Friday, April 1, 2011

April Spotlight

*Steps in and taps mic* Hello? Is this thing on?Oh, okay, I guess it is. Well, here goes...
Hiya Babes! Officer Panty Flashes here with my inaugural post, Aprils Member Spotlight. It is literally impossible for me to stop talking about this amazing woman. She is a mind-blowingly beautiful writer, a fantastic beta, a skype supporter, a WC cheerleader and organizer, drunk text poster and the bestest fic-wife ever...
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, without further ado I am beyond pleased to give you April's Spotlight Member.......

Sky Chaser!!!!!!

So, it is no secret that I ADORE this woman beyond all measure and I could not be more pleased to be able to write this.
Sky is the author of twelve fics covering multiple fandoms including Twilight, Harry Potter, Firefly, Star Wars and Dirty Dancing.
Because she is my wife after all, I had to get some un-biased opinion for this piece... if not it would be just hundreds of words of me describing how AMAZING she is. I checked in with some of the other FFA members that know Sky and asked for some input so before I go all gushy I figure we can let some other ladies have a go. Without further ado....

"Sky has such a way with words! Her Bella is beautifully broken, and crushes my heart with each chapter of Remember Me Tomorrow. I feel so lucky to have been paired with her for the 100 Pictures Contest, as it led to a fabulous relationship! I adore Sky, and her work, and am so blessed to be her beta!

Of course, she is also absolutely hilarious and such a sweet girl! I love that being a part of FFA had allowed me to get to know such an amazing woman!"
~FFA Member Clara Bella AKA Beta-Mom

Skychaser makes an excellent candidate for spotlight of the month because she is a beautiful writer and person. I have read three of her stories: Remember Me Tomorrow, her current work in progress; Free My soul, her FAGE2 entry; and Bathroom Breaks, a story she wrote to help cheer a fellow FFA member up. All three of these stories were beautifully written.

Remember Me Tomorrow is a story about Edward and Bella. Bella, Edward and Emmett have been best friends since they were young and after losing her father in an accident at age 14, Bella makes Edward promise that he will never leave her.

When Edward’s grandmother, his mom’s mom, passes away, Edward gets on a plane to go to her funeral in Savannah, Georgia. In what should have been a quick trip to pay his respects to the woman who raised him during the worst of his parent’s divorce, something terrible goes wrong; there is a plane crash, everyone is pronounced dead.

We fast-forward almost ten years when Bella moves to Georgia herself, and becomes friends and roommate with Alice. Alice is friends with Rosalie and they decide to drag Bella along to see Rosalie’s fiancĂ© play at a local bar one night. When the band comes on, however, Bella believes she is seeing a ghost when Rosalie’s fiancĂ©, Trevor, begins to sing.

Two people, separated by a horrific accident, are brought back together by fate. Who exactly is Trevor? Does Bella’s heart know something she doesn’t? Everything in her calls out to him, yet she can do nothing. Trevor does not know Bella, and he is promised to Rosalie; but something in him calls out to Bella as much as something in her calls out to him. What is the truth to this story? Is Bella willing herself to see someone she loved and lost because she desperately misses him? Or is there more to this story that neither of them know? This story is very intriguing and you will have to read to find out how it is all going to end.

In her FAGE2 entry, Free My Soul, Skychaser writes of a Bella trapped in a world she cannot escape. While running away from her past, she runs into her future. A mysterious man appears out of nowhere offering to help her; his name is Anthony Masen. Anthony wants to help her escape the life she running from; he wants to run away with her. In order to save her, he is going to have to make a sacrifice; he has to tell her the truth. When Bella’s past finally catches up with her, Edward steps in to save her, only to almost get himself killed instead. After giving her side of the story to the police, Bella and Edward are taken into witness protection. They have finally escaped their past; they are able to be free, together. She can finally free her soul.

This story is beautifully well written and captures its audience right away with its detail and flow. Skychaser writes this story, making the reader feel as if they are right in the midst of what is happening. You won’t want to stop until you reach the end, you will want to find out what happens in the end. What is she running from? Why? Where is she going? Who is Anthony? Where did he come from and what is his real story? These are only a few of the questions you will ask yourself as you read this story, and you will love it up until the very last word.

Bathroom Breaks is Skychasers first shot at writing Harry Potter fanfiction. This story sums up who skychaser is to me because it shows the huge, caring heart she has and how much she loves her fellow FFA members. When one of her friends in the FFA community was having a rough day, skychaser stepped beyond her comfort zone in order to write a little oneshot for her friend in order to cheer her up. She did very well at it too. You would never know she had never written HP fanfic before and the person it was written for absolutely loved it. I do hope she decides to continue it one day. I think she has a great future in HP fanfic as well as twilight.

Overall, I believe Skychaser to be a great role model for the FFA community. She is kind, generous, loving, and will take the extra step to help when it is needed. She is someone I can look up to as a friend, author and just FFA member. I congratulate her on winning this month’s FFA member spotlight. Love you Splash! ♥
~FFA Member Mezz MerizeMe

Wow.... this lady sure is loved. I think Mezz may have just stolen my gushiness!
I could go on for paragraphs about how talented and amazing Sky's work is but I think I will let her work speak for itself.....

By positioning myself on the starting block and launching a full three feet into my lane, I proved my theory right. The water molded to my body, rolling around my arms, enfolding me with silence and clearing my mind.

I controlled my stroke, and my irrepressible ocean of fear slipped silently away.

Nearly an hour later, the heat and burn of a strenuous swim left the tense, weary muscles in my neck, arms, shoulders, and back loose and free. My mind was calm, silent, soothed by the lap of the water against the cool, blue ceramic and gray concrete.

Remember Me Tomorrow, Chapter 12

Her breath shortens, quick pants between pursed lips, face a perfect calm. She glances up; bright stars lifting the haze of night, warmth cutting through her bones. She truly has loved it here. Two years … the calm before the storm. A storm she had created herself.

A storm she would push through, embracing the thunder with the rain.

Side-stepping the lightning.

Free My Soul, Chapter 1

Mind bogglingly gorgeous am I right?

Not only is Sky an accomplished writer but she also betas and creates her own AMAZING banners, including the one at the start of this post! (It is at the start of the post cause I can't figure out how to move the damn thing!!!)Beautiful, No?
I talked to Sky and asked her what inspired her writing and I may have cried just a teensy bit at her answer:

Music and you ladies (Kd, Mezz, Bex, You, Rae, Riley)and the world around me...
my inspiration comes from my emotion ... things I see and hear and experience
So ... experience gives me ideas, you ladies give me the drive, and music gives me the inspiration.

Wow.... I can't possibly think of a way to put this any better so I am going to let our amazing spotlight member speak for herself.
Sky, babe, have an AMAZING month in the spotlight, you beyond deserve it. I love you babe!

Pole dances,
Officer Panty Flashes


  1. Oh, you wanted unbaised? My bad ;) haha Nawwww I love her and am so happy she gets to shine this month as the member spotlight shows how great of a person and writer/author she is. ILY bb! Thanks for being such a great friend. ♥♥♥ xo

  2. Aww this was a fantastic blog update and congrats to Skye Chaser on being spotlight member for April. It's a fabulous honour, I loved it when it was me in March, so enjoy the ride, baby. :)

    I haven't read any of Skye's fics, but after reading this, I will just have to go take a look now, and hopefully get to know her better on the FFA group. That's the great thing about this group and the member spotlight - we get to appreciate and celebrate writers and members we may have otherwise, overlooked.


  3. fantastic post Pups! Congratulations on your first blog update, and congratulations Sky. You are an awesome writer, beta and friend - im glad to see you in the spot light. xx Beibs

  4. I was sooo honoured to write this because Sky is just...well, amazing does not cover it.... I think if you look up phenomenal, brilliant, beautiful and fuckawesome in the dictionary they will all have pics of my wifey. Congrats baby, enjoy your month!

    Pole dances and panty flashes,

  5. I think I'm speechless ... well, no, I KNOW I'm speechless ... which would say that I should come back later and comment then, but I would have to re-read the post, and then be speechless, and then not comment again, and then .... well, it's one vicious circle. What in the word can I say to everyone here? What can I say to those who have put time and effort into celebrating ME, a thing I would not have felt reasonable ... you ladies? ARE PHENOMENAL. I am honored to know you, all of you, and to have shared a piece of myself with you.

    There isn't a word in the dictionary or the English language to describe you all, because you are just so ... phenomenal. Day in and day out, you love, you hug, you celebrate, you laugh, you LIVE. And that, my friends, is one of the most unnoticed, uncelebrated things in the course of human experience - the connection and the life we give to one another.

    You ladies give that, around the clock.

    My mere thank you's could never be enough.

    But THANK YOU. <3

    Much love,

  6. Congrats to Sky and Pups!!! I am such a bad officer, I have not read any of Sky's works but I now know I definitely will be. I may even break my WIPs rule, which some members know is like a miracle for me to even contemplate, so SKY ENJOY and REVEL this month and be looking for my reviews ;)