Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pups Spreads The Love

*slides down my pole and sits on the stage, patting the floor next to me* Come on a little closer honey, I've got a few little stories to tell you. What are they about? Well everything and everyone. Now if you know me, and I am hoping you do, you know my taste in fiction leans toward the... unusual. The deviant. The non-canon. And that, my dear little reader, is what we are here to talk about. Now, I love Edward and Bella as much as the next girl and actually started reading canon way back when I was just a wee little lass still wearing my days of the week panties and not showing them to ANYONE. I even writing a possible canon fic. I KNOW! there was actually a time. Anyway, one day I read a little ditty called Scotch, Gin and The New Girl by JAndCo and my Mind. Was. Blown. I fell down a rabbit hole and never looked back. What is non canon you ask? Well that's easy peasy. Any fic that deviates from the couples that are established in the original story. Easy huh? Instead of Edward and Bella as your main couple, you could have Edward and Rosalie. Or Emmett and Alice. Or Jasper and Bella. The possibilities are endless my loves and I hope that, over time, you will be willing to expand your horizons a little with me.

Lets start out a little slowly, carefully if you will. This is a fic I have already mentioned, and is not TRULY a non-canon but it definitely has it's moments. Ladies and gentleman, I give you
This little tale tosses our favorite little clan in a cocktail shaker and gives it a good shake up. A little bit of Dangerous Liaisons, a little bit of high school hell, some scotch, some gin (yummy) and a very interesting bet add up to all sorts of hijinks's for Edward, Jasper and Bella the Scotch, Gin and New Girl that are mentioned in the title. Now I will warn you, this is not a child friendly fic, despite being set in high school. Language is dirty, dancing is dirty and all of the kids, at various times and with various partners are dirty as well. That being said? This may be, to this day, one of my favorite fics. Ever. Even though it is not technically non canon and I have the 'La Bella' shirt to prove it. I know honey, pick that jaw of yours up off the floor. We have more fics to cover.

Now, my next rec is a bit more.... experimental. Literally. I'm not sure how many couples actually feature in this one but my oh my they are amazing.
Hedone Ranch by JenJadeEyes
Workaholic Bella Swan, personal assistant to Alice Brandon, every one's favorite movie star ad her best friend, needs a vacation. A long one. Alice, loving friend that she is, books Bella a week at a spa that has a dazzling array of additional services, if you will. To go into any more detail will possibly ruin some of the surprise here but let me assure you that this fic is h-o-t HOT. Yes, it's smutty, very and apologetically so but our best girl undergoes a startling transformation and expands her horizons... amongst other things. The characters here, each getting their own chapter, are richly drawn, incredibly distinct and very, VERY hot and there is really a little something for everyone, no matter who your favorite twi-guy is. I found this gem on the Perv Pack Smut Shack so, once again, this is not for kidlets but is not to be missed.

My last rec for this fine evening is a little bit.... different and definitely not for everyone. As you can see if you read my previous rec, and you should, you see that the boys of Twilight tend to get ALL KINDS of love and so do the ladies. Edward, Bella, Rose, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and Carlisle are served up in every conceivable combination all over fandom. Now, I'm not complaining in the least , don't get me wrong. However, take a look at that list. See someone missing? That's right, every one's favorite Mama Bear is hard to find in a non-canon situation. Non-canon Esme fics are few and far between, I am sorry to say. Esme is strong, confident, funny and beautiful. Why doesn't she get any non-canon love? I wondered the same thing for a long time until I stumbled on this little ditty and my pervy little heart exploded with glee.
A Particularly Vivid Dream by Kkalmm
Oh. My. Esme. This story is amazing. Esme is a loving and devoted mother who, unfortunately has to travel away from her Twilight loving daughter Alice and her friends for business. A sneaky Renee, a Skype call and a table of rowdy boys in an an airport VIP lounge set the stage for a VERY interesting take on the Twi-canon. Now, I will warn you, this fic has a Jasper/Esme pairing which may not be readable for everyone but I urge you to take a chance. Esme may be a mom but she is not HIS mom and her confident, funny and entirely believable attributes make this character one of my favorites in the fandom. EVER. Of course the fact that Jasper is a leading man doesn't hurt either. *shifty*

Well my lovelies, that concludes my first ever 'Pups Spreads The Love' post. I hope you all take a chance and explore something new and different with me. Todays fics were all Twilight but I KNOW some of you read other fandoms, as do I, and I will be featuring them in coming weeks. Got a non-canon pairing you want to see here? Any and all suggestions are welcome and will be considered for a rec. Till next time my loves.
Pole dances and panty flashes,

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