Monday, June 21, 2010

Guest Reviewer ~ Quantumfizzx

FAGE brought around a lot more excitement than I had anticipated, especially as it came closer to the release date. Sadly, around that time we also got a few people running late/unable to finish their story. Celesticbliss took up one of these stories and oh boy am I glad she did! Lucky me got to interview Celesticbliss today!

You weren't originally signed up to write in FAGE, what made you decide to do it?
I didn't sign up to begin with because I didn't think I would have the time. But after awhile I realized how much fun it seemed and I wished I would have signed up. So after I saw that another member decided to drop their story I knew I didn't want anyone to go without one. I jumped in and I think it turned out alright!

I'm extremely impressed with the quality of your story for having it written in such a short amount of time, how long did it take you to write and were you nervous at all?
I was incredibly nervous! After I received the prompts, I sat down and brainstormed for a few hours and came up with what I wanted to do. The story took me about a day to write. I knew I wouldn't be able to come up with a multi chap. fic so I concentrated on getting the key points into something that was only one chapter.

What were your prompts and did you find it easy to pick the one you wrote?
The prompts I got were
I couldn't choose just one to work with so I tried to incorporate all three into the story.

What do you think FAGE has done for FFA and would you participate again?
I think it's done wonderful things for our members! It showcased many people and their abilities to come up with something amazing out of simple prompts. I would absolutely do it again!

What is in the near future for you? How long until your WIP ends and your next one begins?
My first mutli-chap story Save Me is one chapter away from a close. I am currently in the middle of continuing my one-shot Stranger in the Elevator in collaboration with Tanya aka AcrosstheSkyinStars!

Thank you Celsticbliss for your time


Many of us have a fic “type.” The sort of story we know we’re going to click on based upon the main characters, the universe, the rating. “Dirty Talk” is a wake-up call for that mindset – a reminder that truly well-written stories can draw us in, engage us, regardless of length or the name a character happens to carry.

Without getting into the whys and wherefores, I would not typically have chosen to read a Rosalie story prior to reading this tale. Note: Prior to reading it.

Celesticbliss, often deftly weaving the tale with an economy of words, manages to invest the reader in the fortunes of both widower Carlisle and practical phone sex worker Rosalie. He struggles with his emotions for a disembodied voice while Rosalie finds herself feeling beyond the reigns of professionalism. These are layered characters with insight and passion. Carlisle ritually moves his late wife’s picture before engaging in certain activities. Rosalie borders on guilt about not wearing the matching bra and panties she believes Carlisle would appreciate.

The dialogue, such as “Yes…God please keep talking," is that rare combination of realistic and sensual. Both characters struggle to maintain the role into which they find themselves cast. We see their mutual struggle in moments when “Carlisle let[s] another moan escape while Rosalie bit[es] her tongue to keep hers in.

There is a history for each character that we learn as the story unfolds, but we wind up caring more for their futures. The end is satisfying, but still leaves the potential for further adventures, if celesticbliss should choose to bless us with them.


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  1. This was a pairing I hadn't considered before but I found it extemely erotic. Rosalie was actually very sweet and found herself in a job that paid the bills and she could seperate herself from the client, until she 'meets' Carlisle.

    Even when they accidently meet in person, the sparks fly. I loved it. Great review xx