Sunday, April 10, 2011

Get the wine ready and get comfortable....

Hey ya'll!!!! Officer Panty Flashes here again! Looks like all of the pimping and requests for HP reviews for this month is starting to pay off... I am beyond excited to give you all a lovely fic review courtsey of out very own Jay Nordmann. I received a delightful e-mail from Miss Jay a few days ago asking if she could possibly write up a review of a specific fic for the blog.... Well, yeah honey, go ahead!
When I found out which fic she wanted to review I got a little fan-girly for sure. At the time I had not read any of her work, mostly cause I am a Twi-girl, but as soon as I finished reading Jay's request I got my scantily clad behind over to and began to read... I was a happy girl, let me tell you. Now, cause we are all friends I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Come closer. Closer. Even closer. Aw hell, just sit on my lap. Okay, you ready? I have never read a HP fic all the way through. Not even Finding Himself. I know! I have not read the books either. Yeah, I KNOW!!!! Bad Pups and all that.
Anyway, so this fic was AMAZING and kind of blew me away. It's beautiful, emotional and funny as hell (but maybe that is just me, I can be a bit twisted) . The author is a fantastic FFA member, a skype buddy, a lover of wine, a music connoisseur and a frequent changer of hair. Ladies, gents and others, without further ado I am pleased to give you A beautiful , written by Jay Nordmann of.....

Isolation by Bex-Chan

People often said that in times of turbulence, you learned to appreciate the little things. Poetic and whimsical notions like sunsets, the sounds of birds and the varying colours of dainty flowers.
Well, Hermione could safely tell those people that it was all bollocks.
Presenting, our very own Bex-chan, who’s written a story that falls perfectly with this month’s fandom Harry Potter, and also Twilight and Dragon Ball Z. She’s a very talented young writer and this is why I’ve decided to review her second Harry Potter story; Isolation.
Official summary: He can't leave the room. Her room. And it's all the Order's fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something's going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. "There," she spat. "Now your Blood's filthy too!" DM/HG. PostHBP.
This is a Alternative Universe story, taking place in the seventh and final book of the Harry Potter series, where The Weasley wedding was never interrupted, and Harry and Ron went on to look for the Horcruxes without Hermione. Hogwarts is casts with sadness and unease as the war continues silently, and the Ministry of Magic is still fighting against Voldemort, and the school is still a place of safety for the few pupils who have returned to study.
Enter our favorite Slytherin Draco Malfoy. After five months of hiding with Snape from the Dark Lord who wants to kill him, Snape is grasping at straws to keep the boy safe, and leaves him in the hands of McGonagall. But she, as well as the other remaining Professors at Hogwarts, is far too busy to keep the boy hidden from the other students, and he’s placed in the care of Hermione Granger.
Mione is Head Girl, and therefore has her own quarters in the Gryffindor tower, and enough space to harbor the fugitive. Both are reluctant to agree on the simplest of things, and both stubborn to even let the other finish each other’s sentences, as they continuously talk over each other and scream at the top of their lungs. But as isolation takes its toll on Draco, something happens, and the fights are no longer about difference between mudblood and pureblood, but about human equality and loyalty.
A twisted relationship develops, and I can’t even begin to describe their depth without boring you for the two hours. They’re complicated, but you’re able to understand their every thought, as Bex presents each character in impeccable and well written chapters.
He collapsed into the couch, closing his eyes tight and cradling his face with sweaty palms, as the chill coiled around him. He had no idea if he was shaking from the cold, or from the painful pangs that made his chest feel close to rupturing, and he felt completely lost. Despite his perpetual insistences that Granger and this place had driven his mind to ruin, he realised now that her presence actually soothed the turbulent thoughts rattling around his skull. Her twenty days of silence had been torture; his solitude leading to more doubts about blood and what he wanted from Granger.
For me, this story is captivating in so many ways, but most of all I find it absolutely exhilarating to read because I have not read the books in English, and yet Bex manages to introduce every character so easily and well described that I never falter to know who’s who and what’s going on. Alternating between writing (in a third person spectra) Hermione and Draco’s thoughts separate, she lets us in on a journey of self discovery and gaining respect for people who are not like yourself.
It's a well known fact that Draco despises 'mudbloods' like Hermione, but introducing muggle books, the works of Shakespeare and the autobiography on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., she's able to draw lines between the magical and the normal world, trying to tear down Draco's walls and his narrow minded view of personal worth.
What I also love about this story is that while the two teenagers are trapped in their own little world, she never forgets about the war surrounding them, and draws in pain and danger from outside the Castle walls in the form of death and tears. Also, she never changes them, albeit they change their views of each other as the story progresses, Draco never stops being an ass and Mione never stops trying to make him open his eyes. Both are so sweet when they have their little moments, and both so attuned to each other when the situation calls for it.
Still working as a WIP, I don't want to give away too much about this mind blowing story that leads us through intense white fury, clenching hearts, broadening minds, tearful eyes, and that last kiss that always has me sobbing as I re-read it.
I started reading this story just this Friday, and finished it late Saturday, because when I first started reading (and reviewing every single chapter) I just couldn't stop. It's addictive, and you always want to stick in there to find out who wins the next fight, and what revelations they come to in the end.
On a final note, I just have to add that I love that Bex is British, and writes like one! Sod off this, shag that – it’s adorable these little quirks that I’m not accustomed to!
With that, I hope you all click on the link on top here, and head over to read this story, 'cause whether you despise Draco or not, you will fall in love with him. I did. And now I never want to let him go; all thanks to the marvelous writing of FFA's very own Bex-chan.
I love you girl!

Okay babes, let's leave some love here for Miss Jay Nordmann's AMAZING review and over on for the amazing Miss Bex-chan. Go ahead, I'll wait here.

Pole dances,
Officer Panty Flashes


  1. Wow! What an absolutely fantastic review.

    I have never read Harry Potter, not fanfiction nor the originals, (gasps all around) but this certainly made me want to FFN and fall for a little Draco myself.


  2. What a great Review - Well done Jay.
    Thanks Panty Flashes for bringing us this, and Bex; Im off to read. xxx Beibs

  3. I adore Bexley!! She's awesome, and while I admit I haven't read "Isolation," I have read her other fic "Hunted" and it's spectacular!!! Jay is a DOLL for writing this. It's so well thought out and made even me, a hater of angst and WIPs, want to read asap. <3

  4. Gahhhh!!! Just gushing everywhere!! JAY IS A BLOODY HERO! <3333

  5. Awe YAY Bexley!! But I didnt need a review to know your awesomeness!!! Although I think my favourite part about this was the fact that I got to sit on Pups lap!!! hehehehe

  6. LOL... I am kind of addicted to this story now.... Although the fact that Bex and I are fic-soul sisters may play into that... And KD? You kill em lovey! MWAH!! Thanks again so much Jay!