Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guest Reviewer ~ Bellavista229

Everyone has to admit that they love a big helping of zesty lemon to go with their fanfiction. And I'm no different. Who doesn’t love reading a fanfic so hot you need to jump straight in a cold shower?

There’s one thing that makes every lemon better – a story that it fits in. A pet hate of mine? A pointless lemon.

Madam Bella by KatKennedy (with help from her husband – a very talented couple!) integrates some very well written lemony-goodness into an intriguing story.

As hinted at in the title, this story sees Bella as the Madam of a ‘parlour’. She is the confident, headstrong woman that is often hidden in The Twilight Saga, and this Bella knows what she likes and she knows how to get it. My favourite type of Bella!

‘Femme Fatale Aro had always said: a diplomat, curator and slayer of men.’

Although, throughout the story we catch glimpses of the woman behind the Madam; a girl who inherited a job she may not have wanted. Intrigue about Bella’s life, which began from the first line ‘Wednesday’s were the worst’, begins to build with lines such as; ‘...servicing men had not been an activity I'd strictly enjoyed before,’ and leaves you wishing for more information on how Bella became a ‘Madam who runs a brothel.’

KatKennedy’s Bella knows how to run her business and look after her clients and girls. And she definitely knows how to please her customers with her swaying hips, confident attitude and manipulating ways. With Bella uttering things like;

“Do you like what you see...?”

“Then what would you like me to do?"

“Want me to put it into my mouth?”

to her very willing client, the fic quickly picks up speed.

The story takes a twist when Madam Bella is forced to take to the floor for the night, to service one very special client. And it’s not Bella’s canonical man that sets her pulse racing tonight. It’s Emmett who sets her body burning (and I'm only saying his name because it’s in the AN – I'm not spoiling anything!) with his ‘big brown eyes’, ‘beautifully toned body’ and ‘smile that could melt a girl's heart’ who could blame Bella for pulling all her best moves?

With ‘the mid-week hump’, Jane as the ‘contractor''.... a fuck for hire’, a ‘fierce and wild’ Bella calling Emmett ‘big boy’ and the extra added twist of Bella and Emmett’s union (which you have to read the story to find out!), it truly is an unmissable read that leaves you wanting more.


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