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Guest Reviewer ~ Ri40

OK so i'm doing my usual thing, I receive the review, I go in search of the fic and then I read and I review, right? Well this time around I read and then did a bit of stuttering and waiting a good hour until I thought I'd be able to make an ounce of sense. So I may have used that time to have a cold shower, or six, so what!

The next review is by a lovely lady by the name of Marika/Ri40 whom I love dearly and has done a magnifico job on this review! I'm amazed at our groups reviewing talent too! I'm completely useless I fumble around for a while and gush way too much I think LOL.

Think you've got what it takes to review! Email me!

Ok so on with the Review, lets start with a bit of Q&A with the author, Dolphin62598.

1)How long did it take you to write your FAGE?

It took me a period of like 2 weeks to write my FAGE entry. That's AFTER starting the entry 4 times with different prompts!

2) Did this prompt stand out from the others?

The prompt didn't really stand out from the others. It was the only one that flowed when I wrote it, so I went with it.

3) How do you think FAGE has helped FFA?

I think FAGE has helped more people realize what FFA is. It has raised awareness!

4) Would you do FAGE again?

I would absolutely 110% do FAGE again! I had so much fun!!

5) What can we expect from you in the near future?

Right now I'm working on a one-shot entry and a multi-chaptered fic. After finishing my latest story Fire of my Soul I needed a bit of a break. So...I'm using my break time to entry some contests and work on my next multi-chaptered fic. I'd like to have most or all of my next fic completed before I start posting! I can't take the pressure of not posting when people are expecting it!! LOL!

Thank you so much for FAGE! I really did have a great time and I got to know some people that I would have never known!! :) Dolphin62598

Thank you for your amazing entry sweet ;) FerlaV

Sadly this fic didn't have a banner made for it so I took it upon myself to make one, now it's not great but I hope you like it!

Title: The Holiday Encounter

Written for: Deidre

Written by: dolphin62598

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: Prompt-Alice brings Bella to Forks.

The Holiday Encounter by dolphin62598 lured me in from the beginning. The story was well written with a plausible plot and believable characters.

Bella was a darling, with the need for a wardrobe change or to re-evaluate it, as the author put it. She was shy, but not afraid to speak out once alcohol was involved, hence the loud outburst of “Those skanks over there are staring at us”.

Alice was so typical Alice, shopaholic, bubbly and a fashion expert. Alice won’t take no for an answer, when she tries to persuade Bella to go with her to her parents house for Thanksgiving. The shocker with Bella was that she actually enjoyed shopping with Alice.

Then Jasper entered, where Bella describes him as ‘sex on legs’. If Jasper was SOL, I was all about falling off my seat waiting for the introduction of Edward and to laugh at Bella’s reaction to him.

Esme was the mom that everyone wished they had; she was sweet, as always, with Carlisle being the DILF.

I was still biting my nails and awaiting Edward’s entrance.

Emmett was Emmett, loud, dimples, blue eyes and as obnoxious as ever with his girlfriend Rose, who surprisingly wasn’t a bitch. Yes people, Rose was sweet.

Then came Edward, he walked in and lit up Bella’s face, mind and body, like a fat kid that saw ice cream. This Edward was bold, fuck-a-licious, hot, with a bad boy style in his ripped Levi’s, tight black shirt and leather jacket.

The mango, lemon whatever you want to call it was pulse racing, sweat dripping, and right down sinful to read. All in all I would give the author an A for writing this delicious, juicy fic.

~ RI40

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  1. I thought this story was fluffy and funny in the best way.

    I actually laughed out loud when Bella thought 'The skanks are staring at us' but she actually said it really loud and they heard and gasped! lol Go Bella!

    Edward was so friggin hot and confident and hmmm, thanks for the visual of him in Levis and leather jacket! *sigh*