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Weekly Rec’s

Indie here again for the weekly recommendations; much apologies for no recommendations last week, due to outside circumstances beyond our control it just couldn’t happen. But this time we’re getting kind of back to basics with the combination of vampire and human stories; an alternate universe story. I tend to try to read at least one vampire story for every all human story and I love me some deep, deliciously dark and keep you on the edge of your toes vampire stories. All three of these stories have put their own twist to AU when it comes to the vampire mythology and characteristics and for that it makes them stand out and push away from the Sparkly vampire box. It was quite the task to decide and two of the rec’s can be found in our own FFA community but the third well I did something I haven’t done in quite a while…

That’s right, just for you guys I went fic diving for one and I have to say I came up with a goodie. This one is chockfull of suspense, mystery and definitely some action and will make you see some characters in perhaps a whole new light.

A Race against Time by Tanglingshadows

A group of trackers. One target's scent. A continent. This is the Challenge, and Edward Masen is about find out that in world ruled by vampires, there's no such thing as secrets. AU

Tanglingshadows takes on the AU and her twist is that certainly vampires don’t sparkle and they keep their human eye color and humans are very, very much aware of them. In a world where these two coexist mixing the species is a forbidden taboo and looked down upon and taking and keeping human for a vampire mate is against the law, but our Edward is a lawbreaker and he has done everything to keep the secret of his one true mate, our human Bella. Honestly if I tell you more than that, I will be saying too much. This story is a fast paced, exciting read and it will keep you on the edge of your pants to the very end. It’s been nominated in the Vampies and well deserving of the nomination… so hurry and check this one out and leave some love telling ‘em FFA sent you J

My next recommendation is from an author that it’s no secret that I flove all of her work. In fact I almost want to say she specializes in AU and writes vampires like no other. She’s prolific and she definitely doesn’t skimp on anything. She is constantly leaving me stunned and that is no small feat or secret either. She broke her mold when she wrote this story and I think this whole story is the equivalent to maybe two chapters from some of her other stories. When it was originally released she was inspired by our own Officer Fizzy, that’s right, QuantumFizzx and two other well known authors by daily and sometimes multiple updates. If you haven’t figured out who I am talking about by now I guess I will have to tell you. The one, the only, Goldenmeadow. This time I bring you the story…

Love Advocated

"Sail on silver wings through this storm…I find my faith deserting me. The night is filled with cries." Wicked, wanton, witty. A fast posting, short vignettes story. DARKFIC jaded humor. AU. M. B/E

This story brings you a different kind of vampire all together. That’s right, Edward has wings and I seriously want to be cocooned inside of them with his arms and wings wrapped around me so tight I can’t breathe in nothing but him. Goldenmeadow brings a whole new vampire lore that I have never heard of and you’ll have to read to find out. Chapters are short, and it takes true art to be able to convey so much with so little and GM doesn’t disappoint at all. You could read this whole story on your lunch break but I don’t necessarily advise it because I tried to and well it didn’t turn out so well. It’s too hawt and left me panting for more. So if you work alone then maybe, just maybe it’s safe for the work place otherwise yeah you get what I mean… As always leave GM some love along the way and let her know the FFA or Indie sent you.

My last recommendation for our peek into the world of alternate universe is from a very dear friend of mine. She does these rec’s with me and you guys know her as our own Officer Porn Pusher, ZenOne. There is a reason why she’s been given the title of Officer Porn Pusher and if you’ve ever read anything she’s written you would understand why, and ok she does post some pretty hawt delicious pictures too. The one I have chosen is her entry from FFA’s FAGE 2, and while I promised myself I wouldn’t read any FAGE entries until I finished mine, I couldn’t resist hers and ok I might have helped in prereading and maybe a few WC’s with her for some sneak peeks. I bring you…

Thrill Seeker

Bella was a thrill seeker, but her thrills had always brought her fortune. One dark, stormy night, a fateful car accident brings Bella to her destiny and happiness that she never knew could be hers. A FAGE entry written for Sunsetwing.

Bella can’t wait to find her next challenge and she comes across it in ad from the paper that almost sounds too good to be true. From the get go you're wondering what is going on with these characters and why they act the way that they do. From the very beginning you’re treated to one very hot and steamy dream that makes you completely hot and bothered. And it doesn’t stop there; you gotta read to find out because I am not telling. Thrill Seeker was the winner of the gold award for Most Researched Story and the silver award for Best Use of Canon in the FAGE Awards. SO I bid you to go forth and read and leave some love for your Officer Porn Pusher and tell her Indie sent you ;)

Now here’s the lovely Officer Porn Pusher herself, to give you her awesome recs this week…

Hey peeps! My recs for this week are…

Bella Down Under by: Feralness Is Me

AH ExB. Awkward, broken, Australian Bella, meets arrogant, unpredictable Edward. Can the one person she cannot trust and the enemy of her beloved cousin, Jacob, be just the person to get her through the most heart-wrenching time of her life? Humour added.

Hell to the yes! This story is amazing. Edward is more than a little flustered/overheated when he meets our Aussie Bella with a dark past. To quote him:

There was something about her; something about the way she'd tucked her hair delicately behind her ear and continued to gaze up at me; her expression completely unreadable…
My body temperature had shot up in that instant. I began to feel so over heated, and flustered that I had to leave and quickly!”

And Emmett bless his heart –he’s my homeboy- is more than glad to point it out as often as he can throughout the story. I love this story! It is definitely a must read.

Second on my list this week is…

Stranger in the Elevator by: Celesticbliss/AcrossTheSkyInStars

What happens between two strangers in a broken, dark, crowded elevator? What happens after?

Sexy stranger feeling you up in an elevator, every girl’s dream right? Espesh if he looks like RPatz, I mean Edward.

Erm… a little warning, this story is smoking hot! It’ll leave you all hot and bothered.

“His hands tightened around my waist.
Oh yeah, I was right. Dear God, this man is gifted.
I felt his fingers grab the back of my skirt and pull it up.”

The author’s don’t disappoint. I am so glad they continued this O/S.

Last but most definitely not least we have…

Meadow Anniversary by: Glee68

Bella plans a surprise for Edward. Not easy to do. Bella is so nervous worrying about surprising Edward on their anniversary. Thankfully it goes well and she and Edward are in for a surprise themselves.

This story is so sweet. Thoughtful Bella, considerate Edward and a family to die for –literally-

Until next week...

Indie & Zen

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