Saturday, June 12, 2010

Guest Reviewer ~ Reader _ Giggles #2

Welcome to the second half of reader giggles awesome review. This time 'round is Beegurl13/Brandi's FAGE entry 'Baby'.

I had heard so much about this story before I even got a chance to read it. It has a huge amount of reviews and I can understand why. It was so cleverly written that it had me feeling a whole basketful of emotions. The Edward in this story is so different from any other I've read and I'll be honest, I wanted to rip his balls off, shove them in his mouth and scream “HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES? BABY!”

The whole way through you get the feeling that you're not really sure who's POV you're reading. My guess changed a couple of times, and yet when I got to the end I was like DUH! Of course! You kind of get the feeling that you want to read through it again, just to see if there were any hints at all to who was telling the story. Extremely well done.

I decided to forgo the interview for this story because I'm not sure I could ask Brandi any questions that would not giveaway the whole story. It's really just something you have to read to understand what I mean ;)

So now I give you Sba's amazing review on this story!


Title: Baby

Written for: Erica aka bonded2jasper

Written By: beegurl13

Rating: M

Summary/Prompt used: See below (I don't want to ruin the story for you :) )

The very least I can say is that the prompt was challenging and the writer brilliantly lived up to it.

We know the world places people into a different 'class'; we start doing it the moment we look at someone at school. We call them a nerd, or jock, or diva, the list goes on. To all of us who have intentionally or otherwise looked at someone and judged them according to our own preconceived notions, this story says stop; take another look, maybe what you are seeing is just the top layer, dig deeper and you may be surprised by what you find.

This story affirmed for me once again what we all know, but frequently forget in the grind of our lives; that is to give people a chance, not to take things at face value and know that everyone has a redeeming feature. It’s all a question of whether you want to take the time to find it.

Having said that I think it’s also important to remember every story has two sides. We all have an aversion to anything that paints us in a bad light. Reading the story from one person’s point of view leaves the other party defenseless. So as you read through and want to scream – as I did – at Edwards behavior, please remember that he is first of all a human teenager, not a seasoned gentlemanly vampire, and second this is from only one POV.

When I got to the end and finally figured stuff out (now don’t go peeking at the end first, this deserves to read in order) I felt a little better about the whole thing and that made me realize that contrary to all of what I believe is the right thing to do; doing it is not always easy. We get conditioned to think one way and to break that mold and think differently takes a while! It made me realize I am not above placing people in a labeled box, come what may.

The author deserves kudos for taking what was a big challenge and turning it into something that challenges everyone to think. That’s more than enough for a story told in a single chapter, don’t you think?

Reader _ Giggles


  1. I loved this FAGE entry and I love this review. You summed it up brilliantly, how we label and judge people. It's so hard to not spill the beans on this fic when raving about it, but I can honestky say I have my eye on some more of Brandi's work now and that was exactly what FAGE was about. To get us all to look at other writers we either didn't know about or didn't usually read.

    People, HAVE to check out this story!

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  3. I'm a dork, I can't spell...hence the awesome beta's I have. I've been sitting by a pool watching little boys swim all day and my brain is fried. :D Let's try this again. :D

    Wow...I am so happy that you have liked this story so much. :D I loved writing it, but I really worried because it is pretty different and I didn't know if people would accept an Edward that was SO not what he usually is in stories. I felt like it had to be done that way in order for the story to work and the prompt to happen. Thanks for all the support of this story, and if you read it, please leave me a review or PM me and tell me your thoughts, especially if you have any questions. Goodness knows I love to talk... :D

    And thank you too for such a wonderful review!! Wow, so lovely...thank you. :)