Thursday, April 28, 2011

TGB presents...the Mortal Instruments month!!

This is the month I’ve been waiting for, and I’d like to start it out with my favourite cat call…


Thats better!

Now that we have that out of the way lets get started! This May, we are celebrating The Mortal Instruments month.

So what is the Mortal Instruments, I hear you ask?

Well my friends, sit back with a glass of vino, check out all the pretty along the way, and I will tell you alllllllll about it!

Once upon a time, at a lake far, far away, the Angel Raziel mixed his blood in a cup and gave it to Jonathan Shadowhunter – the very first of the Nephilim – thus creating the Shadowhunters – a race of super humans sworn to protect the world from demons and keep the peace between the Downworlders.
Now I can hear you asking, “What on earth is a Downworlder?” Well, a Downworlder is a human/demon hybrid – vampires, lycanthropes (werewolves), Warlocks, and the Fae.

Our story starts with Clarissa Fray witnessing a murder – but not just any murder – it’s a murder that only she can see, committed by a group of young Shadowhunters.

It confuses her because she is the only one that can see them, and in return, it confuses them since they are Glamoured (hidden by magic) that a normal Mundane (an average, every-day human) shouldn’t be able to see them at all.

The next day, Jace offers to take Clary to meet his tutor at the Institute (an old cathedral hidden from humans by Glamour where the city’s Shadowhunters live), but before she can do so, she receives a distressing phone call from her mother. She returns home to find her mother missing, the apartment trashed, and a monstrous creature, a Ravenor demon, lying in wait for her.

With nowhere else to go, Clary returns with Jace to his home. There The Silent Brothers are summoned to find out why Clary can see through the shadow hunter glamour and why her home was attacked by the demon.

Brother Jeremiah discovers a block in Clary’s brain that prevents her from remembering something… the only thing he finds is the name Magnus Bane, the high warlock of Brooklyn.

After a visit to Magnus, Clary finally finds out that she is in fact a Shadowhunter. Her mother had a block put on her brain to make her forget that she has the Sight. Why you ask?? You know what… why don’t you read the book and find out!

So what is the big deal about these books? Well, there are a few things as far as I’m concerned, one of the biggest things to note is that their author – Cassandra Clare – was once a rather well known Harry Potter fanfic author on! That right ladies and gentlemen, The Draco Trilogy was a very well-known fic that arguably shot Cassie Clare to fame. She will tell you that you can’t find copies of it anywhere on the net, but… you just have to know where to look.

Personally, I love her characters; Clary is everything a female lead should be. She is strong, smart independent, and when things don’t go her way, she doesn’t curl up in a forest to die – no she keeps right on fighting for what she believes in.

Lily Collins as Clary.

Then there is Jace….*insert epic sigh here*

Jace is my dream man. He is cocky, arrogant, sarcastic, cynical, and while he is definitely a bad boy – deep down he is kind, chivalrous, a loyal friend, and a great fighter. Alex Pettyfer as Jace Wayland.

He is smart too – speaks several languages including Romanian “‘My Romanian is pretty much limited to useful phrases like 'Are these snakes poisonous?' and 'But you're much too young to be a police officer.’”* In the City of Glass, he was being sarcastic; he can speak Romanian fluently. Jace has also been described as having the “Angels own gift” though it hasn’t been made clear what that is.

The last character I’m going to mention (and believe me I could go on forever) is Magnus Bane. He is one of my all-time favorites because he is just so darn out there! Magnus is the high warlock of Brooklyn, and an immortal, having stayed at the age of 19 since the 13th century. He is at least partially Asian, very tall, thin, and has black hair that is usually spiked and glittery. He wears all kinds of make-up, such as glitter around his eyes and lipstick. He likes to flaunt his sexuality by wearing rainbow leather pants, sparkly belt buckles, and vibrant nail polish. Magnus also has cat eye pupils – one of the things that show him as a warlock – and part demon. He is sarcastic and has a rather short temper – especially where Jace is concerned – and he is pivotal in helping Clary to solve several issues throughout the series.

Adam Lambert as Magnus Bane

On April 5th the fourth book in the series was released. I am going to withhold my opinion and the details of the book – since it is still so new, but I do strongly suggest that if you haven’t read these books, you rush to your local book store and grab a copy of City of Bones (book one) or Pm me for the PDF. ;)

On that very happy note, I bid you farewell and enjoy the spam below!
Xx Officer Beibs.

(*excerpt from City of Glass, By Cassandra Clare)


  1. I really like Lilly Collins as Clary and Alex Pettyfer as Jace and Adam Lambert as Magus! OMG That one is great!! haha!! You did awesome hun! Great write-up and congrats on MI month! :) Hope there is a lot of fun stuff this May for it! <3

  2. Oh yay! I haven't read the books, but this inspires the itch to do so! Great post, Officer Biebs!


  3. Biebs my love-
    This was fantastic!!!!! What a great write up on a FANTASTIC series...Um, your suggestions may just make me want to lick the screen... babe this is the perfect start to what is going to be an amazing month! I love you like Simon loves sarcastic t-shirts! Even more maybe!
    Pole dances and panty flashes,
    Officer Panty Flashes

  4. That is totally not a pic of lily collins guys lol just saying...that is most definately emma roberts!!! Alot hotter if i dont say so myself, but still not accurate.