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Lesser Known Fanfiction Fandoms

Smaller Fandoms…Part One

FanFicAholics Anonymous is about many different things to a widely diverse group of people, young and old alike. Our name symbolizing that we all have an addiction to fanfiction. At some point you loved something so much you either wanted it to continue or you wanted to make it continue, or elaborate on it yourself, whether it was a book, a movie, a TV show, or even a video game. These writings are pretty much considered what fanfiction is, and at FFA Anon not only do we embrace the phenomenon of fanfiction, we encourage and feed the addiction to the point where it NEVER sleeps.

To round out the rest of the year here at FFA Anon, not only have we celebrated FAGE 3Some in the month of November, but we have sent an SOF (Save Our Fandoms…I am coining this term) out to our members to recognize those fandoms which may not have a huge following, or much representation within our family and deserve some much needed praise.

I must say our members did not disappoint. They’ve posted things from Pride and Prejudice to Tetris fanfiction this month.

So, it’s my solemn duty as Officer Dark Indie to try to bring you EVERYTHING we have posted and discussed this month, as well as some who have been kind enough to email their favorite’s to me. I apologize if I’ve missed some things; I am human after all, but please enjoy these and check out all the recs which fit your fancy!

Linara Philips has been kind enough to scatter our forum with tons and tons of recs, from many different fandoms.  You can also find her extensive list of recs on fandoms ranging from Angel to Xena; Warrior Princess at  She also writes for quite a list of different fandoms but seems to have her primary fandom in the Buffy/Angel Universe. You can find her on live journal here  or over at FFN here

Linara Philipps


I love stories with happy endings; the ones where you can relax, and enjoy the journey because you are 100% sure it will all be resolved by the end.

I also happen to love stories which depict large families; it's a weakness of mine. Being an only child, raised by a single mother, I love reading of little signs that blood does run thicker than water.

Figure my joy when I found a series that has BOTH my loves in it.

Seven siblings, all of them adorably named in alphabetic order: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francoise, Gregory, and Hyacinthe (I know, I know. I'd snicker if that happened in real life, but for some reason, in this series, it works.) Add a matriarch who knows exactly what her children need, and still bows graciously when she is mistaken, and the Bridgertons become a family I was eager to meet after I finished the first book and figured I had six more to go. I found the third book to drag a little, especially in comparison to the previous two, but luckily it didn't stop me from trying out the fourth... and fifth... and twenty-four hours later I was wishing for an eighth book.

I have a warning, though. If you're looking for deep delving into a character's mind, this isn't it. It's about people falling in love at first (or second, at the latest) sight, though there are one or two surprises along the way. There are the usual previous engagements, and scheming uncles, and evil stepmothers, and hidden treasures, and masked heroes - not all in the same book, thank God. But all in all, the characterization is steady, and it was fun to see the little Bridgertons grow up in the background of their older siblings' stories until it was their turn for the limelight.

Rating? NC-17. Yep. This series belongs to *that* kind of books. You know, the ones where someone loses their virginity somewhere in the middle of the story. If that's a point in Ms. Quinn's favor for you, yay! Her lemons are quite well-written. If you don't the citrus-y flavor, do what I did and skip those pages.

It'll be worth the read.

The dialogue is witty and fun, with few exceptions. I also liked that not one couple was like the other, and how all the characters came to play in every book without forcing the situation.

You can find her on livejournal here:

While her fanfiction is posted at

Zen Mar

Zen Mar is our local Heroes expert and seriously who can resist Sylar? I seriously trust everything she rec’s and favorited right away. You can find her authors page as well as any of her Heroes Fandom favs here:

LPlover FFn

Isaac Asimov was a brilliant writer. He wrote novels about robots which adhered to the “Three Laws of Robotics”, some naughty robots which didn’t, some which had a higher power given in order to bypass the Three Laws. One of these compilations is what I am pimping today. It’s called I,Robot.
And before you ask, this is not the film where thousands of robots jump through the glass; Will Smith shooting each of ‘em while a computerized voice screams,” MY LOGIC IS UNDENIABLE!” That was an adaptation from many stories of Asimov. I,Robot basically is a compilation of stories which do not fit into any series per se, but stand out as brilliant.

Sadly this fandom has exactly only 5 stories. Either it is because no one thinks they can do justice to the original (God knows I have thought that several times) or they are not interested in the awesomeness that is Sci-fi. Anyways for more information, check out its Wiki page.

Jay Nordmann

Because it's a fandom - a small one, but still - and this is the group for fandoms, I urge all Millennium Trilogy lovers to just please, watch the original movie (the Swedish one). I know there's an American version coming out really soon, and from what I've seen from clips and the like, I can tell that it's not as intense as the original. Which is called "Men who hate women" (org.; Menn som hater kvinner), NOT "The girl with the dragon tattoo"

Silver Spoon

Raise your hands if you know of the Doctor? Dr Who is the longest running sci-fi series in the world, and is now being steered by Russell T Davies. The Doctor is a human-looking alien, the last of the Time Lords, who travels through time in his TARDIS, usually with the assistance of a young, female helper (nothing pervy, the Doctor doesn't DO relationships). The latest series sees Matt Smith take on the role of the Doctor (the eleventh since the series' creation), with husband and wife duo Amelia Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) along for the bumpy ride. Despite its occasionally adult tones, Dr Who is a long enjoyed family show, which shows off some innovative writing if not hokey special effects! Recs from the group wall below.

Maria Depp Burton

-The Big Bang Theory in a TV Show by Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady. The story line revolves around two physicists, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) & Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and their new neighbor Penny (Kaley Cuoco).
-The group complete Howard (Simon Helberg) who still lives with his mother and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) who can't speak to girls unless he is drunk. 

-On the fourth season Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) Howard's fiancee and Amy Farrah Fowler Sheldon's friend who is girl but not his girlfriend (Mayim Bialik) will also join the group.

-The Series count four years of success. However the fan fics for the show are very little (just over 1,000) compared to other Fandoms.

Ashesatmidnight Fanfic

The Mercy Thompson series by Patrica Briggs is a paranormal series following the adventures of our heroine Mercedes 'Mercy' Thompson. She is a a half indian coyote shapshifter in a world full of supernatural beings stronger then herself. She is the last of her kind, the others were killed by the vampires century's before.

She is a VW merchanic, her best friend is a 300 italian vampire called Stefan and her neighbour *cough* love interest *cough* is a werewolf called Adam. The werewolves in this series are also immortal.

Currently there are 6 books.
1: Moon Called
2: Blood Bound
3: Iron Kissed
4 Bone Crossed
5: Silver Borne
6: River Marked

They are a healthy mix of action and romance, Mercy is prone to trouble, she always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Much to the annoyance of Adam.

Mercy is a strong, assertive character, Patricia Briggs is a good writer in my opinion.
here is the fanfics. it is small just over 150

There are also chapter extracts available on Patricia Briggs site if anyone is interested in checking it out.

Tanya Zedor

Summary on the back of I Am Number Four:

I was sitting with my feet in the water when I felt it coming.

The water around my leg started boiling, and my lower leg started glowing where the scar was embedding itself.

The third of the Lorien symbols, the third warning.

The stakes were higher now.

They had found number three, wherever he or she was, and number three was dead.

I am number four.

--- I love the premise to the story because it's based on an alien race of people who, for the most part, appear human. The people, who are Loric (from their home planet Lorien) are more or less extinguished by their enemies, the Mogadorians. In the dying days of their civilization, the Loric people sent 9 children and 9 guard (Cepans) from Lorien to Earth in order to keep their race alive.

To protect the children, a number was given to each, and a type of spell was set in place that stipulated a Loric child couldn't die unless they were next. They have to be killed in order of their numbers, that is, unless they are together.

Upon getting to Earth, each child left with their Cepan, and have been separated ever since.

As they grow up, the children develop what are called their Legacies. They are, for lack of a better word, superhuman abilities. On Lorien, they would not have been anything too special, but to people on Earth they appear extraordinary. These are what help the children and their guard fight against the Mogadorians in the story.

When number three dies is where the story picks up. And I reallllly love it :) If there is anyone who was thinking about reading them, I highly recommend it

I hope you enjoyed today's post, and hopefully we will see you tomorrow for round two.

Much Love

Indie x


  1. Man..I loved this!! I remembered this from the articles posted on the FFAA group page, and I am on the page....WOOT!! ;)

  2. This is brilliant! There is so many words to describe how awesome this is, but we'll be here all day if I type them all out! I now have a longer list of TBR books and fics. Thank you so much Indie and all the members that helped make this happen.

  3. you missed book 7 Frost Burned in the Mercy Thompson series...