Monday, January 10, 2011

January Spot Light!!

Welcome to 2011 FFA members! The fun has already started and excitemet is in the air! Firstly my fellow Blog officer Claire Guyan is going to be a Mommy!!! All of the team at FFA would like to extend our congratulations and best wishes to Claire and her family at this special time! Secondly, FAGE prompts have been sent out! To all of those participating – I wish you all the best! I can’t wait to see what our creative genius’ come up with this year!!

Speaking of creative genus’ I’d like to draw every ones attention to this months member Spotlight; PuppyMama0909 (aka BabyPups Whittlock.)

PuppyMama currently has not one, but five works in progress; (Some Time Around Midnight.html) (New York Minute) (Down Inside of You) (Jump Rope) And (Empire State of Mind).

Her first experience in the world of Fan Fics was with an X-Files Fan Fic, “Like fifteen years ago”.

Empire State of Mind is a fantastic story, as evidenced in its second place win in the 100 Pictures contest.
Jasper saves Bella from some unwanted male attention on a trip to New York. Pups portrays Jasper as the epitome of a Southern Gentleman, he is sweet and instantly likable. The story is completely non-cannon, which is refreshing and interesting. For anyone that didn’t read the 100 pictures entries, I won’t give a full run down because this story needs to be read! I strongly suggest that if you have not read it, you click the link and give it a go!

As a “Cannon” girl, I was curious about what drew Pup’s to writing Jasper / Bella pairings. She says “I was really drawn to the character of Jasper both in the books and the movies. I guess I saw him as more...real is the word that comes to mind. I found myself rereading Jaspers chapter of Eclipse repeatedly and enjoying it more than any other part of the story. I think because of Jasper and Bella's minimal interaction in the books it leaves quite a bit of room for fanfic authors to play. It probably helps that I have always had a thing for southern gentlemen. I had no inkling of what Jella even was until I read Scotch, Gin and The New Girl, and while it is not necessarily a Jella story it did have an amazing element in it. That put a little seed in my head. From that point on? I was done for.”

Fellow FFA Member, MezzmerizeMe, says of Jump Rope; “I enjoy it because it's cute, light and a little bit hot, but super sweet too.
Jasper is a southern gentleman with a son, Jackson and Bella is the cool aunt to a little girl, Charleigh.
The story starts out with Bella frantically looking for her niece whom got out of her sights at the park. She spots her playing in a sand box with a blonde haired little boy, Jackson.
After Bella reminds Charleigh she can't just run off like she did, she moves back to sit on a bench nearby, but instead falls into the lap of an unexpected strager, Jasper. They strike up a quick conversation while the kids become fast friends.
After a phone call to Bella from Edward, Jasper believes that Bella is Charleighs mom and Bella is in a relationship with Edward, which is not in fact true.

The children in this story are adorably cute and bring a light funness to the story while Jasper and Bella's growing feelings for one another bring the steamy romantic part. Puppymama0909 writes the story in a very fun and light way that is easy to read and leaves me at least wanting more :)”

When asked what inspires you to write Fan Fiction? Pups says; “I am, without a doubt, inspired by music. I always have music on; the first thing I do before I start writing is begin a play list for a story. If I leave the house without my I-pod I start having DT's...for real, it's scary. I am also a very visual person so I tend to play with Polyvore a lot. If I am stuck on a chapter I will scurry over to Polyvore and put together a set for what I am trying to write and I can usually work it out from there. Also? Jackson!”

The last fic I will mention is Down Inside of You, the first PuppyMama fic that I personally read. I have to admit that personally I am not a fan of Jasper / Bella fics, but after several wonderful reviews, and seeing some awesome banners I decided to give Down Inside of You ago. It instantly captured me. I loved the way she wrote the character of Bella, and again – it is impossible not to love her Jasper, he is hot, the story is Hot, and after reading the two chapters that are posted, I kinda found myself wishing I were a Stripper ! It is only two chapters in, and if you like your fics funny and sexy as hell, you need to add it to your faves!

My thanks go out to MezzMerize Me, for suggesting this month’s spotlight recipient, and then for giving so much input in this post. You’re a gem!! And also Thanks to AstonMartinVanquish, for pre-reading my post =)

If there is an author you think should be out under a SPOT LIGHT, Please PM me on Facebook or email at;

Until next time friends, xx TGB


  1. WooHOoo I am the first to comment!! TGB Thanks for having BabyPups as this months author spotlight!!! I am seeing squees all over FB about this...So CONGRATS my dear friend! All around sheer awesomeness! Great to see a fellow member and fan also in the write up, gives a great personal touch...though we all are really one big family ;)!

    Sooo WOOOOHOOOO!!!

    TLCx Officer Dark Indie

  2. Wow. I loved this post, and not just because of the shout out to my little Jitterbug at the beginning! But because I have never read a Jella fic and haven't ever really felt a 'need' to read a jasper based fic. Until now! I will defo add one if not all of these stories to my Favs list and take a look.

    Thanks for the update


  3. Such a fantastic update! I'm so canon only it's not funny, but I love Pups and TGB's and Mezz's amazing reviews makes me want to go read NOW!
    Thanks for this xo

  4. Claire, congratulations! :-) I'm sure you will be a great Mommy.
    Great interview!