Sunday, April 10, 2011

FFA Member Profile

TGBeib: Okay, here we go!!! Question one, So Muriel Gaylee - is that a real name or a pen name??

Muriel: well my middle name is Gay, my surname is Lee, and people keep telling me I'm Terrible Muriel. Facebook wouldn't allow me to use TerribleMuriel. I didn't know what the deal was when I signed up to FanFiction and I just tried to use my name...of course there's THOUSANDS of DebLee's out there… So (and it was before GLEE the show came out) I used GLee as my middle initial and my surname... and covers eyes year of birth!

TGBeib: LMAO!! So, a pen name and now I don't need to ask how you got it!
How did you get started on fanficanon?

Muriel: well ...
I got hooked on Twilight after I had knee surgery and was laid up for 6 weeks...
I was cruising the Twi-fan sites, and came across AussieTwimums... (Not sure that name is right.) They had promo'd a link to Bella Down Under ... authored by Feral and Ferls... (Aka Creator/General/Hangingabout)
I reviewed their fic and Ferls replied... we emailed a bit and it snowballed from there!

TGBeib: So Ferla is responsible huh!
Do you remember what made you start writing??

Muriel: well, I had always toyed with little drabbles... if something really moves me I tend to process the emotions by writing... Feral and Ferls read a few things and encouraged me to publish!
the first thing I published was a co-operative work with my hubs called "Twilight Southpark" it’s a bit silly :)

TGBeib: Tell me about your favourite author.

Muriel: Lordy! That’s a toughie...
There's so much I like... I went through an Isaac Asimov stage... I like LOTR by Tolkein… He did get a bit too absorbed by his own creation though...
I love a lot of classic literature...JK Rowling ...HP series is a modern classic and I believe it will continue to be read for many years to come!

TGBeib: I agree! What is your RL job?

Muriel: Nurse... and Mother...

TGBeib: What is your dream job?

Muriel: Writing... and or editing... (love love LOVE reading other people's work,) do you reckon I could get paid to be a professional reviewer?

TGBeib: It would be nice- if you figure out how to do that let me know!

Last question - share something with us that we don't know about you.

Muriel: You all know that I'm addicted to Vanilla diet coke.... and chocolate... and all things Jasper! Ummmmm...
I have a thing for Sean Connery... (Yeah I know he's older than Methuselah now.. but GEEEZ his voice... Hello Miss Moneypenny and I'm a puddle on the floor!)

TGBeib: LMAO! Each to her own!
Muriel: Some of his Bond stuff... was mighty fine give me an Irish or scot's accent ... sigh.

TGBeib: I like the Brits personally - something so sexy about a Brit! I can never understand the Scottish.

Muriel: Depends on the scot... Sean... yes... Billy Connolly… (yes) ... the guys from The Proclaimers... not so much

TGBeib: *hides* I don't know who they are…

Muriel: David Tennent!

TGBeib: Who?

Muriel: The Proclaimers?

TGBeib: Nope, no clue

Muriel: David Tennent... was Dr Who and Barty Crouch Jr from HP4!
hang on... will get you a clip...

TGBeib: Yeah I fail sorry.

That’s the Proclaimers... funny as!!!

TGBeib: You kidding me? The man with the glasses??
Muriel: Like I said... them NOT SO MUCH. David Tennant... mmm…

TGBeib: Thanks, but I will pass!.

TGB Would like to thank Muriel Gaylee for being my first interviewee. Look out next month for our next featured member!!!


  1. terrific interview! loved it (and Sean Connery's voice is sexy!) great to get more insight into you ya!xx Lisa.

  2. WOOT!Go Muriel my sista from anotha mother. She was the 3rd person to friend me from the group. I heart her so hard *whispers* I also think Sean Connery is a hottie.


  3. Constant Comment Tea (CCT)April 10, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    David Tennent is Barty Crouch Jr.?? Where have I been? (In my defense, though, I wasn't a Dr. Who fan at the time and I haven't watched GoF in years...)

    Great interview, btw.

  4. hahahah that was a good interview.

  5. I love Debs aka Glee aka Muriel, she is funny, sweet, clever, hardworking, a great mother and wifey and fantastic beta and friend.

    Loved this interview, love you Muriel


  6. AWESOME interview.... I FLOVE miss Muriel!

    TGB - I will educumate you on all things Ten-Inch (Tennant) in May when we catch up!!!

  7. It's very nice to see a little bit more about FFA members. Great interview.