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Celesticbliss Reviews 'Maybe I'm Falling For You'

Maybe I’m Falling for You

By: Flightlessbird11 & Coldplaywhore

Give us a brief synopsis for MIFFY without giving too much away.

Flightlessbird11: MIFFY is basically 'You've Got Mail' meets 'Friends.' Take all the confusing drama of the first, and add in all of the fun characters of the second. Bella and Edward meet in a chat room online, taken to each other over a mutual love for The Beatles. A couple months into their online relationship, they meet in person at their local coffee house, each clueless to who the other is.

coldplaywhore: You forgot that it's also got a dash of 500 Days of Summer, cause our Bella is a bit of a commitment-phobe, or is that too much?

Flightlessbird11: I figured that not many people will know what 500 Days of Summer is

coldplaywhore: Well now they can go google it.

Tell us where the idea for MIFFY came from?

Flightlessbird11: The idea for MIFFY came to me one day when I was listening to 'Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop' by Landon Pigg. Then I started pitching the idea to coldplaywhore, and we started coming up with ideas together, and eventually decided to co-write it.

coldplaywhore: I feel like I kinda forced my way in there, since it was all your idea by the way

Did I even ask to join?

Flightlessbird11: Actually, I think I was kinda hoping you would bring up co-authoring. I didn't want to ask you and have you feel like you had to do it. Now that I know you better, I know that you'd just tell me if you didn't want to LOL.

coldplaywhore: Oh yeah, I would have totally told you to get bent or something. I think it worked out well though.

Flightlessbird11: Agreed.

For anyone who has thought about doing a collab story, what are the pros and cons?

Flightlessbird11: The pros are definitely the fact that you get to bounce your ideas off of someone else, and you have someone else's eyes looking over your work, that can give you input a beta simply can't give. Don't get me wrong, a beta is awesome (especially ours - Maggiemay14), but when you share the characters with someone, the window for input it bigger. The cons are probably the fact that you have to compromise. You can't have exactly what you want every time you and your co-author discuss an idea.

Coldplaywhore: I'm probably hard to work with since I'm so opinionated and demanding huh?

Flightlessbird11: We're both opinionated and demanding. Have you noticed that it can take us a half an hour just to pick a chapter title?

coldplaywhore: I like doing collaborations because it's less typing and my poor fingers already hate my guts, but it's nice to discuss all the various aspects of the story and generally we are on the same page, or the other makes a suggestion that really benefits the story. We rarely try to talk the other into doing something stupid.

Flightlessbird11: And there are also things that your collaborator will think of that you never would have.

coldplaywhore: I think we are a good balance between each other. We both write the smut, you do the awkward well, I bring the funny... we work.

Flightlessbird11: Definitely.

Every chapter is named after a Beatles song. Is that something you guys wanted to do from the beginning? Or did it just start happening in the planning process?

Flightlessbird11: That was definitely something that we decided to do from the beginning. I can't even remember whose idea that one was.

coldplaywhore: If you can't remember then I'll take the credit, although to be honest, I don't remember either. It sounds like something brillant you would come up with though.

Flightlessbird11: Not brilliant. Just Beatles obsessed. Heh.

coldplaywhore: I will admit that you are more Beatles obsessed than I am, though I do have a healthy love of them.

Flightlessbird11: Everyone should. It's good for the soul.

coldplaywhore: The rubber soul?

Flightlessbird11: Is there any other kind?

coldplaywhore: A tortured soul? Or in the case of Edward, you can have no soul whatsoever

What is one of the best reviews you’ve ever gotten?

Flightlessbird11: Oh sheesh. I can't even remember. I remember once I got one that said 'UPDATE SOON OR I WILL EAT YOU'

coldplaywhore: and you thought that was a good review?

Flightlessbird11: It was certainly memorable

coldplaywhore: I can't remember my best review, but I remember when lambcullen reviewed early in the game, I may have felt the urge to vomit since I love her stories

Flightlessbird11: Is vomit your natural reaction to joy?

coldplaywhore: Yes. Ironically I felt the same when we were recommended on the Fictionators.

Flightlessbird11: That was a good day.

Ok, you knew I was going to ask... the worst?

Flightlessbird11: I can't remember that either. There was one I got one time, where I may have mentioned (in Bella's POV, not necessarily mine) that if you didn't like The Beatles then there was something wrong with your soul. I got a review in response to that saying that The Beatles were obnoxious, untalented and that they never should have picked up instruments.

coldplaywhore: Didn't I get one bashing our Bella and you got really mad?

Flightlessbird11: I think there were a bunch that bashed Bella. There were a lot of people that assumed things without knowing the whole story.

coldplaywhore: I think I got one where the reviewer was like "If your Bella is gonna be this annoying, I'm gonna stop reading." Like, thanks for letting me know you suck. Why did they feel the need to tell us this?

Flightlessbird11: If you're gonna flounce, don't leave a review telling the author. It's as simple as that.

coldplaywhore: oh... I found one I hated: Is there more Angst in this, cause I really don't like wishy-washy angsty stories? Just need to know if it is worth continuing... Oh, I stopped watching Friends for this same reason

Flightlessbird11: I remember that one!

coldplaywhore: Yeah, I'm sure the producers of Friends were crushed you stopped watching

If you guys could give one piece of advice to beginning writers, what would that be?

Flightlessbird11: Have an outline. If you don't have an outline, then your story can run far, far away from you and you might not like where it goes. You can always change an outline.

coldplaywhore: I never outlined till I hooked up with you to write MIFFY.

Flightlessbird11: I never outlined until I hooked up with you to write MIFFY Bwahaha, but half the time I wouldn't know what to write in a chapter if it weren't for the outline. So I'm so so glad we have it.

coldplaywhore: I've begun to outline my stories now, so that would be the first thing I would recommend to writers. The second thing I would suggest is that if they don't have a beta, to hook up with project team beta to help with their grammar and get at least one honest pre-reader who will be straightforward with you. If you can't take criticism from a friend, you won't like it from readers either.

Flightlessbird11: Agreed. I think it's good to have input from someone not as formal as a beta

coldplaywhore: That's why I send you all my stories, though you flounce on the angst

Flightlessbird11: Heh. Yeah, I do, but you've got like, thirteen other pre-readers.

coldplaywhore: uh no… the only ones that are regulars are you and Risbee, my other collaborator.

So I only let my besties pre-read.

Flightlessbird11: I know, I was exaggerating to show that you don't suffer when I flounce :)

coldplaywhore: and here I thought you would be happy to be a fic bestie

Flightlessbird11: I am! I was your first pre-reader. Don't think I don't remember.

coldplaywhore: You were also my first fic stalker. God you used to send me a lot of PM's. I bet this was all part of your master plan. Harrass her till she beta's for me and I trick her into writing a story with me.

Flightlessbird11: Hah. I had no idea there was an etiquette to the fandom. I was a newbie reader when I started reading your stories. That was also before twitter.

coldplaywhore: We're off topic... so, perhaps would your final bit of advice be to stalk an author you enjoy?

Flightlessbird11: You're funny.


Ok, so I’m going to do my very best not to give anything away about this story, because I am pretty adamant about you all clicking that link up there and reading this! As soon as you’re done reading and commenting on this feature that is.

The first thing that drew me to MIFFY was the witty banter between the authors in the author’s notes. I’m not gonna lie, I NEVER read authors notes. But these two had me laughing out loud on more than one occasion.

Another thing is, every chapter is titled after a Beatles song! I’m not sure who that wouldn’t attract.

The story is about two young adults finding each other in a not so conventional way. Like it said in the interview, it’s very “You’ve got mail.” You’ll find yourself literally wanting to yell at the two through your computer screen, you want them to figure out that the person they are falling for through instant messenger, isn’t as far away as they might think. For me, being someone who actually met her husband online, this storyline held a little more emotion than I think was intended!

MIFFY hasn’t come to a close yet, but it’s not far! I seriously urge you to start reading and start following a very quirky Bella and an always yummy Edward through the fluffy angst and oozing lemony goodness.

There isn’t much more I can say that hasn’t been said in the interview. I think our two lovely authors whet your appetite enough, yeah?

It doesn’t leave you with any maybe’s in your head, from what I can tell… This story will be packaged nicely with just enough to leave you satisfied and when the last chapter updates, I know I can’t wait!


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  1. What a f**king great review and interview! These two are hilarious!! :o)

    I started reading MiFFY a while back but only got to like ch3, I can't remember why I stopped because it was really good, but you have certainly made me determined to go back and start reading again!