Thursday, June 30, 2011

FFA Talent Show Winners!!

And The Winner is...

As most of the members of FFA already know, the months of May and June were dedicated to the launch of the very first FFA Talent Show. From May 13th 2011, the entries poured in thick and fast, and the team behind the scenes were thrilled with the sheer overall quality of the pieces submitted.

Just a handful of entries included fabulous hair styles, heartfelt singing performances, inspiring photographs, beautiful artwork, fast paced choreography, and so much more. We, the judges of the FFA Talent Show, were simply amazed by the things our members can achieve in their spare time.

It was a difficult task indeed to select three finalists for public voting, and FFA actually ended up with four finalists due to a tiebreak situation. So, before the overall winner of the FFA Talent Show is announced, here we have a brief rundown of the four stunning entries selected as potential winners!

VampireMama – Tap Dancing Group Piece

A well-known face around FFA, Officer, and whip-wielder extraordinaire, who knew that VampireMama also possessed the amazing ability to tap dance? Clip-clopping her way across the stage, looking both poised and focussed, VampireMama cut an admirable figure in what was a group piece performed for her first adult dance show. VampireMama looked every inch the pro and I certainly found my eyes drawn to her as she performed the routine with her heart and soul. Well done, VampireMama.

Kelly Scholen-Johnson – Singing ‘For Good’ (from Wicked)

As a singer, the musical entries submitted were among my favourite to peruse, and, with her soft yet soulful voice, Kelly’s entry did not disappoint. The emotion she injected into her piece was evident, and I found myself transfixed by the spell Kelly wove until the very end of her entry. Singing is perhaps one of the most nerve-wracking acts to perform in public as largely, it is something you either can or cannot do. Kelly proved herself to be in the former category, and we both commend and thank her for entering her piece.

The judges of the FFA Talent Show are pleased to announce that VampireMama and Kelly Scholen-Johnson were voted in joint third place by the FFA community.

Flor Sdec – ‘Un Amore Per Sempre’ (on piano)

It was thrilling to see at least one musical instrument performance entry, and Flor Sdec certainly delivered with her mesmerizing piano piece. The ability to play an instrument (and well, at that) is an enviable one, and as far as the FFA team could tell, Flor gave a flawless performance. The sheer passion she injected into her piece was palpable, and certainly left me wanting to see more of Miss. Sdec’s wonderful musical talent.

The judges of the FFA Talent Show are happy to declare that Flor Sdec was voted second place by the FFA community.

This can mean only one thing, and that of course is that the FFA Talent Show has selected it’s worthy winner through two-stages of voting. We offer our congratulations to the brilliant...



‘Clary and Jace’

Ashesatmidnight’s first prize winning piece took an astounding seven hours to complete, and is a true testament to this artist’s never-ending talent. Inspired by the popular ‘Mortal Instruments’ book series by Cassandra Claire, this piece must have required a stunning amount of both imagination, and patience to complete. But we’re very glad she did!

* * *

Thank you to everyone at FFA who took part in the Talent Show by entering, helping to judge, or simply publicising the event. We hope that you truly enjoyed being a part of this, and would love to hear your feedback.

SilverSpoon (Officer Buffy’s Stake)


  1. I would like to thank all who voted and specially the people behind the contest it was fun and finally to all contenders it was a privilage to be with all of you in this.

  2. All who whom deserve our best hugs and kisses. They are wonderful and talented people.