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Guest Reviewer ~ Wytchwmn75

Title: Anything To Get Out of Dancing

Written For: Tiffany/Vampiremama

Written By: Sarah/MyEdiction

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt Used: Edward takes Bella up on the offer to bar the doors at prom so the vampires can eat.

You know you’ve thought about it. At one time or another, each one of us has wondered, what if? What if the Cullen’s weren’t strict vegetarians? What if they gave in to their most basic desires? What if they snacked on some of the most annoying characters?

"Now, we've talked about what was going to happen-who's going to get who," Jasper said in all seriousness.

Sarah opens that door for us and lets us indulge in our “what ifs.” She not only details the vampires movements, as if in a macabre dance, but the telling of it through Bella’s eyes shows just how much she wants to be one of them. The visuals she supplies us with draw you into the gym where the Cullen’s begin to massacre the student body.

My heart beat at a quick and furious pace as the remaining Cullens each grabbed a student. Emmett went for the head cheerleader, Rosalie for the captain of the football team. I watched Alice practically float over and grab Tyler.

Taking on a canon scene is enough to drive any Twihard batty but Sarah is able to put her own spin on it while still remaining in character. We all knew that those desires lurked within the Cullen’s, especially Edward, and we are finally able to live them vicariously through her story. When we get to see Edward’s blood lust and just plain lust for Bella merge, I squeed.

The handful of times we had kissed were always slow and under his strict control. This was so different. This was Edward unrestrained.

It is an amazing ride that Sarah takes us on opening us up to ask questions we may have never asked. Twilight and the rest of the series would’ve turned out so much differently if what she imagines could’ve happened did.

I had the chance to talk with Sarah, which is funny because the only time we aren’t talking is when we’re sleeping, and ask her some questions. She is funny, sarcastic, and usually without a filter. And though I know her pretty well, some of her answers even surprised me.

What were the three prompts you had to choose from?

1- Canon- Edward takes Bella up on the offer to bar the doors at prom so the vampires can eat

2- Goth Girl heroine meets a real vampire

3- Wiccan girl finds out her spells really work when her 3 best friends fall in love with her.

Why did you choose the Prom prompt?

SR: Because the first prompt I was writing kept going to much darker place then the prompt allowed and I was running out of time.

This was your first canon story, did you find it difficult to stay in canon?

SR: omg yes! I had to Skype and tweet dirty, dirty things to stop them from humping after Edward killed and drained Jessica.

Stop who from humping?

SR: Edward and Bella getting down and dirty in the gym, while the rest of th Cullens watched on. Because I'd want to jump Edward after watching him drink

Good Point. I think we all secretly (and some not so secretly) have wanted to know what it would've been like if the Cullen's had given in to their darkest temptation. You gave in to one of yours and killed a main character. How'd that feel and did you plan on it from the beginning?

SR: It felt eff'n awesome to kill him. I've been looking for an excuse to kill Jacob since I started writing fic.

Well here's your chance to tell everyone why you've wanted to kill him.

SR: Because he's one step away from taking it way to fucking far in Eclipse. When he kissed her and she pushed away and his dumb dog brain said oh she wants more I had to actually step away from the book. With the way I ended things, he never gets the chance and I won't be screaming in my head during Eclipse "Edward rip his head off!"

What was the general feeling from your readers?

SR: overall most were with me on killing Jake, but lately it seems most don't know quite what to think about the Cullens finally giving into their vampire nature.

What was the biggest challenge writing for a specific person?

SR: The biggest challenge for me was trying to stay true to the prompts they had given me. It would have been so easy to turn it around complete and it would have had very little to do with the actual prompt.

Who is your favorite Twilight character and I'm talking book?

SR: Edward, even though we see him through Bella's rose colored glasses. I actually enjoyed him much more when reading Midnight Sun then in Twilight. He's much more complex then SM ever makes him out to be through all 4 books.

Your least favorite?

SR: really?

Lol, no. I already know the answer

SR: I did kill him, if that helps answer that question

Which character do you most identify with?

SR: Rose, and not because I'm so damn good looking either. She's honest, even if no one else agrees with her she tells you how it is. I can respect the honesty.

Which was your favorite book?

SR: Twilight, you get the least of JB in that book. Although book 1 of BD was pretty good when he was all tortured about her getting married.

Have u gotten any good advice from any writers or readers?

SR ya i can't honestly remember getting any advice. To quote Cartman from Southpak, "I do what I want!"

What are 5 fic’s that you recommend?

SR: Ok clumping these three into one, jsyk. Let Your Light Shine, A Life Extraoridinary, and This Hungry World - all by Lolashoes. If SM had wrote BD this way there would be no fic. imho

Renfield and Chiclets by katinki - Edward is beyond geeky, extremely smart but def hot in his obession with blood and vamps.

Be My Biggest Fan by Crash Hale - It's Jasper and Bella and he's a rockstar in the making when they meet. They spend the next couple of years meeting up with each other when his touring schedule allows. It doesn't even bother me when you find out what Bella is doing to be with him.

100 Hours by wytchwmn75 - I'm not just sucking up to my interviewer either by choosing this one. I'd def read it even if I wasn't pre-reading. He's just hot and I like that Bella is independent and doesn't need him to be whole.

Finally, American Girl and American Boy by coldplaywhore. Let's just say if I ever decide to go to Europe or take a cross country trip I hope I find my own Edward to travel with, like Bella found Edward. I've always loved a devoted Edward and he is, without doubt, beyond devoted to her.


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