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Guest Reviewer ~ reader_giggles

FAGE continues once again. This time we have two fantastic rec's by guest reviewer, Reader Giggles.

I'm not proud, but I'll be honest and tell you that I haven't read all of the FAGE entries, in fact I'm using these guest reviews as a great excuse to 'take time out' from RL in order to study what I am posting. I didn't get to take the time for the first post and I'm truly regretting that. I plan to go back and read the first two rec's, and maybe add my two bob to the blog piece.

I'm absolutely ASTOUNDED at the talent in this group. Seriously, I understand that there are some truly talented people in this group, but the level in which you guys can take a couple of words and spin them into a heart wrenching, hilarious, beautiful and/or lyrical story, has completely floored me! I am one proud creator and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for joining this group, and playing the biggest part of all in making it a great place to call home.

So without further a do we start this review with an interview from the ever beautiful and currently recovering (not from her FF addiction, don't stress that will never be cured) author Claire Bloom.

Why a story about spirits?

The Soul Collector was originally about a demon who kidnapped people and stole their souls. But as I was writing it I couldn't make it flow so I stopped and started a new FAGE which was AH and had a clumsy Bella dating Emmett before falling for Edward. He likes her too but judges her as a tart because she has a lot of male friends. I didn't like this one either so started re-writing The Soul Collector. I was still not happy, so asked Tiff for my FAGE beta early, so I could gauge some reaction or advice. Cate was very kind and helpful but once again I got stuck. So, in a moment of madness, I changed direction and it became ghosts which flowed better, and finally I was happy with it.

How long did it take you to write the story?

I started writing it when Tiff first sent out the prompts in March/April. I finished it 4 days before the posting date, 21st May.

I cried while reading it, a lot. You truly bring the characters to life and tug on our heartstrings. Did you cry while writing it?

I sobbed my friggin heart out! Especially the part when Bella is sitting on the ground mourning him, thinking of this little boy trapped in limbo, his spirit unable to move on. I had to stop because I couldn't see the screen! And then again in ch9 when his father brings his remains to the surface. There is a reason that chapter is so short.

How do you think FAGE has helped FFA and would you enter it again?

I think FAGE was an incredible idea. People who don't usually write have taken a chance and produced some very endearing stories. People have stepped out of their zones and tried new routes, first time lemons and even humour. I'm so impressed with them all. I think FAGE allows people to try new things and can give the authors some publicity. There is quite an interest in a FAGE repeat, with even more new authors wanting to take part. I think if we did it again, the amount of participants would be bigger this time round. I would definatley enter itagain.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any new stories on the horizon?

I'm still working on an Edward's POV for Spellbound. He is so dark and tortured, it's quite a challenge to do him justice, especially in this story. I won't be doing all chapters, just the significant ones.

I also have a few more novella's in the works. A love story between Edward as a vamp and Bella as the old lady she dreaded becoming.

I also have a multi chapter fic, which again, is bordering on the supernatural. It features Bella being able to experience reality through the power of her dreams. I tend to find writing supernatural more easy than all human. I have no idea why. Lol.

Thank you Claire Bloom,

Ferla V


Title: The Soul Collector

Written for: Renee aka mymunkyman

Written By: Claire Bloom

Rating: T

Summary/Prompt used: Outside

As you read the prologue there’s a sense of foreboding and heartache to come. The writer grabs at your heartstrings from the very start and I’m here by issuing a tissue alert people, I suggest strongly that you adhere to it!

Progressing through it you’ll realize Bella has something not many others do; a sense of compassion and kindness which makes her ‘special’. Bella struggles to accept that she’s special, mostly because of her mothers inability to deal with a child who sees and talks to 'imaginary friends'.

'I would play with my dolls and have tea parties and chat to my imaginary friends, just like all the other little girls my age. But when it was time for bed and my friends were still there with me, my mother would become frustrated with me, and worse, sometimes she even looked scared.'

It’s a story of one woman’s looking for a man she’s seen only in her dreams. She sees him in the middle of a clearing, hunched over, desolate and hurting. One aches to understand what he means when he whispers “My life”, before disappearing into thin air. It’s one woman’s desperate search to see this man at peace.

'I knew that as long as I believed he was still here, I would always come back to this place. For Edward, I would always come back.'

What really gets to you is the tragedy behind it all; it’s senseless. Nobody is to be blamed but it makes you want to yell and scream at the injustice of it all. You see the affect it has on the family that’s left behind, left to wonder exactly what happened that day and to live in hope that the one they lost will come back to them. What this story has taught me, is that we owe it to ourselves, and to others, to be kind, to see hope where others would see despair. When you get to the very last line of this beautiful, heartbreaking story you realize that the title is so very apt.

The author also very cleverly places a small piece of my favorite Alice! Very skillfully done, indeed! She gets brownie points for it…lol

Now go … read … review.


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