Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly Rec's

Officer Dark Indie here and to my right, my literal right hand partner in crime Officer Porn Pusher. Each week we’re each going to try to bring to you some recs that we feel are more than worthwhile, and you should definitely be reading and leaving reviews for. We have 4 completed fics this week, ranging from All Human to Alternate Universe.

First up is Saren Kol’s The World is at Fault and He is to Blame.


A disaster neither could have prevented changed the lives of two teens. Years later she gladly disiplines the willing and he's looking to atone for his actions. If he wants to be punished, who is she to deny him? AH/OOC

I will state right off the bat this is not a BDSM fic. This is the story about a journey that two people take to move on from their past, and to try to come out on the other side with great understanding and appreciation for what they have. The very thing that got me, hook, line and sinker, was this excerpt from the Prologue:

Five slaps, that is all that Isa will allow once she sees my tears; enough to get me to let go and cry my eyes out. My mother always told me that sometimes she just needed a good cry to make her feel better. I never understood until Isa. I didn't understand a lot before Isa came into my life.

Once I am done sobbing in Isa's arms, she softly kisses the top of my head through her veil. Isa is no nonsense, get spanked, sob and go home. She is a nameless, faceless deliverer of justice.

These characters broke my heart and made it swell. Because sometimes you just need a good understanding of the past to let it go and move on to the future. Then there are times you just need a good cry. Saren Kol hits every mark and every emotion right on target through this whole story. So go and leave Officer Porn Pusher’s FB wife some love and let her know we sent ya.

Now for something from Our Favorite Porn Pusher....

Hey peeps! Officer PornPusher here. My recs for for this week are as follows:

Sinful Thoughts by our one and only Vampmama Fanfiction aka Readingmama aka Officer Spread’em.

Edward is adopted by the Swans at birth. How will Bella and Edward cope with their growing attraction when they think they are siblings? Rated M for uncomfortable situations, please read with caution

I fell in love with this story and its author the day New Moon came out in cinemas. I was stuck in Jordan, movie-less and lonely, and she was the only one who had updated her fic.

So began my love affair with Readingmama and her fics. She warns about uncomfortable situations, but in all honesty, this story is extremely classy and well written.

Read as B and E fight their undeniable attraction, before finally accepting it. The love these two have is solid and they are determined to stick together to the end, despite the obstacles along the way.

Russian Roullette. By Readingmama

FIRST PLACE WINNER 'Kill a Cullen Contest'. Six Friends sit in a room and pass around a gun, who will make it out alive?

Will this woman ever cease to amaze us with her writing? I don’t think I’ll live to see the day.
Edge of your seat tension as the gun is passed around in a game of Russian Roulette. Who will be the one to go? You’ll have to read and find out.

No Brainer By: Silverspoon aka Officer Buffy’s Stake and her RL sister WelshWitch1011

The only set of rules to abide by when Grandma rises from the grave. Harold Camping parody anyone? AU. Collab between WelshWitch1011 and Silverspoon. Some Dean/Jo implied


The Rapture? Zombie Apocalypse? A blog on how to deal, written by Jo? What would Sam and Dean Winchester do? Read and laugh your ass off at the ideas they suggest …but wait… it’s happening for real?

So go forth and read and please leave these hard working authors some love and you can tell them Zen and Indie from FFA Anon sent ya J!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

G'day Mate!

For those of you who aren't aware, FFA-ers around the world have been organising meet ups with fellow members. The FFA Admin team are thrilled with this, and to celebrate, we will be posting pictures and little write ups.
If you have hosted / attended a meet up, the Blog team want to hear from you! Please email us on ffablog@hotmail.com, let us know who you have met with and perhaps supply a picture and we will share it with every one!
♥ Beibs.

Kyndall and Quntum Fizzx

Robrator & Sydney Twi Mum

Indie TLC Cullen and CLM (Cullen LovingMom)

Friday, May 13, 2011

FFA Talent Show!

The members of FFA possess talent by the bucket-loads; a fact that is certainly reflected in the collective awesomeness of their writing. Whilst ficfiction is something that we all have in common, (and share on a regular basis), a few of us at FFN thought it may be fun with a side of embarrassing to see what other talents our members boast.

Over the months it has emerged that we have actors, dancers, singers, artists, and a plethora of performers of all nature within our midst. However, very few of us have ever revealed these talents to the wider public. Therefore, on that note, let us introduce to you our newest and, dare I say, most exciting competition to date; The Fanficaholics Anon Talent Show!

Participation is open to members of Fanficaholics Anon ONLY, and there will be three categories to participate in. Please read below for a full list of rules and regulations regarding your entry in each category.

All participants are required to make a video of their talent (where possible), which should then be uploaded to the FFA forum and also onto your Facebook profile for judging.

The competition will be open from 13th May 2011 until 13th June 2011, giving members one full month to perfect and perform their act. No entries will be accepted after 12:00pm GMT on the closing date.

Judges will not be permitted to enter the competition, but an example video will be provided for your amusement!

Entries will then be judged by a panel of officers, and three video performances/entries will be selected.

It will then be up to the members of FFA to vote for their favourite act from the three finalists. A first, second and third place will eventually be assigned to these entries.

Your judges are Silverspoon (Officer Buffy’s Stake), General-Of Fanficanon (The Creator), Zenoneness Fanfiction (Officer Porn Pusher), Indie Tlc Cullen (Officer Dark Indie), and Kyndall Viscia (Officer Lemon-Aide).

This competition is strictly for fun and there will be no material or monetary prize offered. Remember to have a blast, and shine like the stars we know you are!

Category 1 – Performance Based Entries
1. Any entry that includes the following will be categorised as a Performance Based Entry; singing, acting, dancing, gymnastics, mime, ventriloquism, musical instrument performances.
2. Entries should last a minimum of thirty seconds but no more than ninety seconds.
3. Singing performances must not include other music or a backing track.
4. No swearing, profanity or otherwise inappropriate performances, please.
5. All entries should be titled with the name of the piece plus your full name as it is known in FFA, and also your age.
6. The performance submitted must have been filmed for the purpose of this competition. Any entry that depicts a previous, public or professional performance will be disqualified.
7. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry at any time with or without explanation to the entrant. This will only occur in extreme circumstances.

Category 2 – Art and Design Based Entries
1. Any entry that includes the following will be categorised as an Art and Design Based Entry; a drawing, a photograph, a video, a photo manipulation, a mock book cover, an alternative trailer, an alternative music video.
2. Entries that are impossible to provide a video for (e.g. a piece of artwork, a photograph, etc.) should still be uploaded to the FFA forum and also onto your Facebook profile as a photograph document. Please ‘tag’ the judges in all entries.
3. Video entries can include music or songs (no profanity please), but may not reference fanfiction. It is acceptable to make a video based on a book, TV show, and movie, with any character pairing, but please do not include fanfiction links and/or titles.
4. All entries should be titled with the name of the piece plus your full name as it is known in FFA, and also your age.
5. The piece submitted must be created for the sole purpose of this competition. Any piece found to have been previously created will be disqualified.
6. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry at any time with or without explanation to the entrant. This will only occur in extreme circumstances.

Category 3 – Other Talents
1. Any entry that cannot be categorised under the above two categories will be classed as Other Talents.
2. If the entrant is unsure whether their talent is ‘suitable’ they should contact one of the judges via Facebook before posting.
3. Video entries for this category should last no longer than thirty seconds but for a minimum of ten seconds.
4. No swearing, profanity or otherwise offensive entries, please.
5. All entries should be titled with the name of the talent plus your full name as it is known in FFA, and also your age.
6. The piece submitted must be created for the sole purpose of this competition. Any piece found to have been previously created will be disqualified.
7. The judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry at any time with or without explanation to the entrant. This will only occur in extreme circumstances.

Should you have any further questions, please contact one of the aforementioned judges who will
be happy to answer as soon as possible.

Example Video By Silver Spoon

Friday, May 6, 2011

May member profile!!

Ashes at Midnight

TGB: So, for the benefit of our members, what is your real name.

A@M: I think a few people already know this, but it is Lia. Pronounced Lee-ah. Because for some reason people think it's pronounced Ly-a. IDK LMAO. Mum got it off this italian ice skater at the winter olympics.

TGB: Seriously?

A@M: Seriously. On both accounts, she was considering 'Heaven' before that rolls eyes

TGB: Is she a VC Andrews fan?

A@M: Um...I think it was more Heaven by Simply Red http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGbREuyYNZM LMAO.

TGB: LOL ok, moving on then....

A@M: Thank the goddess

TGB: How did your pen name come about?

A@M: Well I have always like midnight; it's a beautiful time of night, strange stuff happens. The ashes come from the mythology that some vampires turn to ash in the sunlight. I just thought it was ironic if there was ashes at midnight.

TGB: Anyone that has spoken to you at all should know that you are a Buffy girl... do you remember what first drew you to the Buffy-verse???.

A@M: Not really....it was 1996 and I was 8. But I do remember what kept me hooked, vampires and David Boreanaz. :D.

TGB: David & Angel are definitely worth sticking around for!!

A@M: I got back into this series a couple of years ago after getting all the dvds and watching them again.. And yes, he is :P That's why I’m watching Bones at the moment as well.

TGB: Mmmmm Booth! So tell me, who is responsible for bringing us Ashesatmidnight?? .

A@M: My wifey Silverspoon. :D I didn't expect to get hooked to this, But you peeps are stuck with me now!

TGB: So tell me, what do you do?.

A@M: I am studying graphic design, and working part time..

TGB: That’s pretty cool - i know squat about graphic design so - insert polite conversation here ->.

A@M: Ok well graphic design is a lot of different things. I could choose to do things like web page design, packaging design, advertising....or illustration. Which is what I want to do. Which would be drawing/designing things like posters, cd covers, book covers, picture books, comics...things like that..

TGB: WOW that really does sound cool!

A@M: Getting paid to draw? I cannot see a downside. Of course, it's competitive. But hopefully i am good enough..

TGB: Ummm I've seen your drawings - they are awesome on all sorts of levels!

Drawn for FFA'S True Blood Month, by AshesatMidnight

A@M: Thanks :P I'm in my final year so it's getting hectic!!!.

TGB: perhaps just one more? Tell us something fun;

A@M: I have gone white water rafting. In Austria, that was fun... Went on an 18-day Contiki tour in 08'. I went Started in London, went to Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Austria, Venice, Rome, Florence, Swiss alps, and Paris. :D HECTIC.

TGB: Did you have a hash brownie in Amsterdam?

A@M: LMAO. No, but I will not look at a 'coffee shop' the same way again! We did go to the red light district and watched a 'show' :P that was...a cultural experience. I was in the front row :P.

TGB: I’m not sure that I’d want to imagine that!

A@M: friends and I were gawking, laughing and blushing all at the same time. It was...interesting. Putting it mildly. I really loved Florence and Venice, and Switzerland because I got to see snow for the first time. The first time I saw snow I said "Wow, it's a lot colder than it looks on TV" .

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Spotlight Author - Vampmama

She has 29 fic to her name, looks great in a corset, has killer boots and a big whip… who am I talking about? This month’s Spotlight Member – VampMama aka ReadingMama, aka Officer Spread ‘Em

Vampmama is part of the stitching that holds FFA together, a big number of us can thank her for our membership at FFA (myself included).

Banner by Across the Sky in Stars.

For those of you who participated in FAGE, you have Vampmama to thank. Singlehandedly she organises the yearly event, assigns prompts, betas, pimps, teases and whips until we have the sparkling gem that we all love.

As well as all of this – she is a fantastic Beta, for which I am eternally greatful! And she writes some kickass fics.

My personal Favorite is the Friendly Skies. I often find myself re-reading it just to get my daily dose of Jace smutt!
It finds Clary on a business trip, and Jace as a cocky, flight attendant who has a habit of wooing the ladies.
Despite realising that Jace is clearly a ladies man Clary lets herself enjoy a passionate romp on the plane… You can find the story here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6776312/1/The_Friendly_Skies

Once you’ve read it and want more, join me in my petition for VampMama to continue this fic!

A few of the officers wanted to say a few words to VampMama, so im gonna hand the mic over, Firstly to the General.

Vampmama/Tiffany came to FFA via Claire & Tanya. Tiffany has done so much for FFA as a whole, but for me, personally, she is pure gold. She has such a bubbly persona that it always rubs off on those around her. I'm guranteed to smile when chatting to her and I miss her when she's not around.
Not only is she a great person, she's a fantastic writer. She is the ONLY author that can write uncomfortable situations with class and make readers want things they would otherwise never have owned up to wanting.
I love her dearly and I truly hope that people take the time this month reading all her amazing stories. She deserves all the love she receives. ♥

And this one is from Mezz MeriseMe

What is there to say about our dear Officer Spread ‘Em, other than she is one of the best writers and women I have ever met in the fandom. She is funny, witty, talented beyond belief, and an all around pleasure to know and have as part of FFA. Vampmama put a lot of time and effort into putting together the annual FFA FAGE, which had a tremendous turnout this past year with forty members participating, among many others that helped to beta and make banners; she also helps with other behind the scenes work that helps to run FFA and make it the place we all love. She writes incredible stories with great detail, wording and imagination; I always look forward to her updates.

FFA would not be the place it is with out VampMama and we are all thrilled to present her to you as this months member spotlight.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

truths, tats and taking it all off....

Hello my lovelies! Officer Panty Flashes here with an AMAZING fic rec for The Mortal Instruments month. I know, the title of the post sounds like me just talking about a regular day in my life but, I assure you, this is SO. MUCH. BETTER.
Now, I am going to give you a minute to fetch some things that you will need for this story. Go grab a cozy blanket, a box of tissues, some fruit loops, maybe a nice scoop of ice cream and some chocolate. Go ahead, I will wait. *snuggles up in my pink playboy blanket*. Okay you're all back now with everything you need? Good now come sit by me and lets get this show on the road.
So, I'll tell you first off I love the Mortal Instruments books. Love. Them. In the same vein, I will also admit to reading only a handful of TMI fics and flouncing most of them. They just couldn't capture the feeling and emotions that were so prevalent in the series and that made them so magical and unable to be put down (well, the first 3.5 books anyway but that is a matter of opinion). HOWEVER there was one fic that has me absoutely spellbound. To say it owns me is not an understatement. I want to have it's baby and, as you all know I am a Twi-girl so me saying that about a fic outside of the fandom? Has only happened twice. This rec is for the first of the two.
This story has so much emotion and the characters are so richly written that I found myself forgetting that I was not reading the actual books.
I know, you guys are probably saying "Come ON Pups! All this flowery prose and the list and the teasing! Just tell us what the rec is!!!!". Well, my kittens, if you have read the fic you may have already guessed. If not, well, let me enlighten you.
My dear little fawns, my rec for TMI month was written by one of my favorite people in the whole world (literally). The author is mind bogglingly talented, funny as hell, sweeter than those fruit loops you are eating and one of those people I am proud to call a friend. Without any further ado, my must read TMI fic is (drumroll please).....

Possessions by This Guilty Blood AKA Officer TGBiebs!!!!!

I know from the second that TMI month was announced that this fic would be getting my rec. TGBiebs has created such a realistic, honest, achingly beautiful and REAL story that literally manages to astound me with every new chapter.

Clary and Jace are best friends and occasional (platonic (on her part), non-sexual, achingly hot) sleeping partners in New York City. When Clary suffers a horrible heartache can Jace pick up the pieces and put her back together again?

I can't go into to much detail without spoiling the fic for you but let me just say that Possessions is an incredibly beautiful, achingly realistic, tear-jearkingly sad, sexy as hell and amazingly addictive read. In short? Possessions gets ten out of ten pink lace panty flashes from me.

Now my babes, go, read and leave our very own Officer TGBiebs some serious love, the woman beyond deserves it no? Once love is left, come back here and tell me what you thought. Biebs baby, we all love you and hope that this did you justice!

Pole dances,
Officer Panty Flashes