar with BTVS will recall Joss Whedon’s occasionally irritating practice of causing the characters to speak/think/act seemingly without motive. What the author does here (and spectacularly too I might add) is to isolate and then explain those moments in a way that is not only easily understood but also pleasing to the avid ‘Buffy’ fan. Rather than simply rehashing the happenings of a particular scene, the author attempts to tell the tale from the perspective of one of the characters within; thus allowing the reader the chance to see the internal workings of the characters. ‘Ashes’ writes these moments with such passion, accuracy and care for authenticity that the reader cannot help but feel satisfied by even some of the most infuriating BTVS moments.

This particular fic is one that I now find myself scouring my email inbox for updates. Although each chapter tends to be on the short side, the reader is left always feeling as though they have read ‘enough’ to be sated. Whilst the odd grammatical or spelling error can be found, it is readily forgiven by me at least due to the obvious care that the author applies to her writing. The existence of some beautifully insightful lines in ‘ashes’ works only further helps to cement her in my mind as one of the upcoming FFN authors to be watched keenly.
It should also be noted that ‘ashes at midnight’ has published fics for the television series ‘Bones’ and is currently engaged in updating four projects. For a link to the authors profile and to examine some of her wonderful work then please use the link below!

‘Kairos Impending’

He’s been cranky all morning. When I can’t tempt him out of it with offers of food or carnal delights, finally I ask what’s wrong, and he says, “I have a headache.” – extract from Ten Observations on Loving a Human.

I believe that my first brush with this author occurred reading the intriguingly titled ‘Infinity Questions’. This particular fic is a rather unique voyage into the mystery of what exactly became of our favourite characters post BTVS universe. I will refrain from spoilers for the benefit of any potential future fans but will say this; there were indeed many questions left unanswered by Mr. Whedon and ‘Kairos Impending’ tackles these head-on with gusto. The fic makes direct use of only the surviving minor characters seen in the ‘Buffy’ spin-off show ‘Angel’ but that is predominantly what drew me to the link in the first place. I implore the more hardcore fans not to be put off by this as ‘Kairos’ manages to mature the characters (to more likeable proportions) whilst also staying true to the story arc of the show.

‘Kairos Impending’s mastery of the English language is nothing short of phenomenal. Whilst grammar etc. appears to be perfect, it is her beautifully constructed sentences that are to be most admired. ‘Kairos’ seems to possess the ability to switch the tones of her various fics according to their overall mood, and ‘Infinity Questions’ is no exception to this. The dialogue is witty and accurate, whilst the body of the text is fantastically dark and thought provoking. Whilst the reader may not receive all the detailed answers they were seeking by the end of this fic, they are certainly left with a both plausible and interesting explanation of events that does not disappoint.

Spurred on by this piece, I then progressed to reading ‘Kairos’ oneshot ‘Ten Observations on Loving a Human’. This fic definitely now ranks as one of my all time favourite FFN offerings from any author in indeed any fandom and it is not difficult to see why. Once again set after the finale of BTVS, ‘Ten Observations’ is written following some unexplained event that sees Angel turned human. The piece is divided into ten brief paragraphs that deal with the more typical aspects of human life such as marriage, shopping, headaches, birth and, ultimately, death. However, far from adopting a morbid tone this fic succeeds in being tender, at times amusing, and overall a beautiful little nod to the miracle of simple existence. Told from the first person perspective of Buffy Summers the piece is a window into Buffy and Angel’s life together, and the dedicated fans will find themselves hard pressed to be disappointed. Indeed, the only drawback I could find to this piece is that it was over far too soon for my liking.

Both of these fics are now complete and ‘Kairos Impending’ continues to work on six other projects. It should also be noted that this author has produced items for ‘Angel’ and ‘Dollhouse’ as well as her numerous ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ offerings. For a link to the author’s FFN profile please see below and in your glowing reviews be sure to tell her that the folks at FanficAholics Anon sent you.


Buffy wandered through the mansion, taking in memories both beautiful and painful. She opened his closet, surprised to find a couple of shirts still in there. She shouldn’t be, she guessed. He didn’t hire moving trucks; he just packed a bag and left. – extract from He Listened.

My final author recommendation sites another relative newcomer to the world of Fanfiction and therefore may perhaps be a little more succinct than the others. With three complete albeit short pieces to boast, ‘sugarless5’ is certainly one to watch with a keen eye if originality is high on your list.

I must admit that so far I have only managed to get to this author’s first story but I was impressed enough that she was promptly added to my author update list, and her name sprung to mind when writing this article.

‘He listened’ is the author’s first submitted work to Fanfiction and is a worthy piece to begin with. The story deals with Buffy’s reaction to the attempted rape of season six and therefore is one to avoid if you are sensitive to such subject matter. However, the fic is rated only T (so contains nothing too gory), and deals with the themes at hand compassionately and with the focus falling more upon Buffy’s warring emotions. After Cordelia receives a vision from the Powers That Be of Buffy taking her own life, Angel rushes to Sunnydale in order to save the Slayer from the brink of breakdown.

It was the little touches in this fic that most impressed me, such as Angel still recalling Buffy’s favourite Chinese meal and the ease with which he is able to seemingly comfort her. The author’s sensitivity to the topic matter was beautiful and ‘sugarless5’ manages to portray Angel as a believable saviour. The story never blurs the lines of realism and manages to stand well as a simple emotional journey that is really more about humanity than monsters.

The tone of the piece is somewhat conversational yet there are some clever and heart-wrenching lines interspaced within that hint at the author’s understanding of truly great writing. It appears when reading that ‘sugarless5’ has made a conscious effort with this piece to explore the events of BTVS season six in a manner that is accessible to all, and it truly works. Although the verbal frills are few and far between, the writing itself is eloquence at its best.

Once again, the link to the author’s profile and several other submitted ‘Buffy’ works are below. Remember the golden rule folks- if you read it, review it! Lurkers be warned...

And so draws to an end my list of recommended authors from the ‘Buffy’ fandom. That is not to say that these talented ladies are the only ones worth the three r’s (reading, reviewing and recc’ing) but they are definitely high on my own personal list of authors that can make my toes curl with their genius. So go on, give it a try? What could it hurt? You never know, you may just find yourself embroiled in a new passion that could even, dare I say, rival your affections for all things ‘Twi’.

Peace, love, and whatever fandom floats your boat!

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FFA Officer Task

Admin Claire 'Bloom' Guyan interviews and reviews SunKing

One of the greatest benefits of being involved with a group like FanFicAholics Anon is the fantastic reccommendations we receive on a daily basis. Through many of these rec's, I've heard tale of a wonderful author called SunKing, but for many months never ventured over to her profile; until now.

Recovering from meningitis with Dr's orders being to do nothing but rest and relax, left me with lots of time to read many of those fics that just sit in my favourites list. I decided to check out SunKing and discovered 18 wonderful TwiFics and 1 published novel on her FF profile.

'Beloved' captured my attention immediately, as I adore Vampire fanfiction, and the lure of an Edward deep in despair and aching with longing for the sweet release of a death he was denied over 300 years prior, had me clicking on the link before you could mutter 'Robporn'.

Here, so close to her final resting place, he was able to see and hear again. The green of the trees was oppressive. She had not been fond of the color green. To her, it meant wet, cold, sunless, and pungent. Bella had been convinced that green was even a smell. The rain that had been scarcely a whisper upon his entry of the churchyard now seemed to thunder in his ears. He could hear each individual drop as it landed on each blade of grass. The return of his senses was both a blessing and a curse. He had begged whatever higher power to allow him to feel again, but now that sensation had returned, so had the pain.

Edward doubled over again, feeling completely eviscerated for perhaps the thousandth time. Wracking sobs heaved his body once more as he crawled across the cemetery floor to her memorial. With each inch of travel, he could feel the weight of three hundred years of grief crushing his shouders, pressing him further into the marshy ground. It seemed as if hours had passed before he was able to trace the letters of her name.



Believing Bella died after her cliff jump, the Cullens mourn her in their own, individual ways, but none are more poignant than the grief felt by Edward.

Somewhere in the deepest recesses of his mind, Edward could sense that the night was drawing to a close. Within moments, the sun would begin its ascent, and his precious hours with Bella would be over. Even with the cover of clouds, he couldn't risk being spotted clinging to a centuries old grave. Slowly, painfully, he unfurled his arms and pressed his hands to the ground.

I had to read more. Reviewing 'Beloved' I quickly moved on to another and was eager to feel as much with her Human Edward as I did with her Vampire Edward. SunKing did not disappoint.
'Long time coming' captured my heart as I witnessed Edward, as a child, fall in love with his neighbour Bella, and learning of her likes and dislikes, he shapes his future to become the man he believes she wants.

For all that Edward wished that he could drum up the courage to talk to Bella, he found that his fantasies about her made it even harder. Suddenly, he couldn't even discuss the merits of JD Salinger without having to run home and take care of his problem. He tried, really tried, to talk to her about normal things, but no matter the conversation, he found himself staring at her lips, or her hair, or her chest.

With empathy and affection for Edward as he grows, learns and silently adores Bella from afar, I was reminded of my own experience with unrequainted love. It drew me further into the lives of the characters and I became so involved with this story, I wanted to jump inside my screen and shake Bella to make her see him, finally.

'Long time coming' is one chapter, covering his entire childhood and adolescence, but none of it is rushed. You will find yourself falling in love, all over again, especially with the man he eventually becomes.

You would think I'd be done with two wonderful fics already devoured, but SunKing had only whetted my appetite. Her words and intricately woven tales had captivated me and so I opened up 'Brave' and my heart was broken and then restored. In another poetically beautiful story, SunKing gives us a frustrated Edward who battles daily with debilitating anxiety attacks. But Bella see's something deeper than anyone else ever did, and her patience and strength help Edward to realise his dreams and with her support, reach his goals and finally face his future.

I heard her quiet voice as she asked Mr. Mason to please call her Bella. I somehow heard that sweet music through the rushing wind that seemed to fill my ears. Through the stars that filled my vision, I watched as she approached the desk to my right. Her eyes were glued to the floor.

The sensation of falling finally overtook me as she plopped gracelessly into the chair. It was always the last step, and the hardest for me to work through. I pulled in deep, cleansing breaths; holding them for several seconds before expelling the air slowly and silently. I could feel her eyes on me, making the falling sensation even more intense. I clutched the edges of my desk and fought to remain conscious.

"Hi." I heard her speak, but I was afraid to turn my head. I knew the moment I looked directly into her eyes, my battle against self would be lost. I wanted to answer her. The sincere desire to speak to her warred with the need to stay upright. For a moment, the desire actually won and I turned my head, eyes still glued tot he pages before me, and offered her the best smile I could muster. I knew it was probably more of a grimace at that point, but the pride I felt achieving such a small victory must have softened my features enough that I didn't scare the poor girl.

As well as being one of the best Fanfiction author's I have ever had the pleasure to read, SunKing is also generous for she not only gives us, an entire story in EPOV and an Edward we want to take home and hold onto forever, she also gives us the beauty of 'Brave' but told from BPOV in 'Catch your fall'.

I could gush about SunKing aka Jen, all night, but with 18 TwiFics under her belt, I'm afraid there may not be room. I was lucky enough to convince Jen to answer a few questions for the FFA group:

Jen, Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you for the Author Rec on FanFicAholics Anon Blog.

1. The FanFicAholics Anon group is full of avid fanfiction readers, writers and beta’s, who’s passion for anything twilight related borders on obsession; for which we are not ashamed! Apart from your own rapture for TwiFic’s, what else in your life are you passionate or obsessed about?
Claire, your questions are really thought provoking! I hope my answers are as interesting as the questions...

I am fascinated by and passionate about quite a few things, to be honest. First, my husband never ceases to amaze me. I'm convinced that he's a genius, and he's able to do things in his work that just completely blow my mind. Beyond that, he's flipping GORGEOUS, especially when he puts his glasses on. I'm also quite fond of Ireland, which is his homeland, and I consider it my second home. I can't get enough of the magical feeling that I get when I'm there.

Music has always been a part of my life, too. I had intended to have a career in music before a car accident kind of messed it all up. I still love to find new bands, and I listen to just about everything. My all time favorite band is the Beatles, though, and I'll pretty much drop everything to listen to them.

2. I’ve been reading through your catalogue of fics and find it hard to pick a favourite, they are all so fantastic, and rather than review just one piece of your work, I had to pick as a whole. I’d like to ask, out of all the fanfic stories there are out there, which is your ultimate favourite? And can you provide a link?
Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm always just amazed when people like what I write, but that's exactly why I keep doing it. My favorite fics are pretty varied, to be honest, and I keep a running list on my profile. I love absolutely EVERYTHING that quothme writes, and I'll drop everything for a Glitch update. I adore realgirl-imaginarylife's quirky writing style, and I lay down and take it when she kicks my ass all over the place with Little Slugger. Another favorite just finished recently, but I'm planning to read it again straight through very soon, and that is WhatsMyNomDePlume's Legendary. I also do a lot of writealongs with the bouquet, but I was a major fan of Strange Bedfellows before I was ever able to call her a friend.

3. What genre do you prefer, AH or AU/Vamps?
To be honest, I've never been a huge fan of vampire stories. I read them for what they were, but I never got caught up in the fantasy. I haven't pursued any other vampire series since Twilight, though I am well aware that there are several from which to choose. Generally, I prefer the All Human stories, but I have read some Vampire fics that completely blow me away. These include the aforementioned Strange Bedfellows and Amethyst Jackson's Bonne Foi.

4. The majority of your fics are AH except ‘Beloved’ and 'The First Promise'. I found 'Beloved' incredibly compelling and was immediately drawn into Edward’s despair. As you wrote his torment so well, do you have any plans to write another vampire fic?
There are so many ways to mess up a Vampire fic, and I would find every last one if I attempted a full-length fic. I enjoyed writing the "missing moment" one-shots, The First Promise and Moirasmeni Psychi, but to expand would severely challenge my abilities. Beloved was a surprise when it flowed out one night, inspired by a song and an impending thunderstorm. I didn't think that I could ever recapture the magic, but I attempted for the Fandom Gives Back, and then again for the Fics for Nashville.

As for torment, I love to write emotion. I'm working on some lighter stuff at the moment, just because I have a habit of turning to a bit of drama. I am fairly confident that I can convey sadness and anger, but it's quite a challenge to make people laugh.

5. Do you have any new ideas you’re working on, and can you share?
I am working on a new chapter story that I have offered up for the Fandom Gives Back. It is entirely comedic, and it centers around a very unlucky Bella and the friends that love her anyway. I'll post the prologue below, though no one has seen it yet except my best fic friend, Alverdine.

Jen, congratulations on your first novel 'The Kingdom' being published. Could you offer any advice to any other budding novelists out there, who are looking to get their foot on the first rung of the publishing ladder?
I'm also working on the second book in The Kingdom series, but it has been a struggle. I can tell you that this one is set in New York City and addresses some of America's most fascinating legends. It also delves a bit deeper into the history of fairies, so I have a LOT of fun with research.

As for any authors that are hoping to be published, I do have some advice that comes from the knowledge that I've gained SINCE I was published. First of all, you really should find an editor that can go through the book with you and approach everything with an unbiased eye. It is really hard to edit your own work, mostly because you will be very attached to every last word. Allowing someone to help you polish the book for publishing will be invaluable in the long run. Secondly, just do it. You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

Jen, very kindly gave me a preview of her new fic 'JINX':

Do I believe in luck?

As in, when something happens for no apparent reason at all, and it can either make your entire day, or completely destroy it? When you buy a lottery ticket with the dollar that you found right outside the door of the convenience store and that same lottery ticket turns you into a millionaire? Or, conversely, when you’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and a girl decides to get pissed off at her boyfriend and toss his television out the fourth story window and, though it narrowly misses you, it still manages to shatter into a million tiny pieces that imbed themselves into your skin and force you to spend a full day in the hospital having the pieces removed one by one with tweezers?

Is that what you mean by luck?

Then, yes. I believe in luck. I am, however, more likely to experience the second example and only dream about the first.

Let’s take this back to first grade, shall we? Back when I was Bella Swan, the new girl, and I was just learning what clumsy meant. The new, clumsy girl never gets picked first for any sports teams. The new, clumsy girl actually causes fights between team captains because neither of them wants her, and the PE teacher usually has to break it up before someone gets a bloody nose. I was that new girl. And the team captains definitely got into a fight over who had to choose me. And that PE teacher did actually have to pull Tommy off of Travis just before Travis took a fist to the face.

I didn’t even want to play the stupid game, so it all seemed really pointless to me. I kept trying to tell the teacher that I just wanted to watch and that I was likely to hurt someone other than myself. Instead, Mr. Deasy looked over both teams and decided that Tommy’s team had the definite advantage. Tommy had managed to choose the very best players in the whole first grade class, so Tommy got saddled with me in an attempt to even out the very uneven playing field.

We lost. I didn’t even play! All I did was sit on the bench, stare at the dandelions at my feet, and concentrate really hard on not finding some new and inventive way to embarrass myself.

It really made no sense whatsoever, to be honest. Tommy was the best kicker in the whole school. Andy could catch anything, even if it was just about to hit the ground. Becky and Korie were the fastest runners in the class. They were all on Tommy’s team, and they all played really well. Tommy kicked four home runs, even! No one broke a bone; no one messed up really bad. They just…lost.

Since I sat on the bench the whole time, no one even thought to blame me. I didn’t even think to blame me. Looking back, though, it was all my fault.

You probably think that it’s pretty stupid for me to blame the loss of that game on myself. Well, on my six-year-old self. The self that didn’t even get a chance to pretend like she’d kick the ball. Oh, it was my fault though, and I’ll tell you why.


'JINX' has now been posted and can be found on

Banners for SunKing fics can be found to the right of this post. Just click on any of the banner's shown, and you will be taken straight to the Fic over at FFN.

Credit to whatsmynomdeplume for SunKing's 'On the fly' banner.


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FFA Officer Task

Officer Rec'Em aka AddictedNecker/Kayla interviews and reviews EdwardsBloodType

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because I don’t want to give too much of this remarkable tale away. If you don’t want to take my word on how great this story is, go check out the reviewers who have applauded Steph (EdwardsBloodType) over fifteen thousand times for one of the most amazing angst fan-fictions I have ever read. As Officer Rec’em I strive to send you to the best of the best—and when asked what my favorite story was, High Anxiety was the FIRST to come to mind.

As if high school isn’t dramatic enough imagine falling for the perfect guy…the perfect guy that you can’t touch.


Edward’s past has forced him to be not only celibate, but he isn’t allowed to come into any type of physical contact with a girl under the age of 18. Visualize the sexual frustration and tension that would come from a boy and girl who are soul mates, and are told that they aren’t allowed to be intimate. Bella and Edward have their backs against the wall and the world weighing down on their shoulders, will their relationship survive?

High Anxiety is the perfect title to suggest the drama and heartbreak that comes along with this story. Thirty-nine chapters in, and only a handful or so to go…I’m on the edge of my seat with high anxiety, awaiting more. So go forward and read FFA! Join my anxiety!


I greatly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. The ladies at FFA are obsessed with all things Twilight, and I know many members who absolutely LOVE your story! Including ME!
I’m going to try to reign in my fan girl screams here, and get to the questions. =)

What's your first name so we can call you out?!
I’m Stephanie and I'm not positive I belong to this particular group; however, you can be sure that I will be joining asap!

What inspired you to write High Anxiety?
I had read an article in People that was about a corrupt judge who sent teens to boot camps for minor infractions. Turned out he was getting kickbacks from the boot camps to send the kids there. The restraining order thing I made up, thinking it was completely fictional, but that turned out to be a rare but actual thing that occurs. I was kind of floored by the response of people who knew someone with a no contact order like HA Edward’s, sharing their stories with me. I thought it would be cool to see how far two horny teenagers could go without touching. It was only supposed to be 25 chapters.

When you sit down to write—how do you get into the story’s mindset? (Such as a glass of wine and music? Lol)
Well I drop my kids off at school in the morning and while I'm in the car I always have music on. Depending on what I am listening to, is how the tone of the writing is set. I write every single day, whether it is on my computer, in a notebook or in my head. I am always thinking about High Anxiety (and now the other two that are coming out as soon as HA ends). It’s very crowded in my head.
I can’t drink alcohol and write, I get too fidgety. Sometimes it will be me and a bag of Chocolate Twizzlers but other than that I need a quiet and calm atmosphere and sobriety.
I know many authors say that it is emotionally difficult to write angst chapters…Portions of High Anxiety broke my heart! Did you find it difficult to write such angst?
It was difficult emotionally yes, but I find I write angst best (out of all the genres) and it is the easiest for me. I tend to draw from my own negative Nelly, glass half empty- psyche (yeah, I am loads of fun to be around) so it usually just flows freely and naturally. The chapter where Edward makes Bella the peanut butter and jelly hearts for Valentine’s Day, when I wrote that, I literally burst into tears. I was so stricken with what the characters were feeling that I simply transferred it onto Bella and made her cry too. She’s cool like that; she’ll take my emotions without complaint.

You say that there are five (or so) chapters left, can you offer any teasers for the wonderful ladies (and one gent) of FFA? =)
*face palms* It ends with everyone dead.

Are you happy or sad to see High Anxiety coming to an end?
Yes and no. I am happy and extremely excited to start something new because it is oozing out of me faster that I can write it. HA has been a very emotional (and emotionally draining) ride for me and the readers too. I have had to do more research that I ever imagined and there have been so many generous and kind people on board helping me to achieve accuracy. The people here are amazing and I feel so fortunate to know them in whatever capacity I do, particularly my betas, Suzy and Erika. Also, I am very happy with the ending I have chosen. I think it will make everyone happy as well. But yeah, it is bittersweet. It’s been a year of my life writing and another 6 months of planning.
It has also been quite a negative experience with the drama and the bullshit that has followed the story over the course of the year, which makes me very sad, because this should ultimately be a happy place. Unfortunately, people all are entitled to their opinions and all that free speech crap (while completely disregarding what is morally and ethically right), so it still is occurring. There is a group of people that can not wait for my “heaping pile of shit fic” to end. I don’t understand how people can be so hurtful and vicious to someone they don’t even know and have no right to judge or bash, but I suppose I just need to laugh through the thick skin I have acquired writing fanfic.

I am a little sad to see these characters go on their way, but I really feel that the story will end in the best place for all the characters (dead:)

Do you plan to continue writing Twilight Fanfic after High Anxiety ends?
Yes, I have one called In Too Deep and another that is still untitled. ITD is basically going to be a short fic maybe 15 chapters covering a summer in the life of an Italian college kid from Long Island, NY who hates his philandering father so he hooks up with dad’s ex as revenge. It’s very angsty and sexy and from what I know from others, the only Twific that is based on LI. It’s all in Epov too, so I have to get my inner Guido on. I am nervous about it though. I think a lot of people will be squicked out by the fact that Edward is banging his dad’s former mistress who is 17 years older than him, and they may not get the whole thing, but it’s fine if they don’t. I write what I want to write. The untitled is a lot more detailed than I expected and I have been doing extensive research for it. That’s all I want to say for now. Hopefully I will post once a week, each story every other week.

Do you prefer writing AU or AH fics and why?
I prefer writing and reading AH, definitely. The characters can be flawed and make human mistakes whereas vamp fics there’s only so much you can do with it in my opinion. Eventually Edward will be whining about his guilt and his black soulless soul and Bella will be whining about giving Edward the guilt and telling him he has a soul and blah blah blah… I don’t know, it’s just not my thing. I have only read one vamp fic recently that has blown my mind: Carpe Noctum and Fiat Lux by queen of grey. It was beautifully done and had an awesome ending.

I wrote an AU one-shot where Bella actually becomes a werewolf after Edward leaves her in New Moon. I’d love to make it a full story, but I just can’t get into the proper mindset to finish it.
Plus, in AH, you have more leeway to play with the characters. I mean, you just wouldn’t see canon Vampire Edward as a struggling, single, human blood addicted dad with hideous facial scars and a past as an abused Dom who has to dance as a stripper just to make ends meet. Well you could, but it would be weird. And a little hot. But weird.

Someone needs to go write that please...

I see that you are a mother of two, where do you find your motivation to battle the kids and still push out awesome chapters?
Transformers DVD’s, Dora the Explorer and a lot of selective hearing. No shit, my kids speak fluent Spanish. My little one got a stuffed dog for his birthday and named it Perrito. We were like, what?
I treat writing Fanfiction more seriously than any job I have ever had, which is sort of sad. I like to write and since I am not going to be on the NY Times bestseller list I use this as my outlet.

What is your favorite book in the Twilight Saga?
Hands down, Twilight. It was mysterious and romantic and I fell in love with Edward right along with Bella. I hated New moon because Edward broke my heart too. I hated Eclipse because uh… WTF Bella? You go all emo for nine months over Edward and then you fall in love with Jacob???? Then BD? I feel like the fade to black scenes were just all sorts of wrong, and Bella’s constant whining about the wedding and the dress and the fact that Edward wanted to marry her (poor you Bella! Pooor sad you! ) was just annoying. However, I liked Bella mush better as a vampire. She had more balls.

What stories are you reading right now that you absolutely love?
In no particular order of favorites: Stampede of a Thousand Pulses by ss10, Expectations and Other Moving Pieces by chrome turtle, Just Wait by Instant Karma Girl, With Teeth by TalulaBlue, Unaccompanied Soul by JMCullen09, Emancipation Proclamation, Misapprehension of Bella Swan, Secret Sex by erinbatt, Uncomfortable (slash) by Savannah-Vee, Up to Scratch by Vican, Ugly and Eye Contact by Silver Sniper of Night, University of Edward Masen, This is Not My Life by isakassees, Master of the Universe, Caravaggio, Counterpoint, Ragweeds, An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy, Falling for the first time by snowhiteheart, 100 hours by Wytchwmn75, Decoy by 107 year old Virgin, Edward Wallbanger, For the Summer by camoozle and I have at least 20 that I have started and got distracted.
Seriously? It’s a wonder how my kids ever have clean underwear.

When I was asked to chose my favorite author, you were my first choice! If you had to choose a favorite Fanfic author, who would it be?
Really? Wow, I bet you say that to all the girlsJ I'm gonna go with AngryBadgerGirl and Hunter Hunting. Everything they write is just flat out superb.

The countdown is on for the movie Eclipse. 20 days, 11 hrs, 22 mins, and 34 seconds to be exact =). Are you planning on attending the premier with the other screaming fans?
I'm going to Ohio for a girls’ trip! I'm actually going to see my beta Suzy and a couple of the girls from the HA thread/ fandom for that weekend. I am so excited to meet everyone and to wear my Edward Cullen tee shirt that has been banned from my house! Were going to see Eclipse at the drive -in too, so that will be all retro cool and whatnot.

There is an ongoing feud (friendly of course) in FFA over Breaking Dawn. We are split between people who think BD was unrealistic vs. BD lovers! Could you settle this for us, and choose a side?
Eh…I am torn myself. I liked it because Bella got everything she wanted and the ending was a superduper far out fairytale. Bella was much cooler as a vamp, and Edward was totally hot as a daddy. However, she whined and complained about the Mercedes (who does that?), the wedding to Edward Cullen (uh..really Bella? Really?) and the dress (Oh. So sorry you can’t walk down the aisle in your thermal and your Chucks, stupid idiot) and then she gets to be a vamp and a mommy while having to sacrifice nothing whereas everyone else had to give up something to become eternally alive.
And Edward being all emo and burning man was depressing as hell. I felt bad for him, but then again, that’s what you get for being so controlling, Dude.

I also feel like the showdown was anticlimactic too. I mean all this anticipation for a bloodbath and Bella’s power is a like a stupid clear shield that wasn’t even impenetrable? Oh Stephenie Meyer, how you disappoint yet again. She should have been able to shoot flames out of her boobs and become invisible or fly or something cool. But her power was as boring as she was. Though the mind reading thing with Edward at the end was clever, so I have to give SM cred for that. To be truthful, I loved the whole series to pieces before I found Fanfiction. Now, I just see flaws in SM’s version.

Steph, Thank you much!!
Kayla aka Addicted Necker

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FFA Officer Task

Officer Spread 'Em aka readingmama/vampiremama/Tiffany interviews and reviews LyricalKris

This fic is light and fun while still being very engaging. Bella’s best friend Alice uses all sorts of guilt to convince her to take her place visiting her family in Forks so that she can take a vacation overseas. Edward hasn’t seen his cousin since they were little so when he is immediately attracted to a woman at the airport, he doesn’t realize that it’s his cousin. Or is it? Bella and Edward fight their attraction while Bella struggles to keep the secret that they aren’t really related. Throw in Jasper who remembers playing with Alice as a kid and there is a very awkward love triangle going on.

This fic is wonderfully written and very funny and I would recommend it for just about any reader. So go read and as always…REVIEW!

Excerpt from chapter 5

Bella knew she was dreaming.
For one thing, she was on a boat. She hadn't been on a boat when she went to sleep; of this she was fairly positive.
Her dream, however, was far too intriguing for her to want to wake up.
Edward was lounging on a cushioned seat across from where she sat. His chest was bare, though he wore a sweater tied lightly over his shoulders like the man in the Old Spice commercial. The "look at your man, now back at me" one. He had on the same cocky expression as he regarded Bella, one eyebrow quirked and a lopsided smirk on his face. He was wearing tan pants and his hair was rippling in the light breeze.
As she stared, he stood and started for her in what could only be called a swagger. Curiously, he kept a single eyebrow quirked. Bella didn't have much time to think about that because he had quickly stridden into her personal space, his arms on either side of her against the railing. "Hello, Bella," he said, not in that soft voice she loved but with the same tone as the guy from the Old Spice commercial.
Either way, it did strange and wonderful things to her body.
"Um, hi?" she replied, because apparently even in dreams she couldn't be smooth.
"Tell me, Bella, what is it that you want?" He asked, his green eyes sparking with humor and sexiness.
She swallowed sporadically, trying to slow her racing heart. She wanted a thousand things at that moment, most of which involved parts of him mingling with parts of her, but she couldn't make herself say any of it. "I'm fine, thank you," she said instead.
He smirked again and stepped back. She bit her lip, at once relieved that he and his fantastic tingles were away from her personal bubble space and dismayed that he was backing up. "Are you sure, Bella...because I think you want... this!" he exclaimed, his voice in that low and dramatic tone. As he said the word 'this' he ripped his pants away to reveal he was naked underneath.
He had a cock that hung down to his knees.
"Holy shit!" Bella shouted, surprised.
He strode forward again, boxing her in as before and she tried to keep her eyes on his. "My pre-come is made of diamonds," he announced.
"That sounds painful," she squeaked.
"I'm going to fuck you now." Edward paused dramatically. "On a horse."
Sure enough, they were now both seated on a horse on the beach - Edward facing forward and her facing him. His obnoxiously long dick was poking up between them.
Bella dismounted the horse, pleased to see that she at least had more grace in her dreams than normal. "That sounds really fun and all, but I don't think that," she pointed at his cock, "Will fit."
Edward grinned as he dismounted the horse, still nude, and stepped toward her. "Thank you for the compliment."


1-Now I know you wrote this Fic for Cella’s birthday. What exactly did she ask you to write?
She said she wanted a story where Edward thought Bella was his cousin and so he was all spastic about the fact he had a crush on her. She had a few specifics in mind – such as Bella going on dates with Jasper while Edward fumed etc, but she just found the concept funny and didn’t know how to pull it off herself.

2- What is your favorite Edward? Eg- Domward, Geekward, ect
Is there an official name for Tropic of Virgo’s Edward? I love the hell out of him. I think it’s a three way tie between him, BB and Rich Kid from Mr. Horrible.

3- What is your favorite part about writing this story?
The ridiculousness of it. I mean, I mostly write angst and drama. Occasionally, I think up something in my head that’s TOTALLY inappropriate for the mood of the fic. Well, in this case, I can just throw any line in there and it works for the sake of humor.

4- What started you writing Fanfic?
I’m a writer. I write for a living and omg I want to write fiction for a living – mostly screenplays etc. One thing I enjoy about writing fanfic is that it’s like an amazing, fulfilling writing exercise. Using characters I love I can explore themes and premises for a built in audience that will give me feedback. I write because expressing myself is a big part of who I am and who I want to be. I write fanfic because I love the characters and I love the fandom I write for.

5-What do you look for when reading a fanfic?
An interesting premise, spot on characterization (I’m ridiculously picky about the stories I read and the way the character’s personalities are portrayed) – a fresh writing style helps tremendously.

6- What is one kind of story you don’t like to read?
99% of vampfic.

7-What is one thing you want people to know about Deceitful Taboos?
It’s not serious! Lol. I think it’s funny – and maybe it’s because my readers expect it of me, but reviews are forever prophesizing that everything is gonna blow up in their face and Edward is gonna hate Bella, or something like that. Tis a humor fic – no heart fail. I promise. Oh, and don’t hate Alice. Lol! She’s just a teenage girl – and she’s modeled after Cella. Without Alice/Cella, there would be no story! So no hate. ::hugs them::

8-How much do reviews mean to you?
Depends on the story honestly. Reviews make me ridiculously happy, but I would write the stories I’m writing even if I only got 1 review per chapter – so they’re not everything. However, on stories like We Don’t Break they meant a lot more because I was forever terrified that what I was trying to portray wasn’t coming across the way I wanted it to. The reviews for that story both assured me and, because the story was so personal, helped mend old wounds – so they were a lot more…uh…important (?) then.

Banner was made by Readingmama/Vampiremama

Guest Reviewer ~ Quantumfizzx

FAGE brought around a lot more excitement than I had anticipated, especially as it came closer to the release date. Sadly, around that time we also got a few people running late/unable to finish their story. Celesticbliss took up one of these stories and oh boy am I glad she did! Lucky me got to interview Celesticbliss today!

You weren't originally signed up to write in FAGE, what made you decide to do it?
I didn't sign up to begin with because I didn't think I would have the time. But after awhile I realized how much fun it seemed and I wished I would have signed up. So after I saw that another member decided to drop their story I knew I didn't want anyone to go without one. I jumped in and I think it turned out alright!

I'm extremely impressed with the quality of your story for having it written in such a short amount of time, how long did it take you to write and were you nervous at all?
I was incredibly nervous! After I received the prompts, I sat down and brainstormed for a few hours and came up with what I wanted to do. The story took me about a day to write. I knew I wouldn't be able to come up with a multi chap. fic so I concentrated on getting the key points into something that was only one chapter.

What were your prompts and did you find it easy to pick the one you wrote?
The prompts I got were
I couldn't choose just one to work with so I tried to incorporate all three into the story.

What do you think FAGE has done for FFA and would you participate again?
I think it's done wonderful things for our members! It showcased many people and their abilities to come up with something amazing out of simple prompts. I would absolutely do it again!

What is in the near future for you? How long until your WIP ends and your next one begins?
My first mutli-chap story Save Me is one chapter away from a close. I am currently in the middle of continuing my one-shot Stranger in the Elevator in collaboration with Tanya aka AcrosstheSkyinStars!

Thank you Celsticbliss for your time


Many of us have a fic “type.” The sort of story we know we’re going to click on based upon the main characters, the universe, the rating. “Dirty Talk” is a wake-up call for that mindset – a reminder that truly well-written stories can draw us in, engage us, regardless of length or the name a character happens to carry.

Without getting into the whys and wherefores, I would not typically have chosen to read a Rosalie story prior to reading this tale. Note: Prior to reading it.

Celesticbliss, often deftly weaving the tale with an economy of words, manages to invest the reader in the fortunes of both widower Carlisle and practical phone sex worker Rosalie. He struggles with his emotions for a disembodied voice while Rosalie finds herself feeling beyond the reigns of professionalism. These are layered characters with insight and passion. Carlisle ritually moves his late wife’s picture before engaging in certain activities. Rosalie borders on guilt about not wearing the matching bra and panties she believes Carlisle would appreciate.

The dialogue, such as “Yes…God please keep talking," is that rare combination of realistic and sensual. Both characters struggle to maintain the role into which they find themselves cast. We see their mutual struggle in moments when “Carlisle let[s] another moan escape while Rosalie bit[es] her tongue to keep hers in.

There is a history for each character that we learn as the story unfolds, but we wind up caring more for their futures. The end is satisfying, but still leaves the potential for further adventures, if celesticbliss should choose to bless us with them.


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Guest Reviewer ~ Claire Bloom

Title: Button and Bear

Written for: Kayla aka Addicted Necker

Written by: Debra aka Glee68

Rating: T

Summary/Prompt used: The couple meet as vampires

Most vampire fics are written with angst and a darkness that only the light of love and understanding can overcome, but with ‘Button and Bear’ you also receive warmth and a snugly feeling that makes you want to take Emmett home and keep him.

We all know that vampires are dark twisted creatures with a thirst for blood that overwhelms all other senses, and none more so than when they are a new born. As Bella lies changing, writhing in agony with only the company of wolves to bear witness to what they consider is her demise, Emmett hears her screams and curious, he seeks her out, finding not only a new born but the sweetness that was once dominant in her humanity. He nicknames her ‘Button’ because she is as cute as, and knowing that her new life will afford her an extremely difficult time, he chooses to teach her in the ways of the ‘Vegetarian Vampire’.

Bella immediately trusts him and in listening to his training she soon becomes enamoured by his ‘Bearish’ charms.

But Emmett is still with Rosalie.

I ask many people what they enjoy the most in fanfiction and the majority answer ‘All Human’ but with me, it’s the Vamps of course! I love their superhuman strength and speed, their thirst and with the Cullen’s, it’s their daily battle to overcome their baser instinct to feed on humans. Button and Bear gives you all of that, but also fun and tenderness, and a little bit of action too.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Debra on her FAGE entry.


Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you for the FAGE Guest Review for the FFA Blog.

Tell me about the 3 prompts you received for the FAGE and why you chose the one you did.

Wow... I feel like a celebrity! My prompts were... Em/B or Ed/B

1) Male is trainer to female 2) Can't remember and 3) Couple meets as vampires.

So I chose number 3 (with a little hint of number 1) because it intrigued me to think about how Bella would have become a vampire and how the "others" would have reacted to her if she didn't have her "humanness” and “fragility".

You used your FAGE prompt brilliantly, turning an otherwise angsty storyline into something sweet and tender between an unlikely but quite perfect, pairing. What inspired you to go down this route?

I guess, even though there was an element of angst (with Em's history) knowing the character of Emmett there really isn't a way that you can make him totally serious. He is a sweet, caring, nurturing kind of guy, and him finding a complete stranger and helping them out despite the fact it might endanger himself, is totally within his character set!... I sometimes think the canon relationship between Ed/B is a little too heavy on the serious and I really think Bella, given half the chance, would let loose and have a bit of light hearted fun.

I liked the idea of Emmett/Bella because she would be very "low maintainence" after his experience with Rose and he wouldn't smother her with overprotectiveness.

I liked including the wolves, because they brought that element of goofiness and it made for a good explanation to how she was turned but had no "sire".

If we were to take a look at your FanFiction favourites, what preference would dominate them? All Human, Alternate Universe, With Vamps of Course?

As for my taste in Fanfic, I love most of it. I really love the AU vamp tales: Spellbound, A Life Extraordinary, Spiral Static, Colliding Meteors, Insecurities, but I also really enjoy a good AH: BDU, High Anxiety, The Screamers, Forgive me please, Progress-the original sleep humper. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I enjoy high angst and drama and other times I want a little fluff and fun. Occasionally, "saucy lemon flavoured" is nice too.

I have an acoustic playlist that I never fail to listen too when writing. Do you have any playlists that you use when reading or writing Fanfiction and would you like to share them with us?

I don't have music playing while I write normally (except the sound of bickering children or preferably sleeping ones) I love Evanescence, Nickleback (and their music always brings me images of TS)

I enjoy a lot of classics or classically inspired music (think Toccata by sky and "war of the worlds")

Tell me in 5 single words your reaction to FAGE.

5 single words for FAGE... "Ambitious" "Engaging" "Fun" "Team-building" and "Repeatable”.

How do you think FAGE benefited the group and would you take part again?

I think FAGE was a fantastic idea and I fully congratulate "Officer Spread'em" on her amazing skills coordinating and delivering what has essentially turned into a brilliantly beautiful community building exercise.

The members really owned it and the level of excitement of those who participated in this round was really encouraging.

I would gladly, willingly and enthusiastically participate if it was repeated!

Debra, thank you so much for taking part and for the fluffy goodness of ‘Button and Bear’.

Claire Bloom

Banner made by FerlaV