Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guest Reviewer ~ Celesticbliss

So the FAGE reviews continue. This time 'round Celesticbliss takes time out to review one of my favorite authors, AcrossTheSkyInStars, and her story of a middle aged woman finding her future when she visits her past. This story has the perfect ending that will have you begging for more!

I got a chance to interview the author and here's what she had to say:

    1. Why an Alice story?

    I wrote an Alice story because I wanted to do something different. My recipient requested either an E/B or an A/J pairing. I've written E/B stories up until now and I figured I would take some liberties with my FAGE. I wanted it to be something new for me and it was honestly a lot of fun writing Alice, especially as an older woman.

    2. Did the storyline come to you right away, after you'd chosen your prompt?

    The idea didn't come right away. It took some time for me to work things out in my head. I wasn't sure what pairing I was going to do at first or what type of narration. I was toying with doing third person, but I decided to stick with Alice's POV. Once I had gotten those details worked out, I started creating Alice's character and the people in her life. It was easy once I actually began writing.

    3. If FAGE, or something similar, were to happen again would you enter again?

    I would DEFINITELY enter a FAGE again. It was so much fun and I would totally do another one. I think we should have a bi-annual FAGE. One around this time and one for Christmas!

    4. How do you think FAGE has helped FFA become a better place?

    I think FAGE has helped us a lot to communicate with authors we may not have talked to before. While we all chat and comment on the same things, we interacted more by writing stories for authors that we weren't particularly familiar with. I didn't use a FAGE beta, but I think working with different betas also helped people communicate with each other more. It's brought us closer :)

    5. You seem to have a few requests to continue your story, is it something you plan to do?

    GAH! Maybe. I like where I ended it for the time being, but I was thinking of extending it to 10 chapters, but not before I finish The Hunt. I want to give my other story my full attention before I start writing another one. I get too distracted when I do more than one.

    Thank you very much for your time and thanks for another great story!

    Thanks for the questions and the review!



Title: Champagne Supernova

Written for: afragilelittlehuman

Written By: AcrossTheSkyInStars

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: couple tries to avoid their old flames at their 20th high school reunion

This story starts out with an immediate element of mystery and surprise. Alice seems to have a lot of stereotypical Bella characteristics so I had to keep checking the POV to make sure I knew who I was reading. It was a nice change from the norm. As awkward as Alice was, she still stood strong in her Jimmy Choos. Goes to show that Alice’s fashion sense never wavers from fic to fic. Alice is single and trying to wrap her mind around attending a 20 year high school reunion because of a certain someone who will be attending. This also pointed out that we weren’t reading about a young frivolous Alice. This was a 37 year old every day girl that so many women can actually relate to. With a bittersweet SINGLE written on her form, she decides to go. I assumed immediately it was Jasper she was nervous to see so I read on anxious to know the past of these two.

The next chapter revealed the mystery man that Alice wasn’t looking forward to facing and let’s just say it wasn’t who I was expecting! The fic didn’t drag through awkward hellos and backstories at the reunion but Alice’s nerves didn’t let down until she had a few martini’s down. With a familiar face tending the bar and an unexpected guest saying hello, this just doesn’t stop surprising me!
If you’re looking for a pointless, smut filled fic that doesn’t have a very solid storyline then move on.

Not that there’s anything wrong with pointless smut.

Champagne SuperNova tells a story about a middle aged woman facing twenty year old demons and managing to find herself along the way. They say highschool is the most awkward time of a girl’s life but maybe it takes visiting the source years later to find your confidence.
After four chapters I was itching for more, yet I was satisfied knowing that things were headed in the right direction. The story did not wrap itself up in a pretty pink bow, instead it ended with a very realistic visual, something that will give every down-on-herself girl that warm and fuzzy that shows everything can be ok.



  1. Great review for a great fic. I love the banner, that is the perfect picture of Alice.


  2. Aw, I just read this now! I feel so shitty for not realizing it. Nobody told me :(

    In any case, THANK YOU, Kyndall, you're awesome. I adore your review for this and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I didn't feel the need to wrap it up into a nice little package because that isn't what the story was about. It was about Alice finding her way and moving on.

    In the end, she finds a way to move on.

    Thanks again, babe. You rock <3