Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Friggin Awesome! It's FAGE 3Some!

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FAGE 3Some

It’s time again for the FAGE gift exchange. This is our third FAGE and has been fondly nicknamed FAGE 3some. Okay I just named it that and I hope it sticks.

What you need to know.

Signups start on August 15th. You have a month to decide whether you are up for the challenge as the signups will end on September 15th.

Please only sign up if you are confident you can write a short story or one shot by the ending date. I have a whip but I don’t like to use it to chase down people who don’t complete their stories, I’d rather just use it for fun.

Deadlines for stories to get into Beta’s will be November 14th and will be returned to you no later than the day before posting which will be November 22nd.

Okay now here are the Rules:

Fandoms: All fandoms are welcome. You may ask for a story written in any fandom but you must be willing to write in whatever fandoms you ask for.

Please also be aware that there may not be someone to write in every given fandom so if you are asking for something other than twilight, please give me more than one option to try and match you up as perfectly as I can.

Prompts: Please make your prompts are as vague as possible. Give a situation not an exact storyline. Prompts with too much detail will result in an email from me and a light flogging.

I.e. - Bella and Edward meet and fall in love over donuts (Wrong!)

A couple meets in a donut shop (Right!)

Pictures prompts are welcome, as are song titles or lyrics (one or two lines).

Length: 9 inch minimum. Just kidding. Stories must be more than 1500. There is no maximum but the entire story must be finished by the posting day.

Betas: you may use your own beta as long as she or he is not participating in FAGE as an author.

So now you are asking, “How do I sign up?” Well I’m glad you asked.

There are three things we need.


If you are interested, we have a simple test we would like you to take to be preapproved to sign up. You can find the test and the details on where to send it HERE.

FAGE sign up’s will start on August 15th, so make sure you get your test back in by then so you can be ready to sign up!


If you wish to sign up as an author, copy and paste the below and send to Vampiremama1@gmail.com

Authors of all ages are welcome; I just need to know if you are under 18 so I know not to send naughty prompts your way.

FB name / Penname:

Email address:

Are you over 18?

A link to where we could find some of your work:

What pairings would you like to read?

What fandom will you write in?

What fandom do you want a gift in?

Three or four fic prompts:

What pairings do you PREFER to write?

What pairings do you absolutely REFUSE to write?

What genre/theme would you absolutely refuse to write?

Pinch Writers

Apparently my whip isn’t always as scary as it should be and we have people drop out or unable to complete their gifts, if you sign up as a pinch writer you will only be assigned if someone drops out. You will not receive a gift of your own but you will have my undying gratitude, which is gift enough, right?

Send your willingness for this to Vampiremama1@gmail.com

Thank you and I look forward to all of us having another awesome and successful FAGE.

Vampmama (Aka Officer Spread 'Em)

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