Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweet September

Cupcake Week 12th – 18th September

The time has come for Officer Cupcake to reign supreme and show off her cupcake eating skills! But word is she needs new recipes! So at FFA HQ we’ve been talking about the best way we could make this happen and get everyone involved.

We give you the FFA Cupcake Cook Book!

To be involved and get your copy, you'll need to:

Create a document on the forum.

Headline it with ‘Your Recipe Name’ (why not mix it up and add a fandom theme in there?).

Include measurements of each ingredient and a detailed description on how to make it.

Add your name and an email address we can contact you on.

To complete it, snap a picture and upload it to our Cupcake album on the forum.

When we have a few recipes we will pretty them up, add them, with pictures supplied, to a PDF and post to all members who would like a copy (look out for the document requesting email addresses for posting). There you have it, FFA’s very own cupcake cook book and all thanks to YOU!

We’re also adding a bit more sugar to sweeten the deal; Officer Cupcake herself will be choosing her favourite recipe based on looks and creativity (sadly she won't have time to try cook all the recipes herself and this is where photos are important!). The winner will receive the cook book ‘200 Cupcakes’ by Joanna Farrow valued at $14.95RRP (AUD)! So get your recipes in before the 20th of September.

(PDF booklet will be posted in the last week of September, as will the winners book.)

Talk Like A Pirate Day 19th September

Captain Jack Sparrow says ‘tis COMPETITION time! We want to spy upon ye portraits of ye ‘n ye buckos or ye kin dressed in ye pirate best. A pirate booty be given to the best looker. Pin them in th’ book o’ portraits.

If ye not wantin' to dress up ye can scrawl ye email in th’ parchment to get ye books of booty for ye scallywags.
-Capt’n Silverspoon has written two PDF books on activities (fun & educational) to do with your children on Talk Like A Pirate Day. Book one is for 3-5 year olds and book two is for 5-7 year olds. Both books include a colouring in page hand drawn by Capt’n AshesAtMidnight. All kiddies that participate and send us a picture of their colouring in will get a handmade certificate of completion certifying that they be part of th’ crew and need not walk the plank.-

If ye don’t want t’ share ye portraits and ye got no scallywags but ye`d like t' join th' crew, here be a wee fun things ye can do.

Find yer sea dog name an' swabbiea by clickin’ ‘ere ‘n changin’ ye FaceBook name to ye pirate name for th’ day. Share with ye matey’s ye new persona.

Scribble all ye posts in buccaneer talk. Ye can translate them ‘ere.

Change ye FB language to English (pirate) ‘n ‘ave a giggle at ye new words.

Have a pirate party ‘n share with ye crew ye portraits of ye and ye matey’s drinkin’ th’ rum. Ye can even make some delicious pirate party food.

Find a Seafarin' hearty Festival in ye homeport an' join in wi' th' other scallywags fer a whole tide o' fun.

Whatever ye do, don’t forget to blabber to ye mates ‘bout the rum drinkin’ festivities with ye shipmates at FFA. The more, the merrier they say. Arrrg.

Capt'n Chaz

Where’s all the rum gone?

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