Friday, January 14, 2011

Vampire Diaries Month

~Vampire Diaries Month~

January is traditionally a time that people try to start over, try something new; make or break resolutions. We, here at FFA have some new year’s resolutions of our own:
1) to re-affirm our commitment to our members by being more active around the Forum and home pages.
2) Pimping out the weekly read-a-longs, hosted by our own Indie TLC Cullen.
3) Actually this one is possibly the top of our list, to drag you all—kicking and screaming if we must—Into some other fandoms.
Twifics are great. We, for the most part all love all things Twilight, but let’s face it, there are soooo many more amazing fandoms out there!
Last year, we began celebrating ‘Fandom of the month’, starting with Supernatural. This month we are Celebrating the Vampire Diaries.
The Vampire Diaries centre on the life of Elena Gilbert, who falls in love with the super cute and super broody (co-incidentally, sometimes vegetarian) Vampire, Stefan Salvatore.
As the two begin their relationship, there is weird stuff going on in their hometown, people are being attacked by “Animals” and some of them even die.
Enter Damon, Stefan’s older – and better looking – brother (humble opinion only). Damon is nothing like his brother, he is bad – really bad – and did I mention hot? Yeah he’s that too!
You’ll see no self-loathing or animal biting from Damon. He embraces his nature, and makes no apologies for whom and what he is.
Now depending on if you read the books or watch the series, this is where things get tricky. In the TV show, you’ll find a somewhat different Damon – he is still smokin’ hot – but seems to have a bit more of a – shall we say, heart. Whereas the Damon from the book is just plain ol’ evil.
I’ll be honest, the Vampire Diaries is no Twilight. Elena isn’t obsessed with becoming a vampire. Stefan, while broody, isn’t into the self-loathing that we see from Edward.
And best yet, these guys bite. They have fangs, they have sex, and they drink blood. Now if that doesn’t make you want to go watch some TVD nothing will!

Over the course of January, you will see a lot of stuff from us about The Vampire Diaries, I urge you guys, break out of the comfort zone! Try something new! You just might be surprised how much you like it!
If you have any suggestions on Fandom’s you would like us to showcase—or anything else for that matter—please, drop us a line! Post on the Forum, the group wall, PM myself or the General! We are really excited to be part of your world! So please give us a shout!
Finally, in parting I leave you with some Trailers from season 1 and 2 of TVD, enjoy!!!
Until next time friends, Officer TGB out! xxx

Season ONE trailer.

Season Two Trailer

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  1. There are alot of TV based VD fics on But for some VD book fics go to ( in alphabetical order)