Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fancy a Quickie?

Naughty pic stolen from the internet and edited with adequate title by me! :)

The Quickie Contest

Everyone enjoy's a quickie, from time to time, right? Sometimes, there just aren't enough hours (or minutes as the case may be) to find time for a longie, and in those instances when you must have that itch scratched, well, a quickie can, and will, do it for you!

I am, of course, talking about Fanfiction, what else?

Recently, a contest was held on FFN by MandyLeigh87 and ImHereToReview! with the following guidelines:

-Strict 500 word limit
-Collabs welcome
-Multiple Entries welcome
-We reserve the right to reject any entry if we feel its inappropriate (aka incest ect)
-Entries will be anonymous (ImHereToReview and MandyLeigh87 will be the keeper of the authors). If we find out you've disclosed which entry is yours, you will be immediately disqualified so don't do it. You are allowed to promote and say that you entered, but do not reveal which entry is yours. We'd also love for anyone who enjoys these stories to promote. However, please only link the contest page, not the individual stories.
-Entries accepted until April 1st, voting Starts April 2nd and ends April 8th
-Winners announced before April 16th

The closing date for entries has passed, but you can still vote for your favourite, and lets face it, with only a 500 maximum word count, per entry, you should have a multitude of quickies under your belt by the end of your lunch hour!

Voting commences from April 2nd - April 8th, so what are you waiting for? Here's the FFN contest link, where you will find a very generous 116 entries to indulge in.


  1. Thanks so much for the write up! : )

  2. Great write up Claire! Im gonna race off and read some of these

  3. That was an awesome intro...didn't even know these were still taking place...I know I have been under RL's rock the past couple of weeks. I will be checking these out and getting my vote on ;)