Saturday, June 19, 2010

Guest Reviewer ~ Claire Bloom

Title: Button and Bear

Written for: Kayla aka Addicted Necker

Written by: Debra aka Glee68

Rating: T

Summary/Prompt used: The couple meet as vampires

Most vampire fics are written with angst and a darkness that only the light of love and understanding can overcome, but with ‘Button and Bear’ you also receive warmth and a snugly feeling that makes you want to take Emmett home and keep him.

We all know that vampires are dark twisted creatures with a thirst for blood that overwhelms all other senses, and none more so than when they are a new born. As Bella lies changing, writhing in agony with only the company of wolves to bear witness to what they consider is her demise, Emmett hears her screams and curious, he seeks her out, finding not only a new born but the sweetness that was once dominant in her humanity. He nicknames her ‘Button’ because she is as cute as, and knowing that her new life will afford her an extremely difficult time, he chooses to teach her in the ways of the ‘Vegetarian Vampire’.

Bella immediately trusts him and in listening to his training she soon becomes enamoured by his ‘Bearish’ charms.

But Emmett is still with Rosalie.

I ask many people what they enjoy the most in fanfiction and the majority answer ‘All Human’ but with me, it’s the Vamps of course! I love their superhuman strength and speed, their thirst and with the Cullen’s, it’s their daily battle to overcome their baser instinct to feed on humans. Button and Bear gives you all of that, but also fun and tenderness, and a little bit of action too.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Debra on her FAGE entry.


Thank you so much for allowing me to interview you for the FAGE Guest Review for the FFA Blog.

Tell me about the 3 prompts you received for the FAGE and why you chose the one you did.

Wow... I feel like a celebrity! My prompts were... Em/B or Ed/B

1) Male is trainer to female 2) Can't remember and 3) Couple meets as vampires.

So I chose number 3 (with a little hint of number 1) because it intrigued me to think about how Bella would have become a vampire and how the "others" would have reacted to her if she didn't have her "humanness” and “fragility".

You used your FAGE prompt brilliantly, turning an otherwise angsty storyline into something sweet and tender between an unlikely but quite perfect, pairing. What inspired you to go down this route?

I guess, even though there was an element of angst (with Em's history) knowing the character of Emmett there really isn't a way that you can make him totally serious. He is a sweet, caring, nurturing kind of guy, and him finding a complete stranger and helping them out despite the fact it might endanger himself, is totally within his character set!... I sometimes think the canon relationship between Ed/B is a little too heavy on the serious and I really think Bella, given half the chance, would let loose and have a bit of light hearted fun.

I liked the idea of Emmett/Bella because she would be very "low maintainence" after his experience with Rose and he wouldn't smother her with overprotectiveness.

I liked including the wolves, because they brought that element of goofiness and it made for a good explanation to how she was turned but had no "sire".

If we were to take a look at your FanFiction favourites, what preference would dominate them? All Human, Alternate Universe, With Vamps of Course?

As for my taste in Fanfic, I love most of it. I really love the AU vamp tales: Spellbound, A Life Extraordinary, Spiral Static, Colliding Meteors, Insecurities, but I also really enjoy a good AH: BDU, High Anxiety, The Screamers, Forgive me please, Progress-the original sleep humper. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I enjoy high angst and drama and other times I want a little fluff and fun. Occasionally, "saucy lemon flavoured" is nice too.

I have an acoustic playlist that I never fail to listen too when writing. Do you have any playlists that you use when reading or writing Fanfiction and would you like to share them with us?

I don't have music playing while I write normally (except the sound of bickering children or preferably sleeping ones) I love Evanescence, Nickleback (and their music always brings me images of TS)

I enjoy a lot of classics or classically inspired music (think Toccata by sky and "war of the worlds")

Tell me in 5 single words your reaction to FAGE.

5 single words for FAGE... "Ambitious" "Engaging" "Fun" "Team-building" and "Repeatable”.

How do you think FAGE benefited the group and would you take part again?

I think FAGE was a fantastic idea and I fully congratulate "Officer Spread'em" on her amazing skills coordinating and delivering what has essentially turned into a brilliantly beautiful community building exercise.

The members really owned it and the level of excitement of those who participated in this round was really encouraging.

I would gladly, willingly and enthusiastically participate if it was repeated!

Debra, thank you so much for taking part and for the fluffy goodness of ‘Button and Bear’.

Claire Bloom

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