Sunday, March 6, 2011

FFA is alive with the sound of......

Credit goes to TGB aka TGBieb for making the Monthly fandom banner for the FFA Group/Forum
March is True Blood month!

During the entire month of March, we will be celebrating the brilliance of True Blood, whether that be the original books, cartoons, TV series or fanfiction.

So, we will need recommendations, fic reviews, photographs, banners, blinkies, links, fangirly squealy shoutouts to the actors, characters, authors, artist, in fact, anything to do with True Blood! Feel free to post all of the above on the FFA main group or forum, in fact, we beg of you to spam us with all things TB related.

If you write, read or create anything within this fandom, then send us your links, or rec's.

If you would like to guest review a particular fic within this fandom, then email myself, Claire, or ThisGuiltyBlood (also known within the group as TGBieb LOL) or General, and we will post your guest review on the blog and group.

The FFA Fandom of the month goes to........

Each month a different fandom is featured. Well, we aren't called FanFicAholics Anon for nothing! If there is a fandom you would like to see celebrated, then please feel free to suggest. A poll will be placed on the group/forum for votes and the winning fandom will receive all our FFA love.

April's fandom has not received suggestions, as yet, so please feel free to tell us what you would like to see.

Fic Hunters Pack

Ever read a fic and forgotten what it was? Tired of scrolling and searching endlessly for a certain type of story that you crave? Or do you just want some help with the finer details of your own story, like names, dates and places? If any or all of the above apply to you, then I welcome you with a lick and nudge to...


Our aim is to help those in our tribe find what they want, crave and need. You put in a request, and those in FFA-THP will hunt it down for you, within the next 24 hours.

To get our attention and help is simple and easy, just tell us what you’re looking for and The Hunter on duty will soon pick up your request, and set off on a hunt with other Pack members to help you the best way possible. However, so far the pack is in its early development, and we need some more tasty transformations from you loving tribes people.

Put your name forth (and invite your friends to) if you think you have the dedication, care and smoking hot body needed to help the innocent and needy tribes people that are at their wits end. We need more pack members to help our fulltime Huntresses ThisGuiltyBlood -Australia(Officer Blog’it), QuantumFizzx-USA (Officer Fizz) and myself, MrsDuckyFuzzles-UK (Officer JIMP).


This brilliant and artful little ditty was created by me. Ok, the picture is the property of the Armed Forces but it was 'edited' by Moi!

We need two people willing to 'host' the read-alongs, and two people working the 'updates' forum full time, amongst the many other exciting things we have planned for FFA's near future.

If you think you have what it takes to help lead this group onto the next level, please PM me with your expressions of interests and list what it is that you can offer the group as an officer

Just because.....

I was going to start this section with what's new in the competition front, with regards to Fanfiction, but decided to honour some of our members who have all popped their cherries with a few firsts......

Hope Reborn posted his first lemon on the 28th January, and we all know that writing lemons is quite a stressful task! Job well done HR!

Banner made by Dr_Twilighted_FarmD

Our very own Udo aka Memphis1 took part in Fictionista Daily WitFit word prompt, and 'Because the Night' was born!

Banner made by FerlaV aka General

Our very own FFA Officer Blogit, ThisGuiltyBlood (TGBieb LOL - sorry can't resist) has an array of fanfiction under her talented belt, with five Twilight genre to whet your appetites and the more recent Mortal Instruments genre - Possessions.

Banner made by ThisGuiltyBlood
TwiFanUK has recently completed her first fic 'Insecurities and Inexperience', and for those of us who have finished our first ever fics, this is quite a milestone. You feel like your baby has flown the nest!

How about pick your own adventure?

Who doesn't love a fairytale?

Thanks for reading, and remember, if you have anything fanfic related that you would like to see mentioned on the Blog, please feel free to PM either myself or TGBieb and we'll be more than happy to post!

Much love

Claire aka Where the heck has she been for the last two months?


  1. This blog along with FanficAholics Anon remind me of the sheer variety of our members. It is as it should be - I love it. :)

    ~ Udo

  2. *sigh* i would write for these but i suck...and since i am finished MI 1 and 1/2 through MI 2 i will read TGB fic!

  3. Aww, so chuffed you mentioned 'Insecurities'. It's my baby and it has indeed flown. :)

  4. great blog post! LOVE THIS! Can we mention the Size Isn't everything competition too?! I'm making a banner for one of the winners.

  5. Found this site looking for the 'improperly named by someone else' 'fanfic hunters pack'. :) Anyway, some of the links aren't working for me. The FB link, Rising Star, Because The Night are all kaput. Really like the idea behind this site and hope that it's my glitch, but in case it's not... .
    Thanks for all the effort and time,