Saturday, February 12, 2011

Show your love for................

Claire Guyan (Bloom).

By Vampmama

Claire is the very reason that I am a member of Fanficaholics anon. She reviewed my tiny fic which lead me to this wonderful group. Because of her I found my wonderful beta. She always has a kind word for anyone feeling down or blocked and is always supportive to new and old writers.

Claire through her support has made me strive to be a better writer and person. I doubt I would still be writing if it wasn’t for her leading me to this great group of people.

On top of being a wonderful friend and officer, Claire is a wonderfully talented author. Her fics inspire me, make me think and of course get me a little turned on.

Thank you Claire for being just who you are.

Love you babe,

Officer Spread ‘Em (Vampmama)

Check out some of Claire’s exceptional work here.



  1. I <3 her, too! Wonderful beta and amazing friend, always makes me smile and giggle no matter what. Even if I'm in a foul mood.


  2. Claire is an Angel. I love her hard. Amazing writer/beta. Wonderful friend.

  3. OMG! I am so touched right now, in a virtual sexy way as well as emotional! I have tears, babe, actual tears. What a beautiful note and one of my best Valentines ever! Thank you so much. I never knew I inspired you, and that makes me feel so happy because the fact is Tiff, you inspire me too. I think you're amazing.

    Thank you so much


  4. Claire is wonderful!! I adore her writing and she is all around such a sweet girl.