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FFA Other Fandom Review

TLC reviews and recommends
'Descending in Love'
A Star Wars Fanfiction

This review is dedicated to my favorite southern vampire, Eddie DcCullen. Thanks to his wonderful submission of one of my favorite all time director’s, Kevin Smith opinion on Twilight, I was reminded of a movie I carried a torch for. So, thanks be to Eddie, I love you with all my heart, and another big thank you goes to the great Kevin Smith, whose speech at Comic Con helped me greatly. Without them, I would have no idea which fandom to choose.

There are two, huge fandom’s aside from Twilight in this world. In my experience, you either belong to one of the other. You can’t be belong to both, because the fans of each are mortal enemies. I am talking about Star Trek and Star Wars.

I am a Star Wars fan, have been since I was little girl. I saw Return of the Jedi for the first time when I was three or four . . . . God Bless the Ewoks! I have seen every movie in the theaters at least once, if not multiple times, and I will always hold this story near to my heart.

One would think that as far as fanfics go, Star Wars stories would be numerous, but that is not the case on Actually, Star Wars stories make up only one-sixth of the amount of fics as Twilight. This fact surprised me.

The characters I chose to delve into were Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker, again not much to be found for recent fics in the M-rating, so I dropped down to T-rating and found gold. There were a number of series to be found as well as epic and short fics. I found one with an interesting twist by LadyDae.

The fic I chose was Descending in Love; it’s a completed work, but has a sequel with a few chapters posted. She seems to update quite frequently which is always a plus in my book.

Descending in Love takes a whole different direction and looks into a possible reason for Ahsoka’s fall into the dark side. After a few years of being Anakin’s padawan, she realizes that, no matter how hard she’s tried not to, she has fallen in love with her master which is against the Code of the Jedi. She can’t seem to stop her feelings no matter how far away or how long it’s been since they have seen each other.

She’s a girl just on the verge of womanhood and training to become a Jedi Knight. Nothing is easy, and she’s left feeling confused, hurt, and angry—all of which are contrary to her quest to become a Jedi. She witnesses things she shouldn’t see and hears things she shouldn’t hear which does nothing but add fuel to the already igniting fire inside.

As you read this story, you feel her emotions brewing on the inside and can’t help but feel for her. I am sure she wouldn’t want your sympathy; because she’s strong and can do anything she puts the force to.

Then, there’s Anakin, returning home after being gone for several months. All he wants is be near his angel, Padme. He discovers that things have changed since he saw her last and are about to change in more ways still.

He feels a struggle within himself of who he’s becoming and who he should be and through all of this he can also feel Ahsoka’s struggle as well. He does everything he feels is right thing to do to try to find the balance he so desperately needs to make things right again.

I think that’s all the information that I am going to give you, because you really should read it for yourself. So go my young padawan and may the force be with you. Plus, I already let you know there is a sequel, so hopefully, that will put you at ease . . . .

Mwahahaha . . . .

In the words of Jay . . . snoochie poochies!

Theresa L Cullen

Links for the author and fic

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100 Pictures ~ An Anon Fanfic Competition

100 Pictures
An Anon Fanfic Competition

This will be an anonymous competition open only to members of FanficAholics Anon. Stories will be written based on a picture prompt which will be selected by from 100 pictures chosen by the judges.
These stories can be any fandom, any pairing, including cross-overs.
A Secret Society of Beta's and Reader Only panel will be set up to help authors and judges.


1. You must be a member of FanficAholics Anon to enter.
2. NO incest or rape.
3. This is a one-shot competition. Stories must have a minimum of 1,500 and a maximum of 10,000 words.
4. All stories must remain anonymous. If we discover you have told anyone which is your story, you will be instantly disqualified. *Note: This includes talking outside of FFA.
5. The stories cannot be posted on your profiles (FFN, Twilighted, TWCS or anywhere else) until the competition has closed and the winners announced.
6. You will receive one picture. If you do not like that picture, you get one free second chance. At your request, another picture will be randomly selected and sent to you. THERE WILL BE NO THIRD CHANCES.
7. You may not have anyone pre-read your stories and must only send the story to the beta assigned to you by CLM.

Schedule for entrants:

1. In order to enter, email A return email will be sent to you with your picture and the header you will need to attach to your story. This header will be removed before it is posted in the FFN profile contest entries, but we ask that you attach the header when you post it to your profile after the contest is over.
2. Sign up deadline is Monday, 2nd of August, 2010.
3. All authors must then contact us again before 20th of September to receive an email with their beta’s contact information. We can give you details of your Beta at any point if you need some hand holding to help you through. CLM has also volunteered to help authors troubleshoot or with any writer’s block or plot problems.
4. Completed, already Beta'd stories are to be emailed by 11:59 CST on Monday 4th of October 2010 to be validated *Note: NO entries will be accepted after this date.
5. Stories will be posted by Sunday 10th of October
6. Voting will begin on the 11th of October and will end at 11:59 pm CST on the 31st of October
7. The winners will be announced 1st of November


1. Ferla, Vampiremama, more to be announced.
2. Keeper of anon: CullenLovingMom
3. The Secret Society will remain secret. If we find that any have stepped outside the rules, they will be removed from the competition all together.

Secret Beta's:

1. All those interested are to email by Monday the 2nd of August.
2. A small grammar and spelling test will be sent to you, which you must complete and send back by Monday the 9th of August.
3. If accepted, you will not be allowed to enter the competition.
4. You are to remain as anonymous as the stories you Beta. No word is to be breathed about ANY stories you beta. *Note: Those who disobey not only ruin it for others, but run the risk of being disqualified from any future competitions. Plus, Officer Spread'em will get her shiny, new Judges whip out and tan your ass.

Secret Readers:

Anyone interested must email All secret readers must meet the following critera:
1. You have NEVER published a fanfiction.
2. You MUST be over 18
3. You are comfortable reading multiple fandoms (HP, Twilight, LOTR etc.)
4. You are comfortable reading any couples, including slash.
5. You are willing to take an oath to keep all stories a secret. This means that you must NOT TELL ANYONE that you are on the readers panel. Anyone caught spilling the beans will get the same punishment as the Beta's.
6. You are able to give detailed, constructive criticism on every component within a story ( plot, character, etc.)

The readers’ panel is separate from the judging panel. They will also serve as judges in the competition and choose winners.
If you have emailed Creator already with your application, please email your interest again. I apologize for the confusion, but I don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks.

In your email, please tell us how you meet the criteria described above.

This is the perfect time, for those who have been thinking of writing but haven't to take the plunge! There will be a variety of awards given out by the judges and Reader’s panel, as well as a voting round for everyone to choose their faves!

Please follow the rules, and things will run along smoothly! Don't yawn! It catches on! If one person messes up the rules, it could very well mess it up for everyone else.
All competition updates and time reminders will be posted on the blog, so please make sure you are following it! CullenLovingMom, Vampiremama, and Creator-of Fanficanon will also post updates on their profiles so please make sure you are following these profiles on Facebook!

Good luck to everyone!

FFA Other Fandom Review

QuantumFizzx Reviews
'Finding Himself' by Minisinoo
A Harry Potter Fanfic

And so the Lion fell in love with the Badger…

Finding Himself has to be one of the best-written, most thought-provoking, intriguing and emotionally sensual stories I’ve ever read.

I don’t mean to limit that statement to fanfiction; I mean it is one of the best stories I’ve ever read.

I don’t believe one would need to be a Harry Potter fan to appreciate this story. Heck, hit Ctrl alt F and change the names to Edward & Bella if you must – just read it. I read all the Harry Potter books in the spring of last year as part of project and I found this story between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I mention this only because I was so incredibly impressed with the way in which Minisnoo integrated canon plot points and remained utterly faithful to the characters Rowling created in this Alternate Universe tale.

It’s an alternate universe triggered by a single event: Cedric is hit with a curse other than the Killing Curse. This is a Cedric-centric story. The-Boy-Who-Lived makes only a few appearances; this story belongs to the The-Boy-Who-Almost-Died. I never gave two figs for Cedric Diggory as a character before reading this story and I plead the fifth on my original
reaction to Robert Pattinson in the film. Rowling set Cedric up as a golden boy but never hammered home how incredibly gifted he had to have been to be selected as the Hogwarts Champion even though he was not in his final year. Minisnoo notices this detail however and uses it to show how things might’ve played out if Cedric was still in the picture.

I cannot stress enough though that what is so compelling about this story is the character growth of Cedric as he truly is “finding himself” while he deals with the aftermath of the curse and a falls in love for the first time. Oh, the love story, folks. So amazing.

She makes Cedric a full-fledged three-dimensional character and I cannot think of another love
story in which I was ever more invested than this one.

1) What inspired you to pursue a major storyline revolving around one of the more minor Potter characters?

It actually goes back to the first HP story I wrote at all, called “The Best Thing I Ever Did,” which involved Amos Diggory’s story (in first person) after Cedric’s death. While the elder Diggory wasn’t terribly sympathetic in the books, in the films, he was far more so, in part due to things left out (no time to go into detail), and also due to the acting job of Jeff Rawle, who played him. As the mother of an only child (also a son) I was struck by the scene in which Harry returns with Cedric’s body. There is no worse blow the heart can suffer than to lose a child. I know that as a former bereavement counselor (lists of the top stresses on people’s lives have been made and remade, and the death of a child and death of a spouse always occupy the top two positions) – but I also know it as a mother who (like most parents) fears ever having to face that. When it’s the only child you have … So I wrote “The Best Thing I Ever Did.” In the writing of the short story, I had to do some thinking about Cedric, not just Amos, and decided he must be a more interesting character than Jo Rowling ever had time to show us – or than needed/should be shown for the role he played in the books. So gradually, an idea of who he might have been emerged, explored in “The Way I See It,” another short story, which in turn became a sort of background for the Cedric of Finding Himself.

There are always multiple sides to a story, so taking Harry’s story in Book 5, then looking at it from the point of view of other characters involved made it new.

2) It might be said that Rowling intentionally left Cedric as a symbolic character for her purposes. Did you always find Cedric intriguing, or, at least, see the character’s potential for more?

See above. J And yes, I agree that Rowling did intend him to be symbolic – a foil for Harry. Had she developed him beyond a 2D character, he wouldn’t have worked for her purposes. I had other purposes.

3) You have written several stories across several different fandoms. I read a piece you’d written a few years ago in which you said you were once confronted with the possibility that you are not actually writing about canon characters, since the original characters are “boring.” This seems like a backhanded compliment of sorts. The characters are not boring in your hands. Do you feel that the complexity of the characters was more of your making or that you expounded upon what the original author(s) had established? Essentially, do you see what you put on the page as the natural progression of what Rowling might’ve done if Cedric had lived and been the central character or more of an original piece inspired by her work?

First, thank you. Second, as a character writer, one of the challenges is to thoroughly understand a character, although some seem clearer to us than others. I find Cedric, Hermione, Dumbledore, even Harry all much easier to write than Ron, for instance … which is one reason I tend to skirt around Ron in stories. I’ve been accused before of “hating” Ron because he takes a backseat. In fact, I like Ron, and it’s because I like him that I let him take a backseat, so I don’t inadvertently do him an injustice. (For a short take on Ron, see my “Little Things,” which has nothing at all to do with FH, and is actually about his love for Hermione. But it’s short because I find Ron’s voice tough to hear.)

In any case, a character writer attempts to get through to the core of a character and what makes him or her tick. This is more than a mere collection of facts. I’ve written various version of Cedric in which some of the facts are altered, but I think he’s still (at the core) the same character – and that character is very much based on Rowling’s books.

For more on that, go here:

For my take on CANON (e.g., Rowling’s) Cedric, I wrote a (rather long, I fear) character exploration that was posted not to my live journal, but to another. It can be found here:

“Symbol, Cypher and Foil: Will the real Cedric Diggory please stand up?”

In that article, I explain the character as I understand Rowling to have written him, using all the little clues given us in the books. THAT is what I then started with, in order to develop the character in Finding Himself. So yes, I do see him as, essentially, Rowling’s character and I would hope that, were she ever to read the novel she would not find him to be someone utterly different from what she had in mind … even if he may be fleshed out, with details of a past (not to mention a future) that she never specifically imagined for him. I don’t think the character in FH does violence to or is radically different from her original.

4) Do you have a background that lends itself to writing?

I have a BA in creative writing, and I’m a published author in RL.

5) Are your professional colleagues aware of your fanfiction work? What do they say about it, or, what would they say if they knew?

No, they are not. There’s a reason I use a pseudonym. ;> Fanfiction is regarded with varying degrees of ridicule and disdain by both professional writers and the publishing industry, as well as by others. Even if people find a story they like, or a well-written story is pointed out, for many, it becomes “the exception.” But fanfiction is much like a publishing house slushpile. (A “slushpile” are all the unsolicited manuscripts or manuscript partials that publishers, and agents, receive in the mail as submissions. E.g., it’s everything BEFORE anyone goes through it to begin sorting into really good, pretty good, has-potential-but-not-there-yet, and never-in-this-lifetime.) Less than 10% of that is publishable quality, although a larger percentage may be a lot of fun to read, nonetheless, or at least is readable. The fact fanfiction has no “filter” must be kept in mind -- fanfiction is folk art -- with all the charm, unexpected beauty, and also some mind-numbingly bad examples that one finds in ANY type of folk art from crocheting to hand-made furniture to amateur photography ... many of which hobbies are dissed rather less.

I’ve written some journal entries on why write fanfiction, and how (and why) it’s a valid pursuit. But given the world’s penchant for answers in 30-second soundbytes, not to mention a love of gossip, no, I have no intention of telling my colleagues that I write fanfiction as I doubt most of them would trouble to ask why. They’d simply react (mostly negatively) in a way they wouldn’t if I told them I knitted in my spare time.

6) According to, you partially retired from fanfiction this year. Is this the case? If so, do you hope to return? What lead to this decision?

Yes, I have. And no, at present, I don’t plan to return, but I’ve learned never to say “never,” so we’ll leave it at that. And what led to it … mostly that I ran out of stories I felt inspired to tell. I’ve been writing fanfiction as a hobby for 10 years. I never expected to write more than the very first story! So it’s probably more of a surprise that I stayed than that I’ve finally run out of inspiration/juice. It’s time to move on and do other things, I think. But who knows? I may be back someday.

7) What inspired you to make Hermione the love interest in the story?

She and Cedric made sense to me, as a couple – more than Hermione and Ron. As noted above, I actually like Ron. And I also like Hermione. But I’ve never quite bought them as a couple, I confess. While they work for me fine as a teen romance, most people don’t marry their childhood sweethearts. Instead, the dating process in our teens (and even 20s and above) is designed to help us figure out WHO suits us. We’re not finished growing yet. While I enjoyed Rowling’s books, I had issues with almost all of her final (major) pairings, with the possible exception of Harry and Ginny, who I can see working mostly because Harry himself is in a VERY peculiar place and, unlike most of us, has a small pool of potential mates who can/will see him past his fame. Harry suffers from the same problems that many celebrities do. In any case, Hermione and Ron struck me as working for their youth, but unlikely to last unless one or both changed significantly. It’s a divorce waiting to happen, I fear -- which may sound terribly cynical, but I’ve earned my cynicism via experience and watching life. What we think is right for us at 21 may not be at 41, or even 31. I see too many potential long-term stressors between Hermione and Ron.

In any case, that’s mostly about why I don’t see Hermione and Ron as working. Why Hermione and Cedric, given my cautions above about youthful romance? Their personalities are more complementary while their interests/mission are shared. Cedric gives Hermione’s pragmatism heart, and she grounds his occasional flights of fancy. He needs someone to challenge him intellectually and she needs someone who isn’t threatened by her because he has ambitions/is successful enough himself. I hate to say it, but IME, “smart girls” have a hard time finding partners than do “smart boys.” There’s a reason a large number of women with Ph.Ds are either not married or divorced and never remarried. We don’t see the same numbers among men with Ph.Ds. It’s not fair, but it is reality, at least at this point in our cultural “growth.” Perhaps in 50 years, that won’t be the case and “smart girls” won’t have to deal with men who can’t deal with them (at least long-term), but for now, it’s a problem. Like Harry, Hermione’s pool of potential partners is smaller, if not for the same reasons. She has to marry someone not afraid of becoming “Mr. Hermione Granger.” Cedric suits. (Ironically, I see a lot of similarity between Hermione and Hillary Clinton – another really smart ambitious woman. Bill Clinton is a “large” enough figure in both charisma and ability to be pared with Hillary, and similarly, Cedric is too … although one could hope he’d be more faithful in the bedchamber.)

8) The intimate scenes in this story are unique in comparison to many fanfiction pieces in that they are both awkward and erotic. I ask if you’d mind sharing your method or approach to this coming-of-age intimate moments.

A lot has to do with my approach to writing period. Flannery O’Conner once said, “Fiction is after truth.” I write with that in mind. I don’t think that sex has to go swimmingly for it to be “hot,” but also, sometimes the point of a scene isn’t the titillation factor. In fact, I’d suggest that (unless one is writing erotica) if the main/only point of the scene IS titillation, it doesn’t belong there at all. ALL scenes in a story should contribute to the furthering of the plot/story/characterization as a whole. A scene that doesn’t needs to be cut. That goes for any scene, including sex scenes. Sex may “sell,” but that’s not good enough for putting it in a story, imo. That may make me a writing elitist, but it comes back around to why I write in the first place. “Fiction is after truth.” Finding Himself is a coming-of-age story, and learning about sex, and about our own ways of being with another intimately are part of the growing-up process. So that had a lot to do with what I wrote and how sex is depicted.

9) The tale is incredibly parallel to cannon but with a meld of a few of the film elements. Was this a conscious decision on your part to incorporate the two or was it a natural progression? How important to you was to you to stay on the parallel course after the significant alteration of keeping Cedric alive?

The meld of film elements (largely at the beginning from the 4th film, “Goblet of Fire”) was very intentional. I liked the way they handled the maze there, among other things. At the time I wrote the novel, the 5th film hadn’t been released, so there was no question of using it. While I don’t think all film adaptations are necessarily good, I also don’t find it necessary to slavishly follow a book on film. In fact, doing so will sometimes WRECK the film, as not all books transfer well. A book is a written medium, not a visual one. Each allows things the other can’t mimic.

In any case, I should also add that my original fandom was X-Men, in which there are often multiple storylines and several “books” (a comicbook series is called a “book” as it IS a graphic novel in serial format). These several books and storylines sometimes conflict or are mutually contradictory. There were also film versions of comics, and I wrote in both X-Men “movieverse” and “comicverse,” and melded those, so I was used to that way of working. It was more accepted there. When I first moved into HP, in fact, some fanfic readers were thrown by my ease of taking from various mediums. They got over it (or they quit reading me altogether). *grin* So it was a very deliberate decision to utilize some elements from the films at the beginning of Finding Himself.

As for the Parallel canon – that was mostly a challenge to myself. How closely COULD I keep Cedric’s story to Harry’s … yet tell a completely unique tale that wasn’t simply a rehash? I’ve seen (usually inexperienced) writers try to retell events before from the POV of another character and to be frank, it’s often boring because there’s nothing that different about it. The dialogue is repeated verbatim, and if the observations might be a little different, not much original is invented. In fact, in writing FH, I actively tried to avoid too much repetition of conversations lifted from the books (or film). First, I assumed anybody reading the novel would have read the novels, so it was unnecessary. I assumed readers would know the basic course of events. In fact, since, I’ve had people tell me they’ve read FH without being actual fans of the HP novels, and read it because A) they followed me from other fandoms, B) a friend strong-armed them into reading it, or C) [more recently] they’re fans of Twilight, which stars the same actor (Robert Pattinson) in a leading role who played Cedric. So now, I do occasionally stumble over offers from one reader to another of, “I’ll summarize what happened in the book if you didn’t read it,” in order to understand Finding Himself. But while that’s terribly flattering (that people would read my novel without having read the Potter novels first), it certainly wasn’t anything I ever imagined would happen, so the novel was never written for readers unfamiliar with Potter! I have written novels before that could be read by anyone regardless of their familiarity with the source material. I have two such “prequel” novels in X-men – An Accidental Interception of Fate and Special: the genesis of Cyclops – and both were deliberately written in a way that assumed nothing and included everything one would need to know. Finding Himself was not written like that. When novelists (or short story writers) approach a story, they (should be)/are writing FOR a particular audience. FH was written for fans of Potter. That it’s gone on since to be read by non-Potter fans surprises me as much as anyone!

Reviewed/Recommended by QuantumFizzx

Fanfiction link:

A PDF version of the story 'Finding Himself' developed like a novel, with front cover art by Puguita is available. If you're interested in receiving this PDF document please email Quantum FizzX via Facebook.

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Gone with the Wind Fanfiction

ZenOne recommends and reviews
'Intoxicatingly Immoral'
A Gone with the Wind Fanfiction

Author penname: DREAMGWTW

Oh.My! This story is soo well written I could kiss the author.

It starts off like always; Scarlett trying to find away to make more money. She is married to Frank, contemplating a way to get some cash in order to take care of her family. She decides to turn to, none other, than Rhett Butler.

*SWOON* he's my homeboy.

Of course Scarlett still loves Ashley - sheesh - I seriously hate the dude!

So, she goes to visit him -Rhett- in his hotel room to ask for money. They have a bit of a discussion and Rhett, being the smexy scoundral villan that he is, seizes the oppurtunity
and offers her a proposition.

He want's Scarlett in his bed.

She refuses at first but then relents. Time goes by and she begins falling for Rhett. She tries to cut herself off from him but becomes miserable. I'll stop here so I won't spoil the ending for readers. If you love Gone With The Wind, then this is a definite must read for you.

"Say that you love me," he demanded when his lips traveled to the sensitive area at the side of her neck. "Say it."

GAH! Panty melting.

I REALLY HOPE that the author continues this story. She deserves way more reviews than what she has.


Author Profile:


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Reversal Trailer

The Tudors

TLC reviews and recommends 'The Tudors' Fanfiction.

Set music to “Rock Superstar” by Cyprus Hill…

So, TLC, you wanna be an officer at FanFicAholics Anon?

Of course, I do.

Well, TLC, this is what you gotta do . . . . You give me your application and do your officer challenges, and we shall see if you've got what it takes to be worthy of becoming an Officer here at FFA ANON.

So, for the past two weeks, that is what I have done. I was given the challenge of finding two fics, from two different fandoms, to review and recommend, and it was definitely difficult. I felt like I was cheating on my beloved Edward the whole time, but this is something I want so badly, so I bucked up and did it.
Let me tell you, it was not an easy feat, because the Twi-universe has taken over my life. I had to look into things that either once held my interest, or had stood the test of time by captivating my interests, giving me something totally different than the offerings from the Twidom.

I found that the Twidom is seriously lacking historical fics, or perhaps, I just have a hard time finding them. Either way, I tried to find some historical fics.

Cue The Tudors . . . That’s right. The show about King Henry VIII on Showtime.

I just started watching the show, not too long ago, when it became available on Netflix, and let me tell you, this show does not disappoint. Whew, it’s HAWT!

The Tudors’ fandom on is pretty small, so I did some digging. I came across some really epic fics, epic meaning long. I didn’t have much luck finding any with an M-rating, but hit the jackpot when I dropped down to the T-rating. They have some seriously epic writers, but I had a deadline to meet and didn’t have time to read anything really, really long.

That’s when I came across ReganX.

ReganX has written a fudgeton of stories for all different kinds of fandoms, but her focus lately has been on the Tudors. What originally piqued my interest was the fact that she has videos to go with some of her fics. That had sealed the deal for me. I chose to read 'Reversal'.

Reversal takes you back to the times of kings and queens and does not disappoint. It asks if you were offered a chance to take back the greatest mistake of your life, but had to pay a pretty high price, would you?

The story begins almost a year after Anne Boleyn has been beheaded. Henry is married to Jane Seymour and a suspect that she is finally pregnant with, what he hopes is, a son. He’s happy in his marriage, and while Mary is back into his life, he suspects that Elizabeth was fathered by another in Anne’s treacherous betrayal. Because of this, he has banished her from his sight until Jane and Mary bring Elizabeth back to court as a surprise, and Henry finally realizes that Elizabeth is truly his child.

That night, as he is getting ready for bed, he is haunted by Anne’s memory. At some point, he realizes he is not alone, and there is a presence in his bed chamber. It’s none other than the swordsman hired as Anne’s executioner. After some tense questioning, we learn that the Executioner was sent to take Henry on a journey and show him what really had happened,
what he was too blind to see. At the end of the journey, the Executioner asks Henry if he had the choice to take it all back, would he? But there is truly a high price he must pay. The marriage to Jane and all of his hopes for a male heir, so desperately wanted for England, would be erased, and he must stay married to Anne and never have another wife.

Oh, I’m not going to tell you what he chooses; you have to read for yourself. It’s an incredible journey and so well written that you don’t ever want to leave once you get there. So, when you do read, leave ReganX some love, and tell her where you heard about her.

Here's a link to one of those video's that drew me in. Credit to MagicCrafter for the video.

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FFA FanFic Review

QuantumFizzX/Kathryn Review's & Recommends


By rpgirl27

Fanficion link:
Rpgirl27 profile link:

Summary: 1858- Edward wins a plantation during a poker game and he and his father decide to begin a new life in New Orleans. What happens when Edward is introduced to a peculiar custom and a beautiful girl at a private ball? AH,OOC,mostly canon couples.

A recent, impromptu survey among some of my friends revealed that, nearly universally, our introduction to erotica came in the form of paperback historical romances surreptitiously gleaned from our mother’s private reading stock. Fast forward a few years, and our excitement comes from fanfic. The talented rpgirl27 melds these two beloved forms in her thought-provoking, often scintillating, Twilight-inspired romance, “Enchant√©.”

Though, it might be dismissive to lump her tale in with the pulp my mother used to read; this is a thoroughly researched piece with authentic period accoutrements in full-description. Her fanfiction profile page reads like a (far more interesting) history text, with links to everything from the costume images, to the architecture, to the songs being played at balls.

Not only is the world she creates thoroughly believable, many of the characters are a deft blend of canon behavior in altered circumstances. Those who are far flung from their Twilight roots (e.g. Edward) are well drawn and complex. She delivers perhaps the most intriguing James, who she describes below, I’ve encountered in the fanfic realm.

All of the details and characters are packaged in (forgive what might seem hyperbolic but it is genuine sentiment) the single-most unique set of circumstances. I defy you to find a similar situation. What makes the story all the more gratifying is, despite the exceptional conditions, one reads it with the ever-present idea that it is entirely plausible.

Rpgirl27 graciously consented to answer some questions about her work and inspiration.

QFX) What inspired you to come up with such a unique premise? Was there a moment when you thought "Hey, let me do this to Edward & Bella?" or how did that spark come to you?

rpgirl27) I've been a huge Anne Rice fan since middle school and besides the vampy stuff she's known for, she's also written a few pieces of historic fiction, one of which being a book called 'The Feast of All Saints.' This is where I first heard of the whole placage concept. I also had a college course that I believe was called The History of the Atlantic World 1400-1900, and it touched on the subject as well. It was a very popular practice on the island of Haiti/Dominican Republic, and kind of jumped over to New Orleans after there was a huge slave revolt on the islands. The wealthy white plantation owners fled to avoid being massacred and most moved to Louisiana because they shared a common heritage with the people who were already there (French/Spanish). That's also why it wasn't a widespread custom in the rest of the South and really isn't something that most people know about.

I never set out to write a fic, I just really enjoyed reading them (read as: I am massively obsessed), and then one day this idea popped into my head and I thought it would make a great ExB story...but I ignored it for awhile. It kept hanging around in the back of my brain though, and eventually I gave in and started writing it down. Now it's almost like the characters are shouting at me sometimes. My brain has become a very noisy place.

QFX) Have you written anything prior to this?

rpgirl27) I hadn't written anything since college, so that's like 6yrs of missing creativity. Mostly I just wrote bizarre short stories and random bits of silly poetry. However, that was all on my ex's laptop and I'm sure I'll never see it again.

QFX) Do you have a background that lends itself to the historical romance?

rpgirl27) I used to read historical romance almost know, before fanfic when I actually read real books. One of my favorite things to do was dig around on Amazon and find reissues of Victorian erotic literature. Most of it is anonymous and some of it is HARDCORE. It seriously puts our smut to shame!

QFX) You've said previously that you have a degree in History & Archeology. The story is richly detailed and appears historically accurate. Were these details things you accumulated during your studies or do you do additional research for the story? If so, what parts do you feel you need to research the most/least?

rpgirl27) A lot of things I already knew from school, and I'm a dork so I always thought outside research was fun. I'm a chronic fact checker though, so I usually consult multiple sources. The internet is really amazing in that so many libraries and Universities now have their archives online and easily accessible. I researched a lot about birth control options and practices, also popular music, food, French Creole dialect. The least amount of research is probably on clothes and furnishings. I go crazy over Victorian antiques and I could talk about different styles of ceramics until you fell asleep from boredom. But still, I double check everything and make sure it wasn't something that occurred post 1858 because I'm OCD like that.

QFX) Just how did you acquire such in-depth knowledge about whorehouses and opium dens? Teehee

rpgirl27) Hmm not sure how I want to answer this question ;) I probably have the strangest Google history ever...
I can't say I've ever knowingly been in a whorehouse, that's all gathered from other people's accounts and my imagination. The fact that I can't say for sure whether I've smoked opium probably speaks volumes, but I really don't think I have...unless it was mixed in with...erm something I used to smoke a lot of (ages ago). However, I've been in a lot of houses and apts that might as well of been opium dens *shakes head* Should I add the requisite warning? Drugs are bad...blah blah blah LOL It's funny, I've noticed that people get more upset about E's drug use than his sexual proclivities. Opium wasn't illegal, in fact, it would be similar to a modern prescription drug like Oxycontin. E's just misusing it.

QFX) I’d like think that it takes a great deal to surprise me, but one of the early actions of James in this story managed it. You also reveal a unique set of circumstances in which the characters meet. Did you intend for the story to be so shocking? Do you have any more details coming down the pipe that might produce similar results?

rpgirl27) Was it shocking? Hmmm, I don't know that I set out to be shocking, that's just how James is in my head. How does Rob describe his character in Bel Ami? Completely amoral, I believe, well that's James. He wants what he wants and that's that. He doesn't care who he hurts or how depraved his actions are, if it entertains him, he's going to do it and he usually gets away with it. E didn't let him get away with it, and so James will always be lurking, biding his time and seeking an opportunity. He wants E and quite possibly B, and there's a few ways he knows he can get their attention, we'll just have to see what those are ;)
I don't know if the rest will be considered shocking or not. It will get a bit more violent at times, there is a war on the horizon, but if you're talking slash, then no. Not in this fic anyway *ponders writing historic slashfic* O.o that could be fun!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

FFA Other Fandom Review

Zenone reviews her favourite Fanfiction for Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman

Story name: Michaela's Awakening
Author's penname : MightyMiaBoo

Summary: A romantic account of Michaela's sexual awakening, as she discovers the many pleasurable aspects of making love with her new husband, Sully, on their Wedding Night and during the first 2 days of their Honeymoon. This 3-chapter story begins right where the final "Darker and Darker" scene of For Better or Worse left off.

If you love Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman this story is for you.

The story begins with Michaela aka Dr.Quinn being a bit afraid of her first sexual encounter with her new husband Sully.
As he begins to undress her, she reprimands him, telling him that it's not even dark yet.
He shuts all the shutters in their honeymoon suite, and tells her "It's getting darker and darker." The final shutter is shut by Michaela who says "and darker".

There first sexual encounter is sweet and tender, Sully is very tentative. Michaela however doesn't reach her climax and Sully apologizes, promising her that next time will be better.

Michaela believes that sex is a "wifely duty" to be endured quietly while laying still, that is what her mother taught her. So she is extremely embarrassed, and a bit ashamed she enjoyed herself, and was neither quiet nor still.

She tells her husband -while embarrassed- that she enjoyed herself a bit to much.

He replies, "Michaela, sweetheart, ya have absolutely nuthin' to be ashamed of. There's nuthin' wrong with showin' me that you enjoy what we're doin' when we make love. It's every man's fantasy to have a woman as responsive and beautiful as you. And I consider myself the luckiest man in the world that ya shared yourself me with me. Ya pleased me more than you could ever know."


Poetry, chocolate covered strawberries, and romantic gestures reminiscing of old times, as well as a sensual massage, is what the second chapter is all about. Sully wants to have sex with her, but being a gentleman gives her body time to recover.

*LIKE OH.MY.GOD* The massage was ******* HOT! ~JUST SAYIN~

Chapter 3 the final chapter in this lovely story...

Sully takes his wife to a museum and they go to the Greek methology section, where there a many statues in various states of undress and sensual poses. This doesn't bother him. Michaela, on the other hand, is uneasy at first. She pysches herself ou,t telling herself she's a doctor, and she should appreciate the art before her.

She looks at the naked statues and begins thinking of her husband and the first time she saw him naked. In her opinion, none of the statues hold a candle to her husband. She is turned on thinking of this and Sully takes notice, regretting that he has other plans for them. He wants to get her horizontal asap. The wait is bound to be torture for him.

Dinner dancing, and finally they are alone again! I'll leave it at that cause what happens next is ****HOT!

Not gonna spoil the ending.

The authors lemons are tastefully written and her writing style is excellent.

A definite must read for all Dr.Quinn Fans