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FFA Officer Task

Officer Spread 'Em aka readingmama/vampiremama/Tiffany interviews and reviews LyricalKris

This fic is light and fun while still being very engaging. Bella’s best friend Alice uses all sorts of guilt to convince her to take her place visiting her family in Forks so that she can take a vacation overseas. Edward hasn’t seen his cousin since they were little so when he is immediately attracted to a woman at the airport, he doesn’t realize that it’s his cousin. Or is it? Bella and Edward fight their attraction while Bella struggles to keep the secret that they aren’t really related. Throw in Jasper who remembers playing with Alice as a kid and there is a very awkward love triangle going on.

This fic is wonderfully written and very funny and I would recommend it for just about any reader. So go read and as always…REVIEW!

Excerpt from chapter 5

Bella knew she was dreaming.
For one thing, she was on a boat. She hadn't been on a boat when she went to sleep; of this she was fairly positive.
Her dream, however, was far too intriguing for her to want to wake up.
Edward was lounging on a cushioned seat across from where she sat. His chest was bare, though he wore a sweater tied lightly over his shoulders like the man in the Old Spice commercial. The "look at your man, now back at me" one. He had on the same cocky expression as he regarded Bella, one eyebrow quirked and a lopsided smirk on his face. He was wearing tan pants and his hair was rippling in the light breeze.
As she stared, he stood and started for her in what could only be called a swagger. Curiously, he kept a single eyebrow quirked. Bella didn't have much time to think about that because he had quickly stridden into her personal space, his arms on either side of her against the railing. "Hello, Bella," he said, not in that soft voice she loved but with the same tone as the guy from the Old Spice commercial.
Either way, it did strange and wonderful things to her body.
"Um, hi?" she replied, because apparently even in dreams she couldn't be smooth.
"Tell me, Bella, what is it that you want?" He asked, his green eyes sparking with humor and sexiness.
She swallowed sporadically, trying to slow her racing heart. She wanted a thousand things at that moment, most of which involved parts of him mingling with parts of her, but she couldn't make herself say any of it. "I'm fine, thank you," she said instead.
He smirked again and stepped back. She bit her lip, at once relieved that he and his fantastic tingles were away from her personal bubble space and dismayed that he was backing up. "Are you sure, Bella...because I think you want... this!" he exclaimed, his voice in that low and dramatic tone. As he said the word 'this' he ripped his pants away to reveal he was naked underneath.
He had a cock that hung down to his knees.
"Holy shit!" Bella shouted, surprised.
He strode forward again, boxing her in as before and she tried to keep her eyes on his. "My pre-come is made of diamonds," he announced.
"That sounds painful," she squeaked.
"I'm going to fuck you now." Edward paused dramatically. "On a horse."
Sure enough, they were now both seated on a horse on the beach - Edward facing forward and her facing him. His obnoxiously long dick was poking up between them.
Bella dismounted the horse, pleased to see that she at least had more grace in her dreams than normal. "That sounds really fun and all, but I don't think that," she pointed at his cock, "Will fit."
Edward grinned as he dismounted the horse, still nude, and stepped toward her. "Thank you for the compliment."


1-Now I know you wrote this Fic for Cella’s birthday. What exactly did she ask you to write?
She said she wanted a story where Edward thought Bella was his cousin and so he was all spastic about the fact he had a crush on her. She had a few specifics in mind – such as Bella going on dates with Jasper while Edward fumed etc, but she just found the concept funny and didn’t know how to pull it off herself.

2- What is your favorite Edward? Eg- Domward, Geekward, ect
Is there an official name for Tropic of Virgo’s Edward? I love the hell out of him. I think it’s a three way tie between him, BB and Rich Kid from Mr. Horrible.

3- What is your favorite part about writing this story?
The ridiculousness of it. I mean, I mostly write angst and drama. Occasionally, I think up something in my head that’s TOTALLY inappropriate for the mood of the fic. Well, in this case, I can just throw any line in there and it works for the sake of humor.

4- What started you writing Fanfic?
I’m a writer. I write for a living and omg I want to write fiction for a living – mostly screenplays etc. One thing I enjoy about writing fanfic is that it’s like an amazing, fulfilling writing exercise. Using characters I love I can explore themes and premises for a built in audience that will give me feedback. I write because expressing myself is a big part of who I am and who I want to be. I write fanfic because I love the characters and I love the fandom I write for.

5-What do you look for when reading a fanfic?
An interesting premise, spot on characterization (I’m ridiculously picky about the stories I read and the way the character’s personalities are portrayed) – a fresh writing style helps tremendously.

6- What is one kind of story you don’t like to read?
99% of vampfic.

7-What is one thing you want people to know about Deceitful Taboos?
It’s not serious! Lol. I think it’s funny – and maybe it’s because my readers expect it of me, but reviews are forever prophesizing that everything is gonna blow up in their face and Edward is gonna hate Bella, or something like that. Tis a humor fic – no heart fail. I promise. Oh, and don’t hate Alice. Lol! She’s just a teenage girl – and she’s modeled after Cella. Without Alice/Cella, there would be no story! So no hate. ::hugs them::

8-How much do reviews mean to you?
Depends on the story honestly. Reviews make me ridiculously happy, but I would write the stories I’m writing even if I only got 1 review per chapter – so they’re not everything. However, on stories like We Don’t Break they meant a lot more because I was forever terrified that what I was trying to portray wasn’t coming across the way I wanted it to. The reviews for that story both assured me and, because the story was so personal, helped mend old wounds – so they were a lot more…uh…important (?) then.

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  1. I love the sound of this fic. It seems fun and I love the idea behind the deception. I'm going to add it to my favs list

    Thanks for sharing your rec Tiff and for LyricalKris in takig part xx

  2. LOVED everything about this review! That excerpt had me laughing! Def on my TBR list, which is going to be FULL by the time I get back from the wedding!