Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FanFicAholics Anon Writing Challenge! WEEK 1!

Fortnightly Fic Rules

Well ladies, (and gentlemen?!?), welcome to the launch of our first Fortnightly Fic Competition here at FanFiction Aholics Anon. This fortnight, the task of formulating our rules has fallen to me, and so after much deliberation with my ficsters in crime, Chantel, Claire, and Tanya, the following decisions have been made about the requirements for entry.

Please try to stick to the rules as best as possible or we may be unable to accept your entry, and that would be a tragedy of epic ‘there’s-a-mutant-vampire-baby-waiting-to-chew-it’s-way-out-of-your-womb-and-now-the-werewolves-want-to-kill-you’ proportions! Have fun with your entry and good luck to all.

1) Entries must be a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 3000 words. These figures are to include the title of the piece.

2) Entries must fit the theme of a wedding night between two characters of supernatural origins. Characters may come from any book, TV show, movie, etc. but they MUST both be in some way influenced by the supernatural. Lemons/ smut, etc. are optional.

3) Entries must contain the words ‘peanut butter’ somewhere within. You can be as creative as you wish with this requirement just try to also be original!

4) Entries MUST be checked to the best of your ability for poor spelling and grammar, and any errors corrected before posting. Use of a Beta is permitted but not required.

5) All entries must be your own work. Collaborations are not permitted and copying of other works will result in your entry being removed from the competition. Strictly one entry per person please.

6) Once complete, you must upload your entry to the  FanFicAholics_Anon_Ficsterhood_Writing_Challenge community created on

7) When you have uploaded your entry, you must inform either Claire or Chantel via Facebook messaging that you have submitted an entry. Please provide your FF penname, your actual name, and name of your story as well as a word count.

8) The competition winner will be notified by email once the competition closes. The judges’ decision is final.

9) The competition opens as of 26/08/2009 and will close 07/09/2009. Entries submitted before or after these dates may not be accepted.

10) Have fun, and respect each other. There is no actual prize for this contest other than a virtual pat on the back and a personal sense of achievement!

Sam x

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