Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly Rec's

Officer Dark Indie here and to my right, my literal right hand partner in crime Officer Porn Pusher. Each week we’re each going to try to bring to you some recs that we feel are more than worthwhile, and you should definitely be reading and leaving reviews for. We have 4 completed fics this week, ranging from All Human to Alternate Universe.

First up is Saren Kol’s The World is at Fault and He is to Blame.


A disaster neither could have prevented changed the lives of two teens. Years later she gladly disiplines the willing and he's looking to atone for his actions. If he wants to be punished, who is she to deny him? AH/OOC

I will state right off the bat this is not a BDSM fic. This is the story about a journey that two people take to move on from their past, and to try to come out on the other side with great understanding and appreciation for what they have. The very thing that got me, hook, line and sinker, was this excerpt from the Prologue:

Five slaps, that is all that Isa will allow once she sees my tears; enough to get me to let go and cry my eyes out. My mother always told me that sometimes she just needed a good cry to make her feel better. I never understood until Isa. I didn't understand a lot before Isa came into my life.

Once I am done sobbing in Isa's arms, she softly kisses the top of my head through her veil. Isa is no nonsense, get spanked, sob and go home. She is a nameless, faceless deliverer of justice.

These characters broke my heart and made it swell. Because sometimes you just need a good understanding of the past to let it go and move on to the future. Then there are times you just need a good cry. Saren Kol hits every mark and every emotion right on target through this whole story. So go and leave Officer Porn Pusher’s FB wife some love and let her know we sent ya.

Now for something from Our Favorite Porn Pusher....

Hey peeps! Officer PornPusher here. My recs for for this week are as follows:

Sinful Thoughts by our one and only Vampmama Fanfiction aka Readingmama aka Officer Spread’em.

Edward is adopted by the Swans at birth. How will Bella and Edward cope with their growing attraction when they think they are siblings? Rated M for uncomfortable situations, please read with caution

I fell in love with this story and its author the day New Moon came out in cinemas. I was stuck in Jordan, movie-less and lonely, and she was the only one who had updated her fic.

So began my love affair with Readingmama and her fics. She warns about uncomfortable situations, but in all honesty, this story is extremely classy and well written.

Read as B and E fight their undeniable attraction, before finally accepting it. The love these two have is solid and they are determined to stick together to the end, despite the obstacles along the way.

Russian Roullette. By Readingmama

FIRST PLACE WINNER 'Kill a Cullen Contest'. Six Friends sit in a room and pass around a gun, who will make it out alive?

Will this woman ever cease to amaze us with her writing? I don’t think I’ll live to see the day.
Edge of your seat tension as the gun is passed around in a game of Russian Roulette. Who will be the one to go? You’ll have to read and find out.

No Brainer By: Silverspoon aka Officer Buffy’s Stake and her RL sister WelshWitch1011

The only set of rules to abide by when Grandma rises from the grave. Harold Camping parody anyone? AU. Collab between WelshWitch1011 and Silverspoon. Some Dean/Jo implied


The Rapture? Zombie Apocalypse? A blog on how to deal, written by Jo? What would Sam and Dean Winchester do? Read and laugh your ass off at the ideas they suggest …but wait… it’s happening for real?

So go forth and read and please leave these hard working authors some love and you can tell them Zen and Indie from FFA Anon sent ya J!

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