Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winter Warmers by CelesticBliss

Credit to original creators of the pictures used above.

Fanfiction to keep you warm at night!
By CelesticBliss aka Kyndall

November has come and gone. The air is crisp, the leaves have fallen and the Halloween candy is gone.

You know what else this means? Time to deck the halls! That’s right, throw the Christmas lights on the roof, decorate the tree, try and salvage that stupid santa blowup your kids or parents insist on presenting to the neighborhood traffic. Wrap your presents and spike drink some eggnog. When you’re ready to sit and relax by the fire and start up your PC, we’ve got the perfect stories to get you in the mood.

"Take a vacation Bella. Go have some hot no strings attached sex with some hot guy and then come home, feeling cool, calm and collected."

Cabin Fever

By: ColdPlayWhore

This fic starts out with Bella driving off to Jackson Hole to use the Cullen Family cabin. Burnt by ex- Jacob, she is determined to take two weeks to herself before driving to Forks for Christmas with her dad. An empty cabin, manuscripts to read over tea, snow falling outside, Edward Cullen…. Wait, who?

Edward Cullen, desperate to escape his mundane LA life and stalker “girlfriend” Lauren also decided he needed a break. Only telling his brother and business partner Emmett where he was going before meeting up with his family for Christmas, he too makes the drive to Jackson Hole for a little alone time.

Having never each other even while their families were close, awkward times lie ahead. Edward and Bella find each other in the cabin and attempt to still find a purpose in their trips. Even if this meant the solitary vacation now included another.

The fic starts out in the cabin but expands over time afterwards. How their lives intertwine, and somehow mesh together.

The side storyline with Rosalie and Emmett made my heart swell. Esme the slut, I mean... lush is adorable.

This comes from one of my favorite fic-authors. I read it awhile back and feeling in the holiday mood, I just re-read it and loved it even more!

"Yeah…Well, you see…I've never been trapped in a cabin with a gorgeous guy before…So, I'm not really sure what the third day of being snowed in entails.”

Snowed In

By: eclipsedawn

Still have a little cabin fever? Alright, how about this? Instead of a small vacation in Jackson Hole, what about being Snowed In in Alaska?

This time we head to Denali where Edward and Bella find themselves in a similar situation. Workaholic Bella escapes to the Cullen Family Cabin but isn’t able to let Alice know she is headed there. Edward, meanwhile is already there and doesn’t expect what walks through the door.

But before either can think about leaving… thick blankets of snow trap them there.

The majority of this fic happens in the cabin. With nothing to do… Edward and Bella create their own entertainment. (Can I just say that this includes a twister mat? Yeah.)

Bundle up and settle in. This one will have you to the very end. I laughed, I cried(Okay, maybe I didn’t cry.), I fanned myself at the hotter than hell in July lemons. Add in a slightly overbearing local Jacob and some Cullen Family hilarity at the end, we have the makings of a perfect winter time fic!

While it sounds similar to the first, it’s a whole different wintery experience.

Christmas with the Cullenswere the best and worst moments of my life.

I take a deep breath. "Here I come, number nineteen.”

Christmas with the Cullens

By: BlueIsSoul

Recced to me by KdMasen
I love this story. Really. It was recced to me just last night and I didn’t put my iPod down until the end of the very saucy last chapter outtake.

Crude and inappropriate Bella is on her way to Christmas with the Cullen’s. She’d spent every Christmas there and each year had its age appropriate theme. Purple Dinosaurs, awkward first kisses. Virginity lost in the midst of mistletoe and cookies. Jealousy, lust, teenage love.Family, siblings, parental resentment.

All of these things surround one individual in Bella’s eyes.


This Christmas she wants to evaluate exactly how she feels about Edward while getting closer to him. Easier said than done when she shows up and Edward has a strawberry blonde hussy attached to him. (Gotta love Tanya.)

This fic has the most delicious sexual tension I’ve ever read. It’s a completely cringe worthy in a good way; fan yourself in a lemony way, perfect dysfunctional family Christmas fic.

Absolutely a new favorite of mine!

Here are some honorable one-shot mentions:

From the writer of Last Tango in Forks

Have Yourself a Sneaky Little Christmas by AwesomeSauce

A Present Returned by AmeryMarie

Mistletoe and Wine by Evieeden

I hope I’ve satiated your smut loving Christmas spirit. Check back soon for Supernatural Month and FAGE!

Seasons Greetings

CelesticBliss aka Kynall x


  1. You've certainly warmed my cockels with all that Hun. I have to go over to the links now, and save them to my favs list! get ready to be snuggly warm this winter ;)

  2. Great Selection!! I've read a few of these and just loved them, I'll probibly go give them another read since you brought them up.

  3. SO EXCITED! I haven't read any of these and Christmas is suddenly looking up! Thanks for this! This made my day!

  4. Awe, this is awesome!! Now I know why you were asking us what our fav Christmas/Winter fics were. I will have to check out the others. I love Coldplaywhore's stuff but haven't read that one before!! I may have been a TAD bit girly excited when I saw my name for the rec on Christmas with the Cullens!!