Monday, February 14, 2011

February Spotlight

The February Spotlight is finaly here! I've been holding on to this one for about a week now, mostly because I didn't want it to be lost amongst all the Valentines Day notes. Speaking of - What a sappy bunch we are! Thank you to all who contributed to make yesterday special for everyone at FFA. Now that its all over and done with,I am exceedingly happy to present to you all;


This should be a familiar name to you all; Rose was one of our first place winners in the 100 Pictures contest, with The Edge of the Earth.

The Edge of the Earth was by far, one of my favourite contest entries and was completely deserving of its first placing. The beautifully written one-shot is about a woman who meets the love of her life just as she is about to end it all. A victim of female oppression in 1918, Bella was sick of her life, sick of disappointing everyone in it, and on her 17th birthday she decided that she had simply had enough and prepared to jump off of the edge of the earth.

Just as she is steeling herself to do it, she is stopped by a young man – Edward.

He is from a different class to her – his parents supply food to her family, yet they both become completely besotted with each other.

The story weaves a beautiful picture of first love, and the ending…. Well I won’t give that away – you will simply have to go read it.

The Edge of the Earth can be found HERE

This leads me to Avalanche. Now I sincerely want to thank each and every person that nominated and voted for Rose to win the spotlight this month. Because of you, I went on over and clicked on chapter one of Avalanche, hoping to get a bit of insight into what sort of writer Rose is, and hopefully garner enough to write this post.

Well, I read chapter one…and then two…and then three. Would you believe the next thing I knew it was half past twelve at night and I was reading Chapter Twenty Three!

To say I got hooked would be an understatement.

Avalanche is a tale of two best friends, that have grown up together, went to school together and when they moved away to college, they went together and even fell in love.

Fast forward to the present and they have both reached the goals they had set as children, only they haven’t done it together as they always believed they would.

Edward messed up…and I mean Messed the Heck up! As in, big time causing him to cur Bella from his life completely.

Now Bella is a successful writer and editor who has a wonderful life, a sexy, loving boyfriend and great friends. She is happy,

And then he shows up again.

Avalanche is –in my humble opinion- awesome! I seriously suggest that if you have not been to read this, you click HERE

and go, as in right now!

Well friends, that is all from me this month.

Please remember to send any nominations you have for future spotlights via PM on Facebook or you can email me on –Also please include a link to the author you are nominating .



  1. YAY. I get to be the first comment!! Go Rose!!!! I think that everyone that is not reading Avalanche, needs to go and do it like yesterday! I am lucky to have the honour of pre-reading Avalanche!

    So this last part is for you that everyone knows about all your awesomeness...You need to go and write the next chapter!!!!!

  2. Congrats again Rose. I am truly glad you won this month because it lead me to your awesome stories! Thank you for sharing them with us all.
    xx TGB

  3. Congrats. I am totally looking forward to checking out Avalanche as soon as FAGE is done.