Saturday, December 3, 2011

FFA Holiday Awards

Happy Holidays!

Can you believe it’s December already? What a crazy year it has been! We’ve had ups and downs, people come in and out, we had to rebuild the group and we had two FAGE’s; both of which were complete successes!

We’ve had some new family members born this year, with a few admin and members welcoming new additions. We’ve had some losses too and we've had to really band together as a family to be there for those who have lost friends, or family, and for those going through troubled times.

It’s amazing to see how the group comes together during the good and bad times. Sure there are complaints, no person is perfect and no group run by humans is going to be perfect either. However, I like to think that we all do what we can to make it one of the best, if not THE best, general fanfiction groups on Facebook.

I really love seeing all the messages about how FFA has opened their mind to search out fanfiction for fandoms they'd forgotten about or didn't think to read up on. I know I've read quite a few different fandoms this year and it's been so much fun.

But what I love most is that this group isn't just about fandoms and fanfiction. It's become a second home for many. A place to speak with like minded, and some not so like minded, people and source different opinions on many different subjects. It just goes to show that hundreds of different people CAN get along, no matter where you're from.

In short, it's YOU guys that make FFA what it is and I want to thank you for being my home away from home.

With that said we thought that we would end the year with a big bang, and what better way to do that than to hand out some awards and have a good laugh while doing it? We want you all to share the festive spirit this holiday season. No matter what race, creed, religion or country you come from, you ALL can join! Even if you don't celebrate anything in December, we have something for you, too!

(At least we hope that we have covered all bases and there is something for everyone. Remember, we are always willing to hear your ideas so if you think of a category to add to our list of awards, please let an admin member know.)

Now, without further ado, I give you …

Categories :

Sub category - Photo section
(Please post pictures in respective albums NOT on the forum wall)

Best Christmas tree

Best other Holiday celebration display

Best outside Light Display

Best/Funniest Picture with Santa

Best of the WORST Holiday Sweaters

Best December Photograph of where you live

Best Decorated Fireplace

Best Decorated Window Dispay/Painting

Best All Over Holiday Photo

Best Photo of Holiday Feast/Baked Goods

Best Children's Holiday Drawing/craft

Best Christmas/Holiday Costume –Kids & adult categories separate ;)

Best Christmas/Holiday card – Sent or recieved

Sub Category - Video Section
(please post link to the video in the document NOT on the forum wall)

Favorite performance of your favorite holiday song

(members and/or their children may be included)

Sub Category - Writing Section
(Please post story in the document NOT as a post on the wall)

Most Creative way you've regifted - because you know we've ALL done it

Most hilarious holiday encounter


-All submissions in by December 26 11:59pm GMT(?). Winners will be announced on New Year’s Eve.

-All entries must be posted in appropriate categories/places- There will be separate albums for photos and documents for video links set up for each category.

*Please, if you feel it's necessary, feel free to blur out faces if you are not a fan of placing yourself or your children in the public spotlight.

-Limit of one entry per person per category. This means you can enter every category if you would like but only ONE entry per category please.


Winners will receive a certificate/banner for their efforts and bragging rights all the way into the New Year.

You have a little over three weeks to get entries in. Judges will be these people sitting beside me here, namely the admin team. Judge’s decision is final, however we may take bribes. *whistles innocently*

Remember, this is for fun! So get your entries in, yesterday, and let’s all finish off the year on a good note.

Much love

General Chaz

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