Friday, July 9, 2010

FFA Other Fandom Review

Zenone reviews her favourite Fanfiction for Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman

Story name: Michaela's Awakening
Author's penname : MightyMiaBoo

Summary: A romantic account of Michaela's sexual awakening, as she discovers the many pleasurable aspects of making love with her new husband, Sully, on their Wedding Night and during the first 2 days of their Honeymoon. This 3-chapter story begins right where the final "Darker and Darker" scene of For Better or Worse left off.

If you love Dr.Quinn Medicine Woman this story is for you.

The story begins with Michaela aka Dr.Quinn being a bit afraid of her first sexual encounter with her new husband Sully.
As he begins to undress her, she reprimands him, telling him that it's not even dark yet.
He shuts all the shutters in their honeymoon suite, and tells her "It's getting darker and darker." The final shutter is shut by Michaela who says "and darker".

There first sexual encounter is sweet and tender, Sully is very tentative. Michaela however doesn't reach her climax and Sully apologizes, promising her that next time will be better.

Michaela believes that sex is a "wifely duty" to be endured quietly while laying still, that is what her mother taught her. So she is extremely embarrassed, and a bit ashamed she enjoyed herself, and was neither quiet nor still.

She tells her husband -while embarrassed- that she enjoyed herself a bit to much.

He replies, "Michaela, sweetheart, ya have absolutely nuthin' to be ashamed of. There's nuthin' wrong with showin' me that you enjoy what we're doin' when we make love. It's every man's fantasy to have a woman as responsive and beautiful as you. And I consider myself the luckiest man in the world that ya shared yourself me with me. Ya pleased me more than you could ever know."


Poetry, chocolate covered strawberries, and romantic gestures reminiscing of old times, as well as a sensual massage, is what the second chapter is all about. Sully wants to have sex with her, but being a gentleman gives her body time to recover.

*LIKE OH.MY.GOD* The massage was ******* HOT! ~JUST SAYIN~

Chapter 3 the final chapter in this lovely story...

Sully takes his wife to a museum and they go to the Greek methology section, where there a many statues in various states of undress and sensual poses. This doesn't bother him. Michaela, on the other hand, is uneasy at first. She pysches herself ou,t telling herself she's a doctor, and she should appreciate the art before her.

She looks at the naked statues and begins thinking of her husband and the first time she saw him naked. In her opinion, none of the statues hold a candle to her husband. She is turned on thinking of this and Sully takes notice, regretting that he has other plans for them. He wants to get her horizontal asap. The wait is bound to be torture for him.

Dinner dancing, and finally they are alone again! I'll leave it at that cause what happens next is ****HOT!

Not gonna spoil the ending.

The authors lemons are tastefully written and her writing style is excellent.

A definite must read for all Dr.Quinn Fans


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