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September Spotlight Member - Zen Mar

Zen Mar

Zen Mar is this month’s spotlight member and I’m happy to say that when this was announced I was so friggin excited! LOL She has been a helpful member of the forums for a long time now, always there with a kind word to say!

I don’t really remember when Zen and I started to talk, it just seems like we always have! Most of our conversations consist of healthy disagreements on wether Spike or Angel is the better vampire for Buffy. And because I know how much she loves Buffy and Spike together I’m going to post this little bit of hotness ( *covers eyes*)

Is it over yet? Oh good…Now back on track. LOL

Zen Mar is a huge fan of music; other memorable conversations include our mutual love of Wicked and squeeing over the awesomeness that is Hans Zimmer. LOL oh and Johnny Depp, don’t forget him…yes I totally agree with this!!! LOL

I also asked a few of Zen’s other peeps about what Zen Mar means to them

LPlover FFN said

First time I spoke to Zen Mar was on the FFAA thread. All of us were discussing possible fandoms for Fandom of the month and i slightly fell in love with her as she knew the Inheritance series, which is usually rare as most only know the one film that has come out. After a pretty long discussion of the books we have, we fell out of contact only for her to come back in my life 4 months later. And though I didn't recognize that it was the same person at first, I'm glad that I do now because it's brilliant how most of the stuff between us is common. I love the fact that even with twelve and a half hours of time difference in our time zones, we still get to spend time together, as little as it is as each friendship must be cultivated so. And I love my fic-sistah, SusanC aka Zen Mar.

Some Facts about ZM:
*She loooooves Dramione and would do anything for it.
*I keep to seem forgetting she likes Heroes as well (must google it,LOL).
*She works in a place where you get to meet celebrities( She saw Rob, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!)
*She sits up till the wee hours of the morning chatting with everyone on Facebook.
*She is a twin-whore as she and I spent loads of time tagging James Phelps in almost twenty-five tweets as we chatted with one another about the awesomeness of Harry Potter.

I really must thank her from the bottom of my heart for cleaning out my garbage grammar, for improving me as a person in some subtle ways and being a very very very good friend. I love you, Zen Mar!!

ARae Marie Davies said

I absolutely adore our Zen Mar. I’ve only know her for a few months, but we clicked from the very beginning, must have been our mutual love for Tom Felton. She’s an incredible friend and just you wait for her stories about the idiot tourists or rude celebrities….

She’s my go-to girl for anything Dramione and my fic-search buddy. I know I can trust any fic she sends my way to be a great read. We’re HP generation and damn proud.

Also, a post about Zen Mar wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the sexilicous Zachary Quinto. I might have had to google Sylar the first few times she mentioned him, but hot damn, I’m glad I did.


Zen Mar is a huge fan of Harry Potter, with Dramonie aka Draco/Hermione is her go to pairing. As someone who was previously in the HP fandom I just wanted to link her ( and any of you others who will be interested) to some great fics I used to read.

Her Decision by MajiKat

Draco Malfoy. Death Eater? The Devil incarnate? Or lost soul? Six years ago he disappeared without a trace. Now, he's back, and after a chance encounter, Hermione Granger's life takes a turn she was not expecting.

Confessions of a Fugative

Year is 2000… the gang are all 20 years old… Harry is the hero of the wizarding world, a widower with a little girl; Lily – Lily’s godparents are Ron and Hermione… Ron is married to Luna… Hermione is pining over the love she lost, so long ago… Ginny and Neville are together, going strong – they’re engaged… then there is Draco Malfoy, who is still in hiding, his only correspondent is the one person everyone believes he hates.

Hermione 88’s trilogy

Hermione and Draco are forced to work together when they are both accepted to the same Auror training facility, but when their respect for each other grows and a friendship begins, will hard times and tribulations force them apart or possibly strengthen their relationship more than they could have ever imagined? Read to find out. TRILOGY COMPLETE! CHECK OUT 'TWO WARS TO FIGHT' AND 'IN THE END . . .'

Story 1:

Story 2:

Story 3:

The Lioness’s Son by Queen Sabreen

Don't get drunk in your graduation party is a lesson Hermione will never forgot. The result of her nocturnal rendezvous is her unexpected pregnancy. Now as her son grows up, she finds that she must tell him a secret. The secret of the father's identity. But the catch is, she doesn't know it herself.

Zen is also our resident Heroes fan, it’s also the fandom in which she has written her first ( and currently only) story. Its a o/s, featuring Sylar and Peter in a dreamworld.

Her fic can be found here

As a way to show my appreciation for what an awesome and supportive friend Zen Mar is I wanted to make her a banner for her story, which you can see below.

I hope you had an awesome time being this months spotlight member!!

Hugs and Kisses

Ashes at Midnight, with help from LPlover FFN and ARae Marie Davies

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  1. Save the cheerleader, Save the world!! Awesome write up ladies!!! And a huge Congrats to Zen Mar! Hubmett and I have just started rewatching Heroes and I am constantly thinking of Zen Mar while watching :)!!

    Officer Dark Indie