Friday, May 6, 2011

May member profile!!

Ashes at Midnight

TGB: So, for the benefit of our members, what is your real name.

A@M: I think a few people already know this, but it is Lia. Pronounced Lee-ah. Because for some reason people think it's pronounced Ly-a. IDK LMAO. Mum got it off this italian ice skater at the winter olympics.

TGB: Seriously?

A@M: Seriously. On both accounts, she was considering 'Heaven' before that rolls eyes

TGB: Is she a VC Andrews fan?

A@M: Um...I think it was more Heaven by Simply Red LMAO.

TGB: LOL ok, moving on then....

A@M: Thank the goddess

TGB: How did your pen name come about?

A@M: Well I have always like midnight; it's a beautiful time of night, strange stuff happens. The ashes come from the mythology that some vampires turn to ash in the sunlight. I just thought it was ironic if there was ashes at midnight.

TGB: Anyone that has spoken to you at all should know that you are a Buffy girl... do you remember what first drew you to the Buffy-verse???.

A@M: Not was 1996 and I was 8. But I do remember what kept me hooked, vampires and David Boreanaz. :D.

TGB: David & Angel are definitely worth sticking around for!!

A@M: I got back into this series a couple of years ago after getting all the dvds and watching them again.. And yes, he is :P That's why I’m watching Bones at the moment as well.

TGB: Mmmmm Booth! So tell me, who is responsible for bringing us Ashesatmidnight?? .

A@M: My wifey Silverspoon. :D I didn't expect to get hooked to this, But you peeps are stuck with me now!

TGB: So tell me, what do you do?.

A@M: I am studying graphic design, and working part time..

TGB: That’s pretty cool - i know squat about graphic design so - insert polite conversation here ->.

A@M: Ok well graphic design is a lot of different things. I could choose to do things like web page design, packaging design, advertising....or illustration. Which is what I want to do. Which would be drawing/designing things like posters, cd covers, book covers, picture books, comics...things like that..

TGB: WOW that really does sound cool!

A@M: Getting paid to draw? I cannot see a downside. Of course, it's competitive. But hopefully i am good enough..

TGB: Ummm I've seen your drawings - they are awesome on all sorts of levels!

Drawn for FFA'S True Blood Month, by AshesatMidnight

A@M: Thanks :P I'm in my final year so it's getting hectic!!!.

TGB: perhaps just one more? Tell us something fun;

A@M: I have gone white water rafting. In Austria, that was fun... Went on an 18-day Contiki tour in 08'. I went Started in London, went to Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Austria, Venice, Rome, Florence, Swiss alps, and Paris. :D HECTIC.

TGB: Did you have a hash brownie in Amsterdam?

A@M: LMAO. No, but I will not look at a 'coffee shop' the same way again! We did go to the red light district and watched a 'show' :P that was...a cultural experience. I was in the front row :P.

TGB: I’m not sure that I’d want to imagine that!

A@M: friends and I were gawking, laughing and blushing all at the same time. It was...interesting. Putting it mildly. I really loved Florence and Venice, and Switzerland because I got to see snow for the first time. The first time I saw snow I said "Wow, it's a lot colder than it looks on TV" .


  1. haha I loved it! I like how you came about your name and am severely jealous of your touring Europe!! That is always something I have wanted to do! And you are a fantastic artist! <3 Glad you happened upon us (thanks SS!!) and do hope we're stuck with you because you're an awesome addition to our group! Great job on the interview!! <3

  2. "Wow, it's a lot colder than it looks on TV" . <<< that is so something I would say LMAO! LOVED this!!!
    I heart Lia and I can't wait to meet her. Even more so now x