Sunday, July 18, 2010

100 Pictures ~ An Anon Fanfic Competition

100 Pictures
An Anon Fanfic Competition

This will be an anonymous competition open only to members of FanficAholics Anon. Stories will be written based on a picture prompt which will be selected by from 100 pictures chosen by the judges.
These stories can be any fandom, any pairing, including cross-overs.
A Secret Society of Beta's and Reader Only panel will be set up to help authors and judges.


1. You must be a member of FanficAholics Anon to enter.
2. NO incest or rape.
3. This is a one-shot competition. Stories must have a minimum of 1,500 and a maximum of 10,000 words.
4. All stories must remain anonymous. If we discover you have told anyone which is your story, you will be instantly disqualified. *Note: This includes talking outside of FFA.
5. The stories cannot be posted on your profiles (FFN, Twilighted, TWCS or anywhere else) until the competition has closed and the winners announced.
6. You will receive one picture. If you do not like that picture, you get one free second chance. At your request, another picture will be randomly selected and sent to you. THERE WILL BE NO THIRD CHANCES.
7. You may not have anyone pre-read your stories and must only send the story to the beta assigned to you by CLM.

Schedule for entrants:

1. In order to enter, email A return email will be sent to you with your picture and the header you will need to attach to your story. This header will be removed before it is posted in the FFN profile contest entries, but we ask that you attach the header when you post it to your profile after the contest is over.
2. Sign up deadline is Monday, 2nd of August, 2010.
3. All authors must then contact us again before 20th of September to receive an email with their beta’s contact information. We can give you details of your Beta at any point if you need some hand holding to help you through. CLM has also volunteered to help authors troubleshoot or with any writer’s block or plot problems.
4. Completed, already Beta'd stories are to be emailed by 11:59 CST on Monday 4th of October 2010 to be validated *Note: NO entries will be accepted after this date.
5. Stories will be posted by Sunday 10th of October
6. Voting will begin on the 11th of October and will end at 11:59 pm CST on the 31st of October
7. The winners will be announced 1st of November


1. Ferla, Vampiremama, more to be announced.
2. Keeper of anon: CullenLovingMom
3. The Secret Society will remain secret. If we find that any have stepped outside the rules, they will be removed from the competition all together.

Secret Beta's:

1. All those interested are to email by Monday the 2nd of August.
2. A small grammar and spelling test will be sent to you, which you must complete and send back by Monday the 9th of August.
3. If accepted, you will not be allowed to enter the competition.
4. You are to remain as anonymous as the stories you Beta. No word is to be breathed about ANY stories you beta. *Note: Those who disobey not only ruin it for others, but run the risk of being disqualified from any future competitions. Plus, Officer Spread'em will get her shiny, new Judges whip out and tan your ass.

Secret Readers:

Anyone interested must email All secret readers must meet the following critera:
1. You have NEVER published a fanfiction.
2. You MUST be over 18
3. You are comfortable reading multiple fandoms (HP, Twilight, LOTR etc.)
4. You are comfortable reading any couples, including slash.
5. You are willing to take an oath to keep all stories a secret. This means that you must NOT TELL ANYONE that you are on the readers panel. Anyone caught spilling the beans will get the same punishment as the Beta's.
6. You are able to give detailed, constructive criticism on every component within a story ( plot, character, etc.)

The readers’ panel is separate from the judging panel. They will also serve as judges in the competition and choose winners.
If you have emailed Creator already with your application, please email your interest again. I apologize for the confusion, but I don’t want anyone to fall through the cracks.

In your email, please tell us how you meet the criteria described above.

This is the perfect time, for those who have been thinking of writing but haven't to take the plunge! There will be a variety of awards given out by the judges and Reader’s panel, as well as a voting round for everyone to choose their faves!

Please follow the rules, and things will run along smoothly! Don't yawn! It catches on! If one person messes up the rules, it could very well mess it up for everyone else.
All competition updates and time reminders will be posted on the blog, so please make sure you are following it! CullenLovingMom, Vampiremama, and Creator-of Fanficanon will also post updates on their profiles so please make sure you are following these profiles on Facebook!

Good luck to everyone!

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