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FFA Other Fandom Review

TLC reviews and recommends
'Descending in Love'
A Star Wars Fanfiction

This review is dedicated to my favorite southern vampire, Eddie DcCullen. Thanks to his wonderful submission of one of my favorite all time director’s, Kevin Smith opinion on Twilight, I was reminded of a movie I carried a torch for. So, thanks be to Eddie, I love you with all my heart, and another big thank you goes to the great Kevin Smith, whose speech at Comic Con helped me greatly. Without them, I would have no idea which fandom to choose.

There are two, huge fandom’s aside from Twilight in this world. In my experience, you either belong to one of the other. You can’t be belong to both, because the fans of each are mortal enemies. I am talking about Star Trek and Star Wars.

I am a Star Wars fan, have been since I was little girl. I saw Return of the Jedi for the first time when I was three or four . . . . God Bless the Ewoks! I have seen every movie in the theaters at least once, if not multiple times, and I will always hold this story near to my heart.

One would think that as far as fanfics go, Star Wars stories would be numerous, but that is not the case on Actually, Star Wars stories make up only one-sixth of the amount of fics as Twilight. This fact surprised me.

The characters I chose to delve into were Padme Amidala and Anakin Skywalker, again not much to be found for recent fics in the M-rating, so I dropped down to T-rating and found gold. There were a number of series to be found as well as epic and short fics. I found one with an interesting twist by LadyDae.

The fic I chose was Descending in Love; it’s a completed work, but has a sequel with a few chapters posted. She seems to update quite frequently which is always a plus in my book.

Descending in Love takes a whole different direction and looks into a possible reason for Ahsoka’s fall into the dark side. After a few years of being Anakin’s padawan, she realizes that, no matter how hard she’s tried not to, she has fallen in love with her master which is against the Code of the Jedi. She can’t seem to stop her feelings no matter how far away or how long it’s been since they have seen each other.

She’s a girl just on the verge of womanhood and training to become a Jedi Knight. Nothing is easy, and she’s left feeling confused, hurt, and angry—all of which are contrary to her quest to become a Jedi. She witnesses things she shouldn’t see and hears things she shouldn’t hear which does nothing but add fuel to the already igniting fire inside.

As you read this story, you feel her emotions brewing on the inside and can’t help but feel for her. I am sure she wouldn’t want your sympathy; because she’s strong and can do anything she puts the force to.

Then, there’s Anakin, returning home after being gone for several months. All he wants is be near his angel, Padme. He discovers that things have changed since he saw her last and are about to change in more ways still.

He feels a struggle within himself of who he’s becoming and who he should be and through all of this he can also feel Ahsoka’s struggle as well. He does everything he feels is right thing to do to try to find the balance he so desperately needs to make things right again.

I think that’s all the information that I am going to give you, because you really should read it for yourself. So go my young padawan and may the force be with you. Plus, I already let you know there is a sequel, so hopefully, that will put you at ease . . . .

Mwahahaha . . . .

In the words of Jay . . . snoochie poochies!

Theresa L Cullen

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