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Why I blame Jared Padalecki For Everything, By Silver Spoon.

Why I Blame Jared Padalecki
For Everything
By Silverspoon aka Officer Buffy’s Stake

The FanficAholics Anon community is most definitely alive with the sound of awesomeness on a regular basis. As news begins to leak slowly to us officers of the truly amazing things our members are achieving outside of the fandom, we feel that it is perhaps time that these triumphs were both shared and celebrated among us all. This thinking brings us to our first interview of that nature, with one Pamela Campbell Love; devoted Supernatural fangirl, part-time fanfiction author, and organiser of what promises to be one of this years’ hottest charity auctions.

Just recently, something came to my attention on the wall of another Facebook group that I belong to, which is entitled ‘Supernatural Fanfiction’. SPN is a show that is high on my list of television paramours, and so as I trawled the wall of this group one evening (between maintaining my officerly duties at FFA, of course), a certain post by the aforementioned lady caught my eye. Pamela’s message involved a practical joke that she had organised in friendly ‘revenge’ against one Jared Padalecki, the ridiculously hot and gifted young actor behind the role of Sam Winchester. My interest was immediately peaked and, finding Pamela’s proposition amusing, I decided to lend a hand. All I had to do was pick a random statement, post it on Twitter, and follow it with the phrase #IBlameJaredPadaleckiForEverything. Mass pranking at it’s best, I am sure you will agree!

After roping several other of our members into doing likewise, (and blaming Jared for all number of entertaining things), I joined Pamela’s Facebook page of the same name. Soon, I became aware of the fact that Pamela had started to transform what began as an idle threat and then snowballed into an actual joke, into something that would benefit two very worthy causes. It was at that point that I decided to approach the admin and other officers of our wonderful community with the idea of interviewing Pamela for the blog. Thankfully they agreed, as did Pamela, and so without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you what promises to be one of the most entertaining interviews that any SPN fan is likely to read in their entire life.

1) Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview, I am ridiculously excited to read your answers, and that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I wrote the questions! Would you be able to tell us a little bit about yourself, including how you first discovered Supernatural and what attracted you to the show?

Thanks so much for asking!

Let's see, a little about me... well, I am a Pisces. My birthday is Feb. 24th. Feel free to send gifts. I am an utter and complete dork and the world's worst klutz. Seriously, I can trip while standing still. I am more of a tomboy than a girlie girl. Basically, think Dean with boobs. I am the mother of two amazing kids. My daughter Cailey is 14 and my boy Christopher is 11. I have been singing since I was about 3 1/2. I love reading everything!! And naturally I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!

What first attracted me to the show was of course Jensen Ackles. I have adored him from afar for ages. But from the first time I saw it, I was drawn in. The storylines are amazing! The relationship between Sam and Dean is so complex yet so raw and simple. Plus, that car... Woo!!

2) From the small amount I know of you already, I see that you attend conventions. What was the first convention that you ever went to, and what were your experiences of it?

Actually, I have only been to one convention. I went to the LA Con this past February. I had such an amazing time. I met some truly exceptional people who will be friends of mine forever. It's a funny story really. I won the tickets on Twitter and went through hell to get there. But thanks to several people, namely Mandy Dillon and Matt Hickey, I made it. It was like a three day summer camp and I was so sad to leave!! I will say this, Trekkies got nothing on SPN fans.

3) Now that the more formal questions are out of the way, I am just going to dive right into the juicy ones that are surely on every readers’ lips! What are the cast of Supernatural really like in the flesh?! (Details on individual members’ butts is totally permitted at my discretion!)

Ahh! The cast are some of the most gracious and welcoming people. They aren't standoffish or conceited at all. They jump right into the middle of the lunacy with the fans. It's great!
Matt Cohen, Kat Boecher, Amy Gumenick, Steven Williams and of course Captain Cuddlepants himself (I gave him that nickname), Richard Speight Jr. made the karaoke party a night to remember.
Everytime I ran into Jim, he was so sweet. Always asking if I was having a good time. Mark gave me advice for my laryngitis. And Misha told me I smelled delicious after he sniffed my hair.
And Jared, well... I will get to him later. But Jensen, so much more dreamy in person. And both of them are sooooo funny! They truly are as close as Sam and Dean.
As far as butts go... everyone’s butts were glorious!!

4) The phrase ‘I Blame Jared Padalecki for Everything’ has fast become a regular one in my household. Please, please tell us how and why this prank first came about?!

Hahaha!! Aahh! Jared, Jared, Jared. That silly, silly boy. *shakes head and smiles fondly*
See, he made the foolish mistake of picking on me at the con. Not just once, but everytime I saw him. It started when I was trying to get pictures of Brian Buckley Band after the concert. I was standing there with my camera over my head, standing on my tiptoes trying to shoot over people's heads. Suddenly I hear a voice in my ear saying "It's not easy being little, is it?" Before I even realized who said it I turned and told the person to shut up. Well, imagine my chagrin when I realized it was Jared! Gen looked at me and said "Oh, he does that to me all the time." He was still laughing so I put my camera in his face and stuck my tongue out at him and snapped what turned out to be a pretty amazing picture.
But it didn't end there, during karaoke, he kept slamming his butt into me from behind the curtain and laughing. It started a bumping war. And finally at the J2 panel, he singled me out during the questions.
Anyway, I came home and vowed revenge. BeforeI knew it #IBlameJaredPadaleckiForEverything was born. It is all part of a year long multiphase prank.

5) What are some of your favourite #IBlameJared Tweets that you have read to date? And more importantly, what do YOU blame Jared for?

Some of my favorites? Oh geez, there are so many good ones!! Here are a couple...

Rachel Briggs -I blame Jared for the fact that I can no longer listen to Lady in Red without clenching my butt cheeks and looking over my shoulder.

Therese Rhundana- I blame Jared Padalecki for actually making me consider that there might be an invisible teenager in the showers at the gym.

Of course all the ones with some type of innuendo are the funniest. And as for me, well, I blame Jared for the fact that I have lost so much sleep putting this thing together. But also for the amazing people I have met through all of this.

6) You then decided to turn the joke into something that would profit two charities that I presume are close to your heart. Can you tell us about your chosen charities’ work, and why you selected them in particular?

A Dog's Life is a canine rescue program that rescues dogs and tries to get them placed with loving families. I am totally a dog person. Always have been. And when I found out that they were a charity that Jared and Gen supported, well, that made it even better. So many dogs are neglected and abused. It is heartbreaking really. They don't have a voice, so it's up to us to be that voice for them.

And we all know that Random Acts is Misha's charity. They do so much all over the world. From small acts to big ones like Hope For Haiti, the good that they do is unbelievable! I encourage everyone to please check out both of these charities and see what you can do to help them out.

7) How exactly will the auction run, and are you able to tease us just a little with what may be on offer to a generous SPN-obsessed bidder?

Ah! The big question!! Well, the auction will work like a silent one. Bidders will email me their bids and I will post hourly updates to show where everything stands. It will be exclusive to the members of the I Blame Jared Padalecki For Everything Facebook page. So make sure you are a member! It will run for seven days. Everything will have a starting reserve price of $50.00 USD. The official kickoff will be on the Season Six Finale night where we will be doing a live webcast.

There will be autographed photos from the SPN cast, autographed items from Jason Manns and Brian Buckley Band, Custom SPN shirts and jewelry, a special SPN prize pack and personal letter from the beautiful and gracious Traci Dinwiddie, and something truly one of a kind from Guy Bee. I don't want to reveal too much of what he is submitting, but I will say that it has to day with the upcoming "Frontierland" episode. I am adding new stuff everyday so make sure to watch the site for updates.

8) I am aware that you have been in contact with a number of the stars of the show through Twitter regarding your auction. Can you describe the overall response of the crew and/or cast you have approached to donate to the auction? How has their willingness to help made you feel?

Oh my Kripke! They have all been so very amazing in their willingness to get involved! They all have jumped on board without hesitation. I am so overwhelmed by their generosity. I even cried while I was discussing things with Sebastian Roche the other day. That is why I am so dedicated to the show and the cast. They are just some of the most truly exceptional individuals in the business.

9) And as I am sure everyone is wondering, to the best of your knowledge, is the man who inspired this fantastic idea aware yet of the wonderful things you are achieving and, if so, how do you think he may claim his revenge for the hysterical Twitter campaign?

Hahaha!! *roars with laughter* As far as I have been told, he is aware of it and thinks it's pretty funny. Although, truth be told, I am a little worried as to whether he will exact his revenge. Guess I will have to wait and see. I say Bring It On Padalecki, Bring It On!! Hahaha!

10) On a more personal note, and aside from your very worthy charitable work, you also write fanfiction. Describe yourself as a writer. Do you draw from any particular influences, which fandoms would you consider writing for in future, and what is your most current project?

I just started writing this past summer. It was a story called "Far From Home". It came from a dream that I had revolving around one key phrase between Bobby and the demon that had possessed his wife Karen. I found it was very cathartic for me. It forced me to draw on emotions that I had buried inside for many years from tragic experiences I had gone through. I think that is what I draw from. My personal experiences. I do find that when the boys kick up a party in my head, it is hars to sleep sometimes until I get it out. It can be quite nerve wracking. Haha!

As far as writing for other fandoms, I'm not opposed to it, it just hasn't happened yet.

I have several favorite stories and authors. Way too many to mention. But some that stand out are "Livin' On The Edge" by Dean's Sassy Seductress and "These Three" by Silverspoon and WelshWitch1011. And no, that is not because you are interviewing me, it is truly an amazing story!!! I am addicted to it!!

My current project is the sequel to "Far From Home" entitled "Comin' Home". It is almost complete and then I will start the final in the series, "Undone".

Now, we enter our ‘quick fire’ round, a selection of questions that Pamela was entirely unaware of until the moment she received them in her inbox! I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank Pamela for answering my questions, and to also urge any SPN fans who may be reading to back her auction all the way!

1) Favourite SPN character?

Other than Sam, Dean, Bobby and Cas? Probably Jo or Rufus. I miss them both terribly. Although Balthazar is up there too.

2) Favourite SPN episode?

Just one? Crap. Umm... Swan Song

3) Saddest SPN episode?


4) Funniest SPN moment?

The Sword and the Stone scene from "Like A Virgin"

5) Best season villain?

Either Lucifer or Crowley

6) Your most watched episode to date?

Either "Heart" or "Dark Side of the Moon"

7) Female character you identify with most?

Jo Harvelle

8) Sam or Dean?

Dean. God, those lips.

9) Favourite romantic pairing?

Madison and Sam. Only because she was the first woman he let himself be vulnerable with after Jess.

10) Most recommended SPN fanfic read?

Oh come on!!! Umm... "Livin' On the Edge" and "These Three"

Remember readers, bid hard and when all else fails, blame Jared!

Please remember that if you are NOT a member of the I Blame Jared FB group, then you will NOT be able to bid. The link is as follows to join;

Pamela can be followed on Twitter via the screen name @PamelaLove74 and feel free to blame Jared for any number of things following your Tweet with #IBlameJaredPadaleckiForEverything.

Pamela’s work on fanfiction, or her ‘insanity’ as she dubs it, can be found here Remember to read, review, and tell her the folks at FFA sent you!


  1. Great interview! I loved it :) And the #IBlameJaredPadaleckiForEverything twitter game is rather genius! It sounds awesome and like a lot of fun! And like I should join ;) Her encounters with Jared were hilarious. Sounds like he was flirting a bit, eh? ;) And the auctions are awesome as well. Very great causes! I wish her the best of luck with them! :) <3

  2. t interview, and yes, 'I blame Jared Padalecki for everything' is fast catching on in my house too, lol. :)
    Sounds like two great causes, I hope the auction is a huge success.

    (LMAO, I am having so many issues trying to comment on this blog article that may or may not be because I'm an IT idiot, however...I blame Jared Padalecki)

  3. Crap. That was meant to say 'Great interview.'

    I give up, lol.

    Sorry guys.

  4. Hey Pam,
    Great interview, I am going to have to get your autograph soon. Luvya to bits hun :) Thanks for the mention :D