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Guest Reviewer ~ Claire Bloom

Title: Out of the Sea

Written for: Kathleen aka KatKennedy

Written by: Alicia aka wytchwmn75

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: Our couple meets during a mermaid apocalypse (kidding but not really cause that would be awesome!)

I enjoy a wide genre of fanfiction, (Mainly because I’m not fussy, as long as it stars our favourite Twilight characters), and despite the fact that I am a huge Disney fan, (there I admit it), and my all time favourite story from childhood is ‘The Little Mermaid’, it was still with trepidation that I began reading a TwiFic which included Mermaids!

The opening quote for ‘Out of the Sea’ had me expecting fluff and rainbows and a luminous Bella-fish, resembling the sexy form of Daryl Hannah from Splash, diving in and out of the ocean with gleeful abandon. What I didn’t expect was a family curse and a demon siren in disguise, luring her prey to their doom with hypnotic calls of a far better existence in her arms and at the bottom of the ocean.

The "Curse of the Cullen's" dated back to Caius' time. Legend has it that before the town was built, it was sacred land. It was never divulged why it was sacred or whom it was sacred to, just that it was not to be touched by human hands. When my great-great-great-grandfather stumbled across this area on his way north, he fell in love with it. The sea air was a particularly strong draw for him. He wasn't overly fond of the water, but upon discovering this place he was instantly enamoured.

Written from Jasper’s POV, he tells how he followed the family tradition to spend his working life at sea. It was whilst he was set sail that he first bears witness to the demise of his Grandfather and then, many years later, his younger brother.

Brushing my hair out of my face, she gave my cheek a soft pat and I could see she was on the brink of tears. "Baby, do you know where your brother is?"

"Yes. He's gone mom, I'm so sorry. I tried to get to him but she was faster than me."

Trying to move on and ignore the accusing stares of the townsfolk and his own family inability to believe what he says he really saw, Jasper suddenly finds his very existence in danger as an apocalypse devastates his home and he finally learns the truth behind the Cullen Curse.

I devoured this FAGE entry in minutes, adoring the unpredictable bleakness of what I considered a very difficult storyline. Wytchmn75 takes you on a journey of tradition, family and the unbreakable vow of an ancient curse.

"You are owed to me Jasper, and that was their sacrifice. To live on this land, and for it to become what it has, had its price.”

I thought the use of a family curse was pure genius, making the apocalyptic finale actually quite believable. This truly is a strangely compelling storyline and Wytchmn75 not only made it all her own, but she also made it interesting, spooky and a very enjoyable read.

I had the opportunity to interview Alicia about her Fage entry:

Alicia, thank you so much for allowing me to interview you for the FAGE Guest Review on the FFA Blog.

  1. Tell me about the 3 prompts you received for the FAGE and why you chose the one you did.

The prompts I received were: Our couple meets during a zombie apocalypse. Our couple meets during a mermaid apocalypse (kidding but not really cause that would be awesome!) Our couple are competing shop owners and our couple both suffer from a fear of clowns and are trapped in a circus together.

I picked the mermaid one for two reasons: one it really seemed like that was the one Kat wanted; and two: I figured if I could pull it off, I'd feel comfortable with almost anything. Oh! And I love a challenge.

  1. You used your FAGE prompt brilliantly, making the usual rainbows and fluff mermaid genre more eerie and sinister. What inspired you to go down this route?

Thank you! Honestly, I was going to do something campy but wasn't sure how to do that. I didn't want it to be the Disney version either. After researching different myths I decided to just take some of each and make one up. And since it was supposed to be an apocalypse I thought a little dark would be better. I've never written dark before so it was fun.

  1. If we were to take a look at your FanFiction favourites, what preference would dominate them? All Human, Alternate Universe, With Vamps of Course?

Actually, a little of everything, but probably more All Human. When I first started reading fanfic, I was against AH but now I love it.

  1. I have an acoustic playlist that I never fail to listen too when writing. Do you have any playlists that you use when reading or writing Fanfiction and would you like to share them with us?

I always listen to music when writing. For the beginning of Dear Bella, I made a playlist on my iPod called "Heart Fail." For 100 Hours I listen to Rock and Alternative. But really it can change so suddenly.

  1. Tell me in 5 single words your reaction to FAGE.

Amazing. Talented. Original. Beautiful. Brilliant.

  1. How do you think FAGE benefited the group and would you take part again?

I think it was a great way to stretch our writing abilities and to get to know each other. Plus it opened us up to people that may have never read our stories before. Would I participate again? Probably.

It takes a very vivid imagination to make a plot most authors wouldn’t touch, not only readable but immensely enjoyable too. For something a little different but equally awesome, go read, review and rave about ‘Out of the Sea’

Claire ‘Bloom’ Guyan

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