Friday, December 3, 2010

Fantastic Festive Fun with Competitions to whet your Fanfic appetite!

Creative Competitions

At FanFicAholics Anon there is always an abundance of daily updates, recommendations from other avid readers, various fandoms to explore and discussions which welcome your passion without judgement. And if all of this isn't enough, we have the BEST company you're likely to find on Facebook! We chat, we joke, we tweet, we tag and we love. I can honestly say I have found my extended family within this group, and the fact that every single one of the members are just as talented, creative, imaginative and gorgeous as me just reassures I am in the right place, at the right time.

But it can be said, at times, the CBF (Lyndal Feralness can take credit for that acronym 'Can't be fooked') attitude takes precedence over our lives and no matter how much we desire to write or create, the words or pictures simply won't come!

Music is a muse for me, but the biggest prompt I can find is usually with visual aids. Pictures, banners, buttons, quotes, blinkies, photographs, manipulations; they all serve to inspire.

With this in mind, FFA has used visual aids to encourage the act of giving. Take the 100 pictures contest, for example.

A competition where the entrant was given a random number and had to write a picture based on the inspiration the picture behind that number, evoked, from any fandom of the authors choice!
I can honestly say, while I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this particular competition, it was nothing compared to reading the other entries. To find yourself in the world of the Hobbits in one story and then swimming with coherent fishes the next, to crying for the October Swan the next, is a journey all members of FFA should take. And while this competition is now complete, with the well deserved entries of 'The Edge of the Earth' by Rose Masen Cullen and 'October Swans' by Jays World Fanfic picked as the joint Judge's choice winners, we still have other ways to get your creative juices flowing.

So while '100 pictures' used images for your prompt, here's something for those of you who prefer to write by the guiding light of music. This one is may be for you:

A competition using songs as the prompt rather than pictures. Just click on this link: Pick a song and let your inspiration take hold.

And it doesn't end there! FFA brings you FAGE 2 - A competition that uses words or images as your prompt. You want to hear more? VampireMama will explain:

Banner made by OneBraveLamb FanFic

Well FAGE, as we so like to call it because my fingers get tired typing out the whole name, is a great way for established and non established writers to write a short story or one shot for another member of Fanficaholics Anon (FFA).

Should I sign up if I’m not sure?
No. Please only sign up if you are committed to doing this. If you sign up and at any time have a problem and need to pull out, let me know IMMMEDIATLY, so your recipient can still get a gift.

I’ve never written before, should I sign up?
Yes we had a few people on the last round who are now bitten by the writing bug and doing fabulously.

If I write, will I get a fic in exchange too?
Every writer will also get a gift back.

I’m not a writer but I’d love to help, what can I do?
We need volunteers to be beta’s as well. The exchange is kept secret until posting day so if Author’s regular beta’s are also in the exchange, they will need someone to look over their work. We want to make sure everyone has access to a beta in this.

So how does it work?
Each person will submit 3 prompts to Officer Spread ‘Em (Vampmama Fanfiction) . You will also indicate your canon or non canon preferences. I will use my spread sheet mojo and match everyone up with a recipient and at the end we will all have wonderful fics to read! (Cue loud cheering)

Is it only Twilight?
Nope, this time we are going to open it up to all fandoms. Please be aware though I can only match you if there are other writers willing to write in the same fandom. So if you are willing to write in multiple fandoms, please indicate that.

Sign-ups are open until December 31, 2010. I will have your recipient’s information out to you by January 15, 2011. You will have 2 months to write your fic and then we will all post together on March 15, 2011.
Here is what you should include in your prompt.

Don't be too specific, let the writer add the creativity.

IE- Edward and Bella meet on a ski slope, they crash into each other on the way down and fall in love ___WRONG

Our couple meets on a winter vacation ---RIGHT

Please include what pairings you would like to see (Canon, non-canon), but be aware that some people are not comfortable writing slash, or even non cannon for that point.

And finally tell me what pairings you are comfortable writing along with your age. I will not send dirty prompts to under 18's. That's just the way I roll.


Please copy and paste this template and send your info to me at


Email address:

Are you over 18?

A link to where we could find some of your work:

What pairings would you like to read?
What fandom will you write in?
What fandom do you want a gift in?

Three or four fic prompts:

What pairings do you PREFER to write?

What pairings do you absolutely REFUSE to write?

What genre/theme would you absolutely refuse to write or draw?

Do you have a very strong preference for a particular genre/theme?


Do we have banner makers also seeking a competition they can really get their teeth into? Then how about this?

HopeReborn has written a fantastic Fan Fiction and is looking for the perfect cover. Here is all the information you need to enter:
Details of the fiction…
All Twilight characters and an original character. The mains characters are Leah and Gabriel (he’s the OC)

Blurb of the story:
One year has passed since the departure of the Volturi, and everything seemingly returned to a normal rhythm in the town of Forks; Leah moved on, studying and working toward her goals. But her life soon changed greater than she ever expected when a new resident with a sad past and powers beyond imagination arrived in Forks. She instantly felt attracted to him; and she found that their role together in the world could be far greater than they ever imagined. Will they be strong enough as one to defeat an old enemy of the Volturi who is back killing every vampire in his wake?

Setting of the story:
The story happens one year after the last chapter of Breaking Dawn, at Forks. It´s an Adventure/Romance with a little angst. It presents a new character called Gabriel. He’s a brilliant human with mental gifts who lived his entire life hiding his secret with the help of his parents. After the death of his parents, he moved to Forks, living near the Cullen’s’. What he doesn’t know is his life is destined to confront a big evil that is coming back after the Volturi thought they were almost extinguished. Leah is still a lonely wolf, but after she left the Sam´s pack, she moved on and began to work and studying, helping Jacob until he’ll left Forks with the Cullen’s’. She found some peace after she was free from Sam’s thoughts. She starts to have weird dreams as soon as Gabriel arrive in Forks, and feels attracted to him even not knowing him.
What we are looking for in the perfect cover:
* Must feature Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) and one other actor not featured in Twilight (you will need to let us know who the actor is), However Manga style is perfectly acceptable
* Must be in fitting with the description and setting of the story
* Must be produced to look like a book cover
* It can be computer generated or done by hand
* Must have the title “Rising Star” featured
* Must have the writers name “FFHopeReborn” and your name on it

* Only one entry per person!
And that’s it! Please send all entries to Mel no later than 13th December, the winner will be announced on December 18th. Good luck!

Are you in the Christmas Spirit yet? Are you feeling blue from the chilly winter winds and need some laughter to brighten your day? Not in the mood to enter a competition but don't mind helping with choosing a winner?
Then why not go to the Christmas Cracker One Shot Anon contest and read, review and vote for your favourite?

So there we have it. Competitions to enter, or to judge, as well as inspiration drawn from pictures, music or words. There is something for everyone here, not forgetting our very own FFA Blinkie/Button competition.
As voting rules changed from one overall winner to now being one blinkie winner and one button winner, voting has been extended until Sunday 5th December 2010.

Have you voted yet?

If you know of a FanFiction competition, which is hosted by a member of FanFicAholics Anon, then help promote it within the group by using the FFA Blog. Simply contact either myself or ThisGuiltyBlood and we will be happy to update the blog with details.

If you do decide to enter any of the above mentioned competitions, remember to post your entry details on the group wall and forum. We are the Fictserhood and we strongly believe in strength by numbers. Support is a just a self promoting link away!

Good luck

Claire Guyan aka Claire Bloom
The 'A' Team