Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FFA Officer Task

Officer SuperBeta aka CullenLovingMom/Marjorie interviews and reviews MyEdiction

I am honored to have had the opportunity to interview
MyEdiction (Sarah) and recommend her story Simple Man. Simple Man was written for the Me and Mr. McCarty challenge. Voting on the challenge begins June 15 and runs through June 29. I hope that you will check out this story and support Sarah with your vote!

I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of Bella x Emmett stories, but this story may change that. In MyEdiction’s wonderful O/S, Emmett and Bella are childhood sweethearts from east Tennessee. Once Emmett is out of high school, he leaves Tennessee for LA to pursue a modeling career, because he wants to be able to give Bella the life that she deserves.

The time apart is hard on the couple. The story begins with them in Tennessee, reunited for a month at Emmett’s grandfather’s cabin. Emmett is planning on proposing, but is full of doubt and plagued by nerves. Bella has no idea that Emmett is about to propose, but has news of her own to share with Emmett. She, too, is nervous about how Emmett will receive her news.
You will fall in love with these two lovers. They are devoted to one another and seem to be perfectly matched. Her Emmett is as smooth as whiskey, but rough enough around the edges to be a real man, a real man who loves Bella beyond measure.

During the course of the story, Emmett learns that Bella doesn’t need material things as much as she needs him:

I turned back towards our luggage and resumed my search, thinking about how things were going to have to change if I was going to ask her this. I had thought what I was doing was the best for her, that it allowed me to give her everything she deserved. However, the more I thought about it, really thought about it, I remembered that she had never really needed much. She never asked for anything in the entire time I had known her. She was the only girl I knew who was happy watching me work on my car, who would rather sit down at the creek with me and fish than go shopping with all her friends. Things were always simple and easy between us, and they still were . . . to an extent.

It is so hard in the hustle and bustle of everyday life to remember that spending time doing simple things with the one’s we love is worth more than all of the money and fancy things in the world. Thanks, Sarah, for reminding us of that.


Here is my interview with Sarah (MyEdiction):

CLM: What inspired you to pick up a pen and write your first fic?
Sarah: Well, I posted my first fic for Ninapolitan's D.I.L.F. Contest. I had this story about an older Carlisle and younger Bella bouncing in my brain space, and as soon as she announced the contest, I wrote it up. I doubt without that contest I would have ever written the story.

CLM: What was it about that contest that made you jump out there?
Sarah: The contest gave me the excuse to put myself out there. I figured it would be the best way to get people to actually read what I wrote, especially one about hot dads.

CLM: How do you get your story ideas?
Sarah: Bathing, usually, and not in the pervy way either. I got one from cleaning the toilet which oddly has nothing to do with toilets. The less thought I have to put into the task I'm doing, the more likely I am to start thinking and wondering about things. I have a word doc about 4 pages filled with ideas.

CLM: What would surprise your readers the most to learn about you?
Sarah: Fuck if I know! I'm pretty much an open book. I suppose . . . maybe . . . I grew up in the middle of a national forest, and four people out of my graduating class of 23 were my cousins. Let me tell you, being surrounded by two of them, twins no less, going, "Hey, Sarah, incest is best; put your cousin to the test," is no way any person should have to grow up. Disclaimer: there was no actual incest to be had.

CLM: Can you give us a hint about your next project?
Sarah: I'm trying my hand at dark again. For FAGE, I actually began writing a completely different prompt than the one I posted. I plan on finishing it, only much darker than the prompt allowed. It's a vigilante, Bella, with a stalker-ish vampire, Edward. This Bella is pretty bad ass, but a lot has happened to her and those around her to make her into who she is.

CLM: Ooooooh, I can't wait.
Sarah: Ya, me either. I need to get into a dark place to write this story though.

CLM: What is it that you like the most about the creative process, and what do you like the least?
Sarah: I love planning the story out, getting into my characters and who they are. Essentially, they are all from Twilight, but we each have the ability to make them our own. I like sending them on a journey that I control. I guess it's my latent God-complex coming out. The part I hate most, though, is when they won't talk to me. It makes it nearly impossible to fill up the spaces in between. Like in my head and in my lay out ,I know exactly what has to happen in the next chapter, but sometimes I can't make the words do what they need to do to get me from point A to B.

CLM: What has been your favorite character to write so far?
Sarah: It's a toss up.

CLM: Between?
Sarah: Alice in every single story I've put her in. She's my own little plot mover- alonger. When I need a character to snap out of whatever they are in, Alice is great for that, because in The Saga, she was always up in everyone's grill. But recently, I just wrote Emmett in his first starring role, and I loved him. There's a chance I may have jumped ship. He's so easy and everything is as you see it with him. He's so uncomplicated.

CLM: What are your three favorite fics by other authors and why?
Sarah: My number 1, to this day, is and always will be “Clipped Wings & Inked Armor” by Hunderhunting. It had me from go. Hunterhunting did such a marvelous job of building the story. By the time the tension broke, I was stretched so thin, and I kept waiting for James to show up in every chapter it was insane. And, god forbid, I was at work when she updated. I'd have to take my phone and go hide in the bathroom while I read.
Number 2 is Colliding Meteors by IdreamofEddy. It was my first Jasper x Bella fic. It introduced me to the wonderful world of Jasper. After that, I swear I spent a good month searching for fics with him. It was a completed fic by the time I found it, and I was able to read from start to finish.
Number 3 is The Trip Home by MsKathy. I don't think I need to say more. It introduced me to everything above and beyond just your normal fic and normal arrangement. I'll admit I was a bit naive before that story and never gave much thought to what else existed beyond two people in a loving relationship. She opened my eyes.

CLM: Okay, to finish up, I am gonna borrow James Lipton's final questions from Inside the Actors' Studio . . . . What is your favorite word?
Sarah: Fuck

CLM: What is your least favorite word?
Sarah: Nostril- I say nose hole's

CLM: What turns you on?
Sarah: Tattoos, omg, tattoos! I go gaga over Tattoos. I'm on a holy-grail mission to find a pierced peen. I blame HH and CWIA for that.

CLM: What turns you off?
Sarah: Stupid, intolerant people. I want nothing to do with people who judge based on someone’s look or lifestyle choices.

CLM: What profession, other than your own, would you love to attempt?
Sarah: Well, I don't love my profession, so anything. I'd like to not have to report or answer to anyone but myself. So, however I can make that happen, that's what I want to do.

CLM: What profession would you not want to try?
Sarah: Hooking, I cannot run in heels.

CLM: If there is a Heaven, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
Sarah: Rob's here, and he's been waiting for you.

CLM: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me.

Thanks so much to Beegurl13/Brandi for making the banner. It looks amazing.



  1. its such fun reading both the review & the interview! i am totally checking out Sarah's 2 favs other than CWIA & her FAGE entry ...haven't done that yet..i am so on it...apart from Alice Emmett is my fav so any story with him is a bonus & he's with Bella! diff to say the least.


  2. THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!! Well done CLM and Sarah you are hilarious girl! xo